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Elna 792D

Elna 792D

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absolute crap machine

had previous overlocker for 25 years - bought elna 792d 3 weeks ago and it is SO badly designed it takes 30 minutes to thread it - you need a special hook that they don't provide, although it's mentioned in the instructions and was not sold by the retailer. It can be threaded without it but it's way too hard without a microscope and then the thread breaks - my old machine was soooo much easier and I had thought the technology would have improved since then - DO NOT THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY ON THIS MACHINE

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Love love love my Elna's (yes plural )

I operate a small costume making business from home where I manufacturer 300+ dance costumes a year. I use stretch fabric, sequins, PVC, mesh, organza, satins etc etc. My parents gave me a brand new Elna 792 D 3 yrs ago when my singer died mid 'costume season' and I fell in love with it the first day. Of course I have broken needles but not by fault of the machine and cotton does break. I do agree to thread the botton loopers sux...but it did on my old Singer and my mums Old Janome.
I was so happy with mine Elna 792D that I have just purchased a second one..... and if I had more spare cash I would purchase another (nothing like having one for every colour cotton). Please consider trying this machine for yourself and remember you only ever hear the bad reviews.

Date PurchasedApr 2015


Hi iam new to the overlocker for me it's ok. But I keep breaking needles now having a hard time finding the recommended needles went to spotlight and no luck. Anyone recommend where I can get the correct needles. I have looked on line but very confusing for me. Anyone?????

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Difficult to thread

Lower thread regularly breaks and really diffucult to thread. Very hard to reach...very frustrating. Tension spools don't hold tension very well. I spent ages trying to figure out what was wrong but finally worked out there was no tension despite correct treading. Apparently you have to jiggle thread a certain way. Brand names hold no value anymore. Can't recommend.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Never recommend this product

I bought my overlocker from spotlight about four years ago. Ive had mostly a good experience until i tried to replace my needle plate. Spotlight are not supplied accessories from elna any more. I contacted the company direct but they won't supply parts. I found a dealer close to my home and they ordered the part. Im still waiting from 9/6/17. I contacted elna again and they directed me back to the dealer. Frustrated! I will never purchase an elna machine again. Very bad after sale service. Surely it doesn't take that long to produce and deliver a part.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Crap machine

Eveytime i use my elna overlocker machine either the cotton breaks or my needles break,not a good machine.i bought a second hand singer overlocker and it is great, will never buy a elna again and will advise others against it, i have heard the same complaints as mine time and time again.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Pay for a cheap product equals purchasing nothing but trouble

Very disappointed . First time using it I broke 7 needles . Returned it to spotlight hoping to return it and upgrade to a more expensive one. No luck as it is a warranty issue so needs to go back to Elna. I'm in the middle of a project with a granddaughter due any day and now have to wait for Elna to repair the machine. Not Happy Jan

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Will be getting a refund on this one

I've had this overlocker for 2 months and have broken 8 needles and used reels of thread just trying to get the tension right. It looks fine on the top but when you turn the fabric over it's very loopy. I've been sewing for 47 years and I've never had such a problem machine. I can see why it's been discontinued, I wish I had read the reviews before I purchased

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Threading underlooper very difficult

At my request I received an Elna 792D for Mother's Day sold cheaply at Spotlight. I have used a Brother overlocker for over 30 years and it still works well as a 3 thread but is out of alignment for 4 threads. I'm amazed at how difficult it is to thread the Elna's underlooper (the last thread guide is hidden and almost inaccessible) compared to the Brother. It also took a lot of fiddling to get the right tension using the dials. I now have R and L needle tension set at the manual-recommended 3 but the Under and Overloopers both at 6 to sew medium weight fabric. In my opinion it is not a well-designed machine and I can see why they've discontinued it. I really hesitate to try putting it on a rolled hem setting in case I can't revert to the normal serging stitch. Hope this is helpful.

Bad experience

Had this machine for one week only and never got to use it. The lower looper threads snapped as soon as you tried to sew. After spending two whole days threading the machine correctly, consulting the provided instructions and watching Youtube videos on threading - I totally failed to get this machine working. Took it back to where I purchased it and they sent it in for repairs. I now totally dislike this machine and only want my money back - which remains to be seen, The bad thing is that I am still paying off my credit card purchase for this machine which I have never been able to use. BTW I am not a beginner serger operator either, it was purchased as a back-up machine to save time changing over threads, stitches etc.

Love my new overlocker!

Recently brought the Elna 792D and I am completely smitten! Whilst this is a very simple machine with only a few varied stitches in comparison to some more expensive overlockers (I did a huge amount of research before making a purchase), it is perfect for my simple home sewing of dresses, tops and skirts.

It came pre-threaded and I will admit that I have not had the frustration of trying to thread this particular as yet (honeymoon phase I guess), however this seems fairly simple - I did spend extensive time ensuring I new how to set it up before I opened the box and (to my delight) realised it was threaded. Everything is very clearly marked also.

As my first overlocker, I have found this machine so simple to use - maybe not for a more advanced sewer with large ambition, but perfect for me. Now all my office dresses have a much more professional finish which is lovely, not to mention the time I save not having to zigzag, this was the only bad thing about sewing for me.

A must for anyone looking to take their sewing to the next level and is wanting that professional finishes. I was blessed enough to get 'Miss Elna' on special at Spotlight Ashmore, for $199.

Very nice product

This machine is perfect for people who just need plain overlocking rather than complicated designs. It is simple to use and thread and is great for beginners!

Good just as over locker only

It's simple in threading after practice,I bought and learnt using on my own no classes.i had problem with thread tension and after my first time threading without changing tension it gave me a trouble to understand but I got a help through product review site.then I tried changing dials and finally my problem of loose bottom thread coming wAs solved.thus,matter of trial an error.
Good over locker.bought it cheaper than other ones in a sale.
Thread breaks many times and you will never understand until you practice reading manual.

Beginner Overlocker

This machine is brilliant for those new to the world of overlocking.
The two settings allow for selvedge and rolled hemming.
It also has the option of running two, three or four threads. I have yet to use these options.
The machine itself is compact and reasonable light which would be good for taking to classes etc.
Overall an ok machine.
Easy to use and easy threading guide helps a lot.
Just an overlocker, limited to this use only.

The over locker is great if you just want to overlock

The over locker is great if you just want to overlock. But I bought it because it had the benefit of doing a rolled hem. The stitching slips from the fabric when doing a rolled hem. It looks messy and nothing like what the imaged showed on the box. Very disappointed.
Rolled Hem

Questions & Answers

I have a second hand Elna 704 overlocker. My question is, what program should I use for regular overlocking? Thanks
No answers

Hi My 792D has a seized hand wheel Can you help
No answers

I have lost screws that holds the needle in will spotlight sell those?
1 answer
Best to contact elna directly.


Elna 792D
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