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Estee Lauder Pure White Linen

Estee Lauder Pure White Linen

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A fragrance suited for a casual day out and very suited during spring or even summer times, with its fresh floral scent. The perfume is very light and will not overwhelm.
I like the simple design of the bottle.
I do not dislike anything about this product. Just that, it would not be my signature scent.


White linen is certaily a perfume that you cant go wrong with, i have worn it of a day and i have worn it of a night, it has been a perfume that i can wear anytime of the day and feel fresh and clean, and it hasnt got the heavy smell to it that seems to overpower you, I can smell it when i am wearing it but its not an overpowering smell in anyway. My girlfriend loves Estee lauder's perfumes they make her feel special and that would be how i would describe White linen, it makes me feel special.
White Linen by Estee lauder is a classic. It smells of freshness and the smell lasts all day it is truly a nice perfume.
Nothing at all.

Pure Indulgence - But Worth Every Penny

I've been wearing this perfume for approx 20 years. This is my signature scent. So many people have commented, enquired & complimented me over the years that I've stuck with it. Estee Lauder White Linen hits the mark where so many others just don't.
You just can't beat Estee Lauder in the perfume department. White Linen oozes class and sophistication, It's an old favourite of many, The scent tends to remind people of certain moments in life or of a particular friend or relative. Although used sparingly people always know when I'm around or have been in a room as White Linen tends to linger after you've gone.


This is my day time fragrance, either this or Pleasures by Estee Lauder. It is a gorgeous fresh and summery smell, without the horrible alcohol overtones of a cheaper perfume. The lingering smell of it on my clothes and on my dressing gown is pleasant. It makes me feel finished in the morning when I've gotten dressed. This is perfect for Autumn/Spring/Summer, but I think I need something a bit heaver during Winter. I originally liked the smell of White Linen, but when they brought this one out it was so beautifully fresh that it makes White Linen smell like something far too overpowering now!
It smells beautifully fresh and lasts for ages
It needs to be reapplied eventually

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