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Christian Dior J'adore

Christian Dior J'adore

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I love the sophisticated and sensual smell!!

I bought this perfume at Neiman Marcus. I read a few of the 2 and 3 star reviews about the smell not staying on long and other issues. My sister bought one at one of those places online. Hers wasn't that great. She paid slightly less for it. I told her if it doesn't come from Neiman Marcus or Nordstroms then its a fake perfume. I bought another perfume off of eBay, the smell went away fast. Don't even bother purchasing from those Fragrance net, Amerimark, Ebay ,just weird names for any perfumes. There fake. Go directly to Neiman Marcus or Nordstroms, if you don't like your purchase, they will gladly refund you your money. I just love purchasing from Neiman, makeup and perfume..
Hope this helps

Bella Santini. :)

Doesn’t last

After trying this perfume in Malaysia at the Dior stand and it lasting 24 hours I was sure to purchase the perfume as soon as I returned to Melbourne. Lady at the Myer Dior stand convincing me the bigger bottle was a better value costing me $ 300 wow what a mistake, the fragrance is outstanding but for only 5 minutes and then nothing. .. this is such a disappointment to us consumers .. not fair, I work hard for my money and there is some kind of conspiracy going on .. Dior has lost me as a customer.

Never lasting smell ....and costly

Buy it from chemist warehouse.....and it's fragrance faded out after some time.....it seems they have fake perfumes or they are expired or outdated.....
And Dior company needs to take action because it's a matter of their repute.

Perfume evaporated

I was bought Jadore perfume for my Birthday December 2017, Iv saved it and only used it rarely for special occasions, however the bottle is almost empty it has evaporated.
I really don't know why, it's been kept upright in a box, with the lid tightly closed.
Any ideas why this should have evaporated I am very disappointed

Absolute Rubbish!

I was an ardent fan of J'Adore since it first appeared on the scene but then they changed and diluted the fragrance and now it's absolutely horrible. After spending $518 on two bottles a few months ago, I discovered that J'Adore was not longer the wonderful fragrance it used to be. It's so disappointing that Christian Dior would stoop so low. Very disappointing.

love it!!!

I absolutely love this perfume and it is probably one of my favourites!!! The scent is not overpowering and lovely and whenever I wear it I always receive compliments. I also like the bottle.

Pretty, more mature scent.

I do like this perfume, it is very elegant and soft but I do think it is more for a middle aged bracket of women.

I ended up buying it for my mum for Christmas last year!

One issue - the lid broke and we had to have it replaced, but the ladies at DJs were very helpful in sending it off to the company to fix and the turnaround time was quite short.

One of a kind

Jadore is a one of a kind perfume for a one of a kind gal. It is the most beautiful scent ever not too strong not too soft but perfect. I always get so many compliments it's irresistible and the price is an under statement it is one of thee most long lasting perfumes and it's the kind where people know you are around or have been there because you leave the room and the scent remains from the moment you walk in people are wondering where that delicious sexy beautiful scent is coming from. I love it since the first time I used it. I'm a very unique picky person who has excellent taste. It is very difficult to find a perfume I actually like a lot and Jadore is my #1 for any occasion it's fresh clean scent hard to forget lol those who critic it more then likely just can't afford it. I can't go without a bottle of Dior Jadore it's one of my must have collection. If you have expensive taste this is the perfume for you. It is best to purchase this perfume from legit stores such as Dior online, Macy's, Dillard's, Sephora, etc. If you purchase from others trying to get it for a lesser price then deal with the fact that it won't smell as good or last as long. Get the real deal there's no way around it the price is worth the quality.

Spray has stopped working

Tried to contact Dior about faulty bottle still containing perfume. After initial response Stating they would send an envelope to return the bottle I have heard nothing. Very disappointing as I was quite impressed at first.

May 11th, 2017 Update: Still no response to their customer service

March 8 sent in complaint about faulty J'Adore bottle. After complaining on this site they finally sent me a postal label on April 1. Posted April 3, since then no response. Millions spent on Charleze Theron but can't be bothered with one unhappy customer.

Can hardly smell anything

I bought this on line from a reputable site as a present. As the person whom the present was made for couldn't visit for ages I decided to use it myself. What a mistake! Only smell was a chemical one and that quickly faded, sadly unable to return it as opened but I would advise against buying and certainly would not purchase again. Over rated and overpriced.

Nice scent

The scent is pleasant and refreshing. Packaging is elegant. However, i was disappointed as i was expecting the scent with mix with my chemistry and linger more hence it has turned out pretty much a normal and hence it's not worth the price.

No I didn't I couldn't get in for ages.

That's a good trick above, putting the title so one can't change it. If I'd have bought it off QVC I could have got my money back, but I didn't. All this hype! It's not on long & that's it. It's nice when one first puts it on & then GONE! I want Dior to give me my money back, this cost me £100 & it's rubbish for lasting or should I say for not lasting. Please contact me by my email or I'll call the papers to say that Jadore is the biggest con going. Could even be fake.

Nice perfume.. But overrated!

So I finally got my hands on this beautiful fragrance after hearing all the hype. It's a decent perfume but not that great! The fragrance doesn't last long and was quite disappointing! I spent $150 on A dior Eau De parfum... Not worth the hype.

Totally Awesome

I have been using it for 3 months now and I must say it certainly goes top on my favourite fragrances list. Its subtle with an elegant effect and whenever I wear it I always get compliments.

Harsh and Chemical smell

I can't stand this perfume. I was given some for Christmas and it's just so awful. It has a pine, harsh, irritating effect on my nose and it gives me a headache every time. It's a really sharp scent. It smells cheap, like a wash of pine cleaner. If people wear this, it gives me headaches.
Bottle shape
Everything else

A no fail perfume

I honestly think it would be a very small percentage of people who don't like or are overwhelmed by this perfume so to me it's quite a safe perfume to wear on any occasion. Personally I like all of Dior perfumes but this one has been my number 1 pick and staple for quite a few years.

I don't spray a lot on and I find it subtle with a sweet, sophisticated type fragrance. I like that it has staying power but is still quite subtle.

I love the simplicity and beauty of the bottle too.
Possibly that it has become so popular that the intrigue has gone :)

My favourite perfume of all time - plus always get comments!

This perfume is divine. It smells beautiful and people always comment on it when I wear it (especially in the lift on the way to work and especially men!!). It's just a really elegant perfume that can be worn to work or even out at night.
My go-to perfume. Love it!
Beautiful, gets comments, long lasting
Pricing in Australia is really expensive so I have to stock up duty free or when there is a gift with purchase

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Yeah my girlfriend also like it very much


j'adore is a great perfume i love the sweet floral scent of it! its retail price is quite high but luckily most of the time i had this fragrance i got it for free when my mother would buy her dior perfume as a gift!
i love the smell of j'adore!
it is expensive but it lasts a fair while so i think its worth the splurge!

My second favourite daytime scent, light, feminine - Springtime in a bottle!

I always have a bottle of J'Adore on hand as my 'frilly' scent, although it's not my first choice for daily wear it's great when you're feeling especially girly.
Gorgeous feminine, flowery, fruity scent for daytime
Ridiculous Australian price compared with USA or Europe.

Simple - I just love it. People comment when I wear itJust bought my 2nd bottle when overseas. Love it especially for a night out you always get comments


This is my favourite perfume of all time. It is a delicious blend of scents that together create a lovely fragrance. You will not regret buying this perfume, either in its eau de toilette form or as an eau de parfum. It is very expensive though and is best used sparingly on the pulse points. Perfume Connection is a great place to try and get it cheaper.
It is such a beautiful scent. Every time I used to wear it people would comment on the lovely fragrance.
It is very expensive and I can unfortunately no longer justify spending over $100 on a 50ml bottle of perfume.

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