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Etax Accountants

Etax Accountants

4.5 from 2,154 reviews

So easy!!!!

Etax is so easy to use, and filling in your info from previous years is simply mind blowing! They do all the work, for such a little fee. Thank you

Perfect so easy & quick

Etax is just fantastic. I've used them for all my returns since 2010. They have always got me a great return. The best tax accountants i've ever used. So easy & quick. Your're mad if you don't use Etax!!

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Hi Simone - thanks for your continued loyalty and your fantastic comments about our business! We look forward to seeing you again in 2019 :)

Hopeless and scam like

Etax has operated by people being confused thinking they were utilising the old ATO software which was free. They have prepared the worst tax return I have ever seen (I am a Tax Accountant) and did not even cross reference the amounts against the ATO records>> this would lead to an audit in most cases. The amount of mistakes seen were shocking. How they can still be operating confuses me!

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Hello, Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. As a business we take all feedback (good or bad) on board. We'd like to take a moment to clarify that we've been operating at Etax.com.au as Etax Accountants since 1998 which is prior to the ATO's release of their now retired E-tax software which they named similarly to our existing business. Your comments are extremely concerning to us and we'd like to speak with you so we can investigate what happened in your situation and take any corrective action that may be required. We've sent you a private message asking for a bit more information so we can identify you in our system. We'd be grateful if you could reply there when you have a spare moment, or drop us an email to feedback@etax.com.au with your name and the email address you registered with. We'll then be able to find you in our system and will have a manager personally follow up with you to discuss your experience in more detail. Thank you; we look forward to hearing from you soon and doing everything we can to make things right for you. Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

Seems great and easy to use

It is very simple to work though and straight forward is great and so easy to use any don't have to pay till i get my tax return how easy!!!!!!!

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Cheers Michael - glad to hear you found everything quick and easy :)

My Etax.

I've been using Etax for many years and I've found the accountants to be very helpful as they clarify essential tax information to ensure the ATO don't chase me for a minor error on my part. Fast and relaible refunds without dramas.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback Tan - we really appreciate it!

Brilliant service

I appreciate the thorough flexibility and attention to detail of Etax. I have been completing by tax return myself for many years and only once have I seen an accountant to do it in person. Frankly, etax is much better. The contact is efficient and professional and the ongoing advice about how to maximise your tax return is excellent and much appreciated especially for someone as busy as myself. Thanks Etax you are brilliant!

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Thank you Helen. It's great to hear you gave us a go this year and found our service so helpful! We look forward to welcoming you back again for your 2019 return :)

Great Servive

I found Etax to be very helpfull in my Tax Return for 2017 /2018 return. They help you filling out the Tax Return from beginning and to the end and also gave simple ideas that people understand.

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Thank you for your review Bell Allan!

Great service! Does anyone provide a better return?

The only problem I have ever had, is I'm not sure if someone else can give me a greater return.

Etax Accountants get things done in good time, and look through my return for errors and any other possible deductions. If I'm unsure they are quick to respond to questions via multiple modes of communication. If they need more documentation, they ask and get onto it straightaway.

My second year of using e-tax I did have some problems with accountants being unfamiliar with military-related deductions, but this has improved a lot in subsequent years and now believe they have as great experience in this area as anyone else.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us Lor - and it's great to hear you've noticed the improvements to our service from one year to the next. We'll continue to try and improve our service and systems for all taxpayers going forward :)

Tax return made easy

User friendly and always someone there to help when needed ,when I required some clarification and advice there was someone qualified on the line to help with my questions,really appreciated

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Cheers for your review Gerard, we really appreciate it!

Excellent system for tax

I found Etax easy to complete and the help screens solved my questions without me having to use the chat support.

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Thank you Michael. Great to hear out help sections cleared up any questions you had as you went through the return.


Easy to follow the steps. explanations are appropriate. Will use it again. However, did not see online live chat. explanations could be provided for those that have no existing explanations.

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Thank you John - we're sorry if you missed out live chat service. We usually have it available from 8:00am - 11:00pm in July, and then from 8:30am - 5:00pm in all other months. We'll continue to improve our service where we can and we're currently refining our help sections for 2019 as well :)

Seamless, user friendly

eTAX has always been easy to use, intuitive, informative and quick. The government's IT boffins at Centrelink/MyGov etc really could use some advice from the tax department to improve their archaic customer systems.

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Thanks William!

Easy and Quick

Very Easy to Use and navigate each section. Staff always there to help. Quick on tax return. 100% recommend to anyone

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Thanks for your kind words and recommendations LCee!

Its great so far.

Not sure what to do when etax asks for attachment unless optional printed beside it. I have receipts for all

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Hi Bette! Thanks for sharing your review. On occasion our accountants may ask for copies of some of your receipts just so we can double check everything has been entered in the right spot and to make sure you're maximising your refund. If you've been asked this by your accountant you can just select the 'attach a file' button within a message to upload any documents. If the docs you have are hard copies you can just log in to Etax on your mobile phone and follow the same process, except this time the 'attach a file' button will auto-load your phone camera so you can snap a photo of any docs. Alternatively, if you're having any troubles, just give us a call on 1300 693 829 and one of our friendly staff will be able to help you out as well :) Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

It's just so quick and easy!!

I used eTax many years ago and just found it again last Financial Year. It's so easy how they guide you through the process.

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Thanks but_in_purple! We're glad to welcome you back and we hope to see you again for your 2019 return in just a few months time!

I can't praise Etax enough

I've had only really fantastic assistance from Etax getting me up to date with my returns which were lagging behind. They have made the process so simple and direct especially considering when I was initially faced with working through the various years tax packs I'd received from the ATO, I didn't have clue were to start! Poor things they now have me as a client not only for the present but into the future, that's for sure. When in contact with any of the accounting staff I've had nothing but help getting me through the return process, providing me with guidance and answering all my questions. Best thing for me has been the interpersonal experience as every staff member I've spoken with has been a delight.

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Hi Tiffany! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with us. Your kind words mean so much to us and we'll be passing them on to the accountants you've spoken with while completing your return. We'll see you again in a few months for your 2019 return :)


Very easy to use really simple easy to understand great for first timers full of info will use site again

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Cheers Brad!


Great , it was very easy to use. I will definitely be using this service next year, and many years to come.

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Thanks for your review Nat!

It was so easy

I found using e tax so helpful. A lot of the info was auto populated which saved time. I also used a number of. Ideas which guided me through the steps quickly. Will be using e tax from now on.

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Thanks Cint! We're pleased to hear our prefill service saved you time!

quick and easy tax

found E Tax really easy and quick to use with helpful tips along the way. will continue to use E Tax from now on.

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Cheers Debbie! Thanks for taking the time to share your review!

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Questions & Answers

do you charge anything for your refund to be deposited in your checking account?
No answers

Why doesn’t your Accountant reveal there names, each time they send a message?
1 answer
Hi there and thanks for your question! The reason each team member doesn't generally sign off by their name is that we are a large organisation with many accountants responding to client queries. Rather than have one person responsible for replying to one client, we ask our accountants to service all clients so you may interact with two or three staff members over the course of a tax return. This helps ensure someone else can step in if there's a staff absence or holiday ensuring there are no delays with your return. Therefore, rather than coming across as confusing with several people writing to you, we simply sign off as the company as a whole. We apologise if this has been frustrating for you and it is certainly not our intention. We only made the above mentioned change (from signing off individually) after receiving feedback from clients that they were confused if multiple people wrote to them. Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

Are all claims reviewed by accountants or only those requested to be reviewed? Are we required to upload receipts somehow? There are some such as log books that are cumbersome.
1 answer
Hi Aldebaan3003, Great questions! Our accounting team reviews all of the information on a tax return, the same way that an accountant would if you visited them face to face. Except we’re online and easier, with no appointments! We check the income, deductions, private health and any other sections that are specific to you. Like any good tax agent, we also check ATO data and try to detect problems that can slow down tax refunds or lead to ATO issues. We’ll sometimes ask questions to clarify a particular claim or item on the return, or to confirm you have evidence to support your claims – and it’s easy to upload your receipts right inside your Etax return. If something looks out of place, we may ask you to upload copies of logbooks so we can ensure it’s claimed correctly before lodgement to the ATO. It’s our job to ensure you get the best possible refund while sticking within ATO rules and laws. If you need help as you go, you can also just select our live chat option from the bottom right of your tax return where you’ll be connected directly to an accountant who can help you fill out any bits you need help with. Or, if you finish entering your details and you have some question or an item left over, you can just enter that at the very bottom of your Etax return – an accountant will help get it done right. We hope to see you soon at Etax Accountants. Kind Regards, Etax Accountants

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