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MYOB is the worst software company I have ever dealt with

Bought AR in 2018. At renewal decided onto to buy the online support package. Just use it on my laptop as out business is just small. After a couple of weeks got into the confirm your company file loop with them. No way to do it. Service centre couldn't help. Locked out of my own file on my own laptop. More endless hours on the phone to them. Absolute nonsense

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Hi Ann Marie, confirmation of a company file does occur regular and with an active subscription you should have been able to confirm that company file using the online method. Would you please send through your product serial number and the version of the product you are using as a private message, so I can look into the matter for you. Alternatively, please send me an email to socialmedia@myob.com with “ATTN: Steven_M - Ann Marie – Product Review” in the subject Regards, Steven

I love MYOB but hate the wait times

I have used MYOB for many years and usually don't have too many issues.
When I do have an issue, trying to actually talk to someone is a nightmare. I have wasted hours just sitting on hold for a 10 minute conversation to fix the issue. I don't find the help files very 'helpful'. I could spend hours trolling through information that doesn't help, then have to spend more time to then phone them.

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Hi Kim, sorry to hear that this the case. We do have some great support options available if you are unable to speak to our phone-based team for any reason. These include: Help Articles- https://www.myob.com/au/support Our Community Forum - https://community.myob.com Live Chat - https://www.myob.com/au/contact-us Regards, Steven

Looking for a reason to stay with MYOB

Bugs, MYOB billing errors, overcharging, extraordinarily long and complicated procedure for resolving billing complaints, no live version for multi-currency users after being first told it was coming 'soon' in 2014. I'm looking for reasons not to abandon MYOB and switch to a different system.

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Hi Ash, with the release of AccountRight 2018.4 we added multi-currency to the AccountRight 20xx range, with the focus being on importers/purchases. Multi-currency works for exporters/sales are something that our product teams are actively working on with future releases. You can find more information on the work so far and what is still to be included on http://help.myob.com.au/updates/multi-currency Regards, Steven

No Help

I signed up at recommendation of my accountant. Had trouble importing products from Quickbooks. Tried help desk twice. Waited 35 minutes both times. First time i hung up. Second time was told he couldn't help me and would put me through to some one else. Waited 20 minutes and was then cut off. Customer service non existent. Took 25 minutes on hold to cancel subscription


I would like a better response when you have a bug or something in your system which affects the operation of MYOB overall. Yesterday I wasted a lot of time trying to find out what was happening. There was nothing on your website stating you had a problem and was in the course of fixing it. There was no email to your clients to notify us. I waited over an hour to speak to one of your operators (who I will say was very efficient and professional) to inform me that there was a problem.
I have used MYOB for over 20 years and find the program usually runs well.
My only wish is the following:
Improve your communication with your clients instead of the clients wasting hours trying to make contact with you.

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Hi Robyn, Thank you for taking the time to submit this review, I've read through your feedback and have made sure that this is something we'll be looking at. It's good to hear that you had a good experience with our support team, I'll make sure this part is also submitted to them. If you have any extra feedback for us, I'd love to hear it. Feel free to send me an email at: socialmedia@myob.com and attention it to me (Hayden) so I can take a look into it. Cheers, Hayden MYOB Social Team

poor form MYOB shutting down the portal!!

with no warning they shut down the portal for the superannuation payments,
have to upgrade?? i think i will get another program this is ridiculous behavior.
cannot imagine how many people are disadvantaged by this.

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Hi Karen, sincere apologies for the delay in responding to your review. I'd like to start with reassuring you that, MYOB's Super Portal, which accepts contribution files created in MYOB AccountRight, MYOB AccountEdge and MYOB Essentials, has not been shut down. So that we can investigate further, could you please confirm the product that you had trouble accessing the portal from? Regards, Suja

MYOB Essenstials

I find many things frustrating with MYOB essentials. A big one is when you do reconciliations it shows all the information on your screen but when you print off a detailed report alot of that information does not print. No recurring transaction feature. MYOB support as time has not being the best and the wait time has being very long. They keep putting up there monthly subscription fee..After about 14 years with MYOB I will soon be changing to Xero.

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Hi LMC, sorry to bring this up a while after your review though I had hoped to address this one and make sure our teams have been sent your feedback. From your mention of reconciliation report not showing information when you go to print it, this is not something I've come across before and would like to look into it. If you send me an email at: socialmedia@myob.com and attention it to me (Hayden), I'd be happy to heck it out for you. Cheers, Hayden MYOB Social Support

Once up and running it'll be hard to live without.

All the information is current. The services run fast and with ease. Customer services are great. There's no knocking myob back. I'll guarantee anyone who uses it and will use it that they will not be disappointed. Satisfaction guaranteed. That's a fact.


They are hopeless to deal with when there is a problem with bankfeeds. It is going on 3-4 weeks now and they still can't resolve it. Not good for business when we need to keep our data base up to date. And no-one can seem to help and they are good at saying someone will call you back or email and you get nothing.

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Hi Lanjak, Sorry for bringing this up after your original review, I had hoped to make sure that your issue is addressed. If you are still encountering issues with Bank Feeds, I can look into this. Feel free to send us an email at: socialmedia@myob.com and attention it to me (Hayden) and I'd be happy to take a look at it. Cheers, Hayden MYOB Social Support

Tried another accounting software but came back to MYOB

I find MYOB easy to use. Everything is set out in a way that makes it easy to understand. We own a small business and are happy with this accounting software.

Cant Quit

only way to cancel subscription is to call up. Too bad when you live outside the times zone like i do and have a busy schedule. Wait times are always over 30mins when I have called. Finally got through to cancel an was sent no confirmation email from a very rude operator. Still has not cancelled

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Hi Ben, Sorry for bringing this up a little while after your original review. I had hoped to add something to this if possible. As per the Terms of Use with the product, under the Termination Clause we do ask Users to cancel by contacting our Services teams to have this organised. Though we can appreciate that this can be a challenge depending on the wait times for that day and we do allow users to request cancellations via other mediums, such as emailing our customer service team (customer_service@myob.com), posting on our Community Forum or reaching out to our Social Channels. If you are still having problems with cancelling your MYOB service, I can check this out and see what might be going on. To do this, send us an email at: sociamedia@myob.com and attention it to me (Hayden) so I can take a look into it. Cheers, Hayden MYOB Social Support

Help received

Just like to thank Caleb he was terrific to deal with ... could totally understand every word he said ... he solved our problem and a joy to deal with. This also served to view MYOB in a different light after the first call who hung up on me and the second one who was no help at all. Thanks again Caleb


Like many of the others below, I purchased stand alone MYOB a couple years ago for $400-$500. I have never had to pay anything since. I am now shut out of my MYOB because I haven’t upgraded to the online license version. I cannot see any justification of why or how this online service should cost $45 per month ($540 per year). I run a small business and this is not justified for what is offered.

So essentially I am being held ransom for an exorbitant amount of ongoing costs.

Not to mention the ACCC have flagged that MYOB has bought out a competitor ‘Rekon’ which is now verging on a monopoly, and I am sure further price hikes to follow.

I am infuriated at the situation and going to follow up with ACCC because this is wrong on soo many levels. To the MYOB punching bag who responds to these blogs with “sorry to hear that, please message me and we will look at your case”... don’t bother.

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Hi Leok, I do apologise for bringing this up a little while after your original review, though I do hope to add something to this. The MYOB Subscription prices do include the product usage and software support cover though it also covers all the extra MYOB services that come with the product, such as using MYOB's PaySuper, the In Tray Service for automatic prefilling of purchase documents, Bank Feeds for easier reconciliation and others, allowing a "no extra costs" approach when using these services alongside the main product (with the exception of any merchant costs from using MYOB PayBy). In terms of being shut out of your software, I understand it has been some time and I would expect this issue to have been resolved since then, though I can confirm that we are making sure every User is able to be provided an option to continue using MYOB whether they move to our new products and services or if they wish to remain on the existing software they were on. If you would like to talk about this more, or have any extra feedback for us, I'd be happy to discuss this with you. Feel free to email us at: socialmedia@myob.com and attention the email to me (Hayden) and I'll book a time to give you a call. Cheers, Hayden MYOB Social Support


I paid $400 for Account Right Standard a few years back. I am a small business. I used it for at least 4 years without monthly fees (naturally as it cost $400),it was nothing special but it did the job. Myob as a money grab (they have some difficulties) have decided to charge me and all similar $60/ mth now to use the software (I purchased). The gall, I am actually laughing so much. Stay away if you are a small biz, tradie or similar, just find a free simple invoice form online, trust me it works, MYOB will try to squeeze you down the line. Once they have you in with all your records, they can set the pricing bar higher and higher.

Hi Mwandfam sorry to hear that you do feel this way about us. So that we can discuss your specific concerns would you please send us your contact and account details to socialmedia@myob.com, Atten: Steven – Product Review - Mwandfam. Regards, Stevengive me my original purchase money back of $399 for the standalone software i purchased over 4yrs back. Neither of us know thats not going to happen, goodbye MYOB, plenty of other options out there, i hope my comment reaches small businesses like my own.Hi Mwandfam, we are happy to review your case and address any concerns that do you have. In order to do so we do need that contact and account information to assist. Regards, Steven


I cancelled my subscription in June. Until now, they’ve kept taking my monthly fee from my credit card. Finally I believe they have cancelled and they won’t refund the fees backdated until June, even though service was supposed to be cancelled.

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Hi Dr foot pod, so we can investigate further can you send your account details to socialmedia@myob.com, Attn: Steven - Product Review - Dr foot pod. Regards, Steven

Myob Essentials Software Failure To Update Credit Card Details

Myob sent me an email saying my credit card had been declined and they would charge me $10. I rang to find out why - because I had updated my new credit card through their online system. During the phone call, support said they would update my new details then and there. A week later I received a second email saying that - the day before - my credit card had been declined and they would again charge me $10. I checked with my bank and there had been no problem with my card. I then updated my new credit card details online - for a second time - and rang Myob support and asked them what the problem was. Support quoted my old credit card number back to me. This despite these numbers having now been now updated 3 times. I then updated a 4th time time and paid for my subscription while on the phone. I hope I do not receive another email next month. All up this has cost me about two hours waiting on the phone to speak to Myob support to get it fixed and according to Myob emails: $20. Myob Essentials Online does not have the facility to display the numbers it holds for your credit card - so there is no way to check if the details have been correctly updated after doing so. The only way to find out is receiving an email saying they will charge you $10 because a payment was declined.

Hi Scott, when an MYOB Subscription is charged and payment does fail, we do attempt to take payment at a later stage. If those subsequent attempts do fail we do reserve the right to charge a dishonour fee which is applied to the next invoice you do receive. In saying that, if payment is promptly paid that particular fee is not charged. In your case, we would be happy to review your account and your subscription if you would like to please send your account details to socialmedia@myob.com, Atten: Steven – Product Review: Scott. Regards, StevenHi Steven, I guess you didn't read my review. I am pointing out that my credit card details were not updated until my fourth attempt. I attempted to update through the online update facility. I them attempted to update on the phone with support - who told me my details were updated. Then, a week later after receiving another email threatening me with another charge, I attempted to update a third time online and then had to ring support for my fourth update attempt - which was finally successful.Hi Scott, when a payment profile is updated in my.MYOB it should flow through to your subscription and thus be used going forward. In your specific case, we would like to investigate further your account and why that process hasn’t worked as intended. As such, we would require additional information such as account details -you are welcome to send these through to socialmedia@myob.com, Atten: Steven – Product Review: Scott. Regards, Steven

Negative Feedback

Sorry negative feedback here. Firstly the cost has gone up significantly - from $29 per month to $45 per month. I looked into cancelling a year or so ago but was told I could not export my data based on the package I had. Eventually I decided to just keep PDF copies of my data and cancel my subscription because $45 per month is way to expensive for what I need. I emailed "client services" twice to cancel my subscription however it seems my emails have been ignored. Then I get a call from the finance team chasing payment and saying I have to phone to cancel, not email, but first have to pay what is due to date before I can cancel. The fact that I had previously emailed to cancel my subscription doesn't seem to matter. Apparently it is in the "terms and conditions" that we have to call and that is that. Would have been nice for someone to respond to my emails about this. Reinforced my decision to cancel as customer service obviously is down the list of MYOB priorities.

Hi Unhappy, sorry to hear that you have that experience with cancelling your subscription with us. So that I can get one of the required team to get in touch to discuss your account, would you please send your account details and best contact number to socialmedia@myob.com, Atten: Steven – Product Review – Unhappy. Regards, StevenUpdate. MYOB have now satisfactorily resolved this issue.

What happened to my bank recs?

After waiting on the phone for over 30 minutes and no response I will put this in writing and hopefully get a quicker answer. I want to know what has happened to my reconciled months of bank recs since June 2018. There the other day and gone today. Do I have to re-do the bank recs since July 2018? I believe the latest upgrade has wiped them out - done 29.11.2018. What do you think MYOB!

Hi Dianne, sorry to hear that has occurred. Generally, in similar situations, where transactions have been removed or reconciliations not appearing it is due to the fact that an incorrect file has been opened or an undo reconciliation has been completed. So we can investigate further, could you please send your account details to socialmedia@myob.com, Attn: Steven_M - Product Review -Dianne. Regards, StevenThank you. I got through to a tech yesterday and he has resolved the issue. I must say the wait time was too long but I was pleased with the outcome. Thanks again.Glad to know that the issue has since been resolved, Dianne. Do let me know if there is anything else that we can help with. Regards, Steven

Did not record payroll

Lost 3 hours work, the system did not dutifully record the work done. Have to do it again.

Very very disappointed.

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Hi Ley, we're sorry to hear about the inconvenience caused by this. So that we can investigate and help ensure that this doesn't occur again, would you please send us additional information, like error logs and error messages to socialmedia@myob.com, Attn: Suja Product Review - Ley. Regards, Suja

Happy as

Have worked with MYOB for over 10 years. Love it. On rare occasion when I have had a problem it has been quickly resolved by MYOB staff over the phone.

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After many years using MYOB for our small business, this year we are scaling back after reaching retirement age. After a long and very protracted period of emailing and phone calls we finally received a full refund of our annual subscription ($1200) as I cancelled it on the renewal day. My question now is why do I get a message on screen regarding confirmation of my company file and when I do so I get another message saying I need to contact MYOB to continue entering my financial records. We still want and need to keep records up to date for some time yet and I don't understand how I can be prevented from doing so. I don't want upgrades or access to online services just the ability to keep my records. Why am I not able to do this??
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How to show out reciprocal account' column in general ledger (Detail) in MYOB online accounting software? I need to provide data for tax authority and Audit. Please kindly to help me.
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Hi Daisy, glad to hear you're using one of our online solutions. Your question would be best directed at one of our expert accountant partners on the MYOB Community Forum. So I recommend posting your query here - http://community.myob.com/ Do let me know how you go. Regards, Suja

Can anyone briefly describe the process for creating a new account?
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Hi Deb, a good place to start would be our website, where you can explore the different options available to you. - https://www.myob.com/au/accounting-software?intcid=hphero#products Better still would be to speak to one of our team members, as they'd be able to go over your specific needs and recommend an appropriate MYOB product for you, and help you get started. So please send us your contact details via a private message on this site or email to socialmedia@myob.com. Please include the following in the subject line - Attn: Suja - Product Review Deb. We look forward to hearing more from you. Regards, SujaIn MMOB accountRight go to LISTS at the top of your screen. Then click on accounts then click on the + sign. In essentials on the top right is a menubar that if you click you can get the account list and add accounts.

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