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Consultant was fine but the cancellation call took over an hour

The call to cancel our MYOB subscription took an hour and a quarter. At least at the end of that time, the desired result was achieved. Two previous calls “dropped out” during transfer to the cancellation team.


Great product - have been using it now for around 23 years

I guess I am biased after using this product for so many years - however, I have used other products and I have not been happy with them. MYOB was easy to learn from the start, although I was used to using packages such as Sybiz and Attache 5 prior to that - which made MYOB "a piece of cake".

Simple, easy to use, good telephone support

Great product, easy to use, flexible, cost effective and answers all my needs as a small business user. Great support from both MYOB and my accountant. Would recommend to any small business use


Too early to tell if I like the new system yet

Have used MYOB for many years and generally speaking I am very happy with the software, have just upgraded to the latest version which looks quite different but I guess I will work it all out in the next few weeks


MYOB is good but can be very clunky

Clunky processes especially involving
STP - it is like an add on, should be able to use termination dates as set in card file
Super processing, retrieval of information and fixing any issues eg rejected super payments

Distaste’s - unable to get direct feed support

Have called support 5 times and transferred to direct feed support. Have waited on the line for 4 hours across three calls and gave up. Was on a trial but have been charged for the 2nd half of June. Cannot use direct feed. Terrible support. And one of the dearest small business accounting systems. Gave one star - had no choice. No stars from me. Emailed them with the issue. No response either.

The best product ever.

Have now had MYOB for a few of years and is used for our Farm and a small business venture. Previously all book work was manual and extremely time consuming. MYOB has given me back my time in that GST and Bank reconciliations (using Bank Feeds for bank accounts and Farmlands) are simple and quick. Has also reduced my Accountant charges.

Great availability after regular day hours!

A very comprehensive program with a great support team that you can call on at almost any time! After hours availability is essential for our business, as sometimes it's a lot easier to think when machines are going and the craziness of a normal day, so to be able to call through in the early evening works brilliantly for us!


Using MYOB give me the Tidy accounts I need to take to the auditor every year

Being a Not For Profit organisation is getting more and more complicated as time goes by. Big brother (ACNC) is watching closer and closer. there are many areas of Governance that must be adhered to, and the organisation's accounts in one of those areas. MYOB makes that area easy. This year I began using the inventory facility for the first time since starting with MYOB in 2000. I had some difficulty but got excellent help from the MYOB help team.

It is useful.

I have been for a while for not using MYOB. Starting again, some changes about payroll electronically payment, I haven’t recognized. So I missed 2 weeks pays to employees. MYOB doesn’t have any follow up to look after new customer.


Service is Terrible

Product is good, don't expect to email MYOB with your queries - even simple billing queries, you have to phone them, expect to be placed on hold for over an hour even then you are likely to be transferred and placed on hold again for an extended period of time.

Reasonable but thinking there are better options in the market

The software is good to use but not that "intuitive" given more recent applications on the market and the reporting is clunky. I've stuck with it due mainly to the cost of changing - not of the product but in the time taken to re-learn and change things over. However, on the very few occasions i have had to contact MYOB for support it has been a harrowing experience that i'm beginning to believe is designed to put people off... being left on hold for over an hour, no information about wait times or why you are being put on hold or transferred, the departments don't seem to have any interaction (a transferred call is just sent without any info as to the wait times or expertise) and the customer survey is designed not to capture this information and solely to rate your final interaction.


Great system - Too expensive

I am a current user of MYOB Essentials. I use only the Invoicing and Statements module.
I raise approx 40 invoices and 10 statements per month. The cost of this service has increased from $30.00 per month when I first started using it a few years ago to the current price of $46.00 per month.
I do not consider that this is value for money and I will be exploring other options.

The service is terrible, a good product but can not back it up. On the phone for way too long

The product is good but service is terrible, waiting on the phone for over an hour and still waiting.
Get a grip look at the reviews and do something as I will be walking with 4 accounts as well

MYOB customer service - Xero here I come!!

I have been using MYOB for my accounting for over 10 years.
However, I am going to be changing to Xero on 30 June 2019 which I am assured can be fairly painlessly done through jetconvert.com.
The reason is that every time I have had to call them for support, the first person I speak to is never able to help me. I am then transferred to someone who can help me but the wait has been over 45 minutes each time. This week I waited 1 hour and 40 mins on hold for someone to help. I am currently waiting again due to an issue with electronic payment that did not process through my bank and have been told I have to wait for 40 minutes.
Seriously, who has 3 hours free per week just to sort out a simple issue that in the end usually takes less than 10 minutes to resolve when I finally am able to speak to someone.


I am writing this review, while on hold to MYOB - 55 min so far.
I just read through all the one star reviews, and I couldn't agree more.
If I was shopping around I would definitely not choose MYOB. In fact, if I had the time, I would make it my priority to move all my data files away from MYOB. Have used the software for years and their service has just continued to deteriorate, so much so that every call I have made recently, I have been absolutely dismayed at the service provided. Also, they have changed their pricing and are charging ridiculous fees yet they do not have the resources to provide professional service or support. In fact, one time, I was told to call back, as the service representative was having trouble with their computer. Seriously, if you haven't started with them, my advice is to look elsewhere!


Dont bother calling them

Signed up to their online payments service, have started getting customers complaining it is not working and the money keeps being returned to their account.

Been on hold for over 45 mins, decided to call on my other phone, got put through to a 'service agent' that had to keep asking someone else where to go and what to do to fix the problem. The agent tells me he has spoken to a 'higher authority' and the problem is on my banks side.

I asked to be put through to this higher authority, was transferred to another department who is assisting with single touch payroll setup, she couldn't help me, have now been put on hold again while i get transferred to another department.

Original phone still on hold, 59 mins.

Being transferred to another department, original phone still on hold 1 hour 7 mins 58 sec1 hour, 18 mins - I'm hanging up and moving to Reckon.

Please shop elsewhere - Customer Support is non-existent

currently i am 1hr and 8mins on hold on thi... as a small business owner do i really have this time to spend to key supplier who holds my accounting data?! Absolutely not, time is money and time is family. not waiting on hold.

This is my fifth call to solve the same issues.

Pathetic unprofessional service experience despite paying premium prices & being a member for nearly 20 years!!

- Rang MYOB Support for small business top get assistance regarding some technical issues.
- Got a consultant possibly called [name removed]- rude, didn't bother addressing both the 2 issues I had and simply palmed me off to a long hold to some other team.
- Waited for well over 22 minutes at 6.12 pm and this is absolutely unprofessional. No value for the customers time or concern but had I picked sales which I have previously, a consultant is on hand within 5 minutes and payments are deducted instantly !! Still didn't get to an actual person who could assist with my call.
What a farce.
- all day Sunday encountered errors and couldnt get through to a real person either

Waste of time

I contacted myob around a month ago to cancel my subscription. Received a receipt today that I've still been charged. When I contacted them about it, they had no records of my call??? I have basically paid $50 for these guys not doing their job properly.


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Why the myob invoices app gets SO slow and even comes back with errors when trying to put a new line, or new item. Also gets SO slow when is the end of the month. Could you please explain
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I have V19.15. What is the next version I can upgrade to that has multi-currency and inventory and is a complete easy follow on to what I have now thank you
3 answers
Hi Jan, the latest version of AccountRight 2019.2 has multi-currency as well as Inventory functionality. Please send us a private message with your account details so we can check if you are already eligible for this upgrade, and provide information on how to upgrade. Regards, SujaHi Suja, how do I send you a private message?Hi Jan, if you hover over the MYOB logo (above my response), you should see a 'Send message' option. Regards, Suja

After many years using MYOB for our small business, this year we are scaling back after reaching retirement age. After a long and very protracted period of emailing and phone calls we finally received a full refund of our annual subscription ($1200) as I cancelled it on the renewal day. My question now is why do I get a message on screen regarding confirmation of my company file and when I do so I get another message saying I need to contact MYOB to continue entering my financial records. We still want and need to keep records up to date for some time yet and I don't understand how I can be prevented from doing so. I don't want upgrades or access to online services just the ability to keep my records. Why am I not able to do this??
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