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Ethical Nutrients Menopause and Hot Flush Fix

Ethical Nutrients Menopause and Hot Flush Fix

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DisgruntledGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 2 reviews

Made my flushes worse with headaches


Ran out of my usual tablets so in desperation I bought this. Got constant headaches and flushes were far worse. Day after I stopped taking it my headaches have gone. Have gone back to O-Lift and my flushes are under control. My fault for not being organised! This is obviously not for everyone but it took me 2 products to find the one that worked for me. Hope it works for you - anything is worth a try!

Purchased in July 2019 at Glo Skin Body.

Effective Within Did not work


JmsSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

This is great, can't live without it.


Have tried many products before this one. None were as effective as this one. Hot flushes have reduced greatly. Were hourly now only two to three times a day. Sleeping is much more comfortable. No waking up hot and sweaty. Feeling normal again.
I have been taking this for around 10 months now.
I recommend this product to any everyone I come across who suffer the same as I was. They two are reporting the same results.
If you are suffering through menopause, I recommend this product highly. Best thing I have tried.

Purchased in November 2018 at Goodprice pharmacy wharehouse for $35.00.

Effective Within A month

VACRichmond-Tweed, NSW

Finally something to fix the flushes!!


Have been taking for 5 days and the hot flushes are still there but has reduced the severity by about 80%. My sleep has improved and the flushes are much better in the night. So happy I found this as I'd tried so many things and this one really works for me. I have Crohns Disease, so my tummy is very "touchy"- I've had no adverse reactions at all from this medication.

Purchased in July 2019 for $39.99.

Effective Within One day

miss_ns62South East Queensland, QLD

I wish I found this Product Earlier


I had no energy I was moody and had broken sleep. No long term health condition . This product made a huge difference in my life. Love it soooo much. Thank you.
I take 3 tablets a day one before each meal . No more flushes no more bad moods. Back to normal.i even lost some weight as I don’t feel so hungry anymore.

Purchased in May 2019 for $52.00.

Effective Within One day


NadiaPerth, WA

  • 2 reviews

Gave me indigestion


Took for 2 weeks. If anything made my sleep & flushes worse , had to stop as it upset my stomach. It gave me indigestion, which is improving quickly now that I have stopped.

Purchased in March 2019 for $46.00.



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Feeling better


I started having several hot flushes during the day and night about three months ago, so I began to take this product, and oh boy, I feel like my old self again, no more hot flushes and I can actually sleep well at night once again. It really works.



Love this product old and new.


I have been taking this product as directed at first for the first couple of years.I was have flushes every half hour i was going insane along with mood swings and not feeling right in my head like i had no control.It stopped working as well after a few years spoke to the pharmacist he advised to take 2 morning and 2 at night.Back to normal very rarely get a flush.If i run out and have to wait 3 days max before symptoms start to return.i recommend to friends and colleagues some say it is too expensive we pay 52.00 a bottle where we live.Just read a post where someone said it is heaps cheaper online.I will be checking this out as i go through a bottle ruffly each fortnight........Love feeling normal....

Menopause and Hot Flush Fix


I bought the bottle labelled Menopause and Hot Flush Fix which I imagine is very similar. Directions say to take 1 tablet 3 times a day for 3 weeks, then 1 a day. After 1 week my hot flushes reduced and after 2 weeks they had gone altogether. I was flushing at least 10 times a day and repeatedly at night with sweats. All gone now. This stuff worked for me so I can certainly recommend giving it a go. (It seems to be a lot cheaper to buy on-line, esp if you get free delivery.)

Side effects


I've woken up with a head ache everyday since starting them and I haven't been able to find anything about the side effects of these pills. Could anybody help me on where to find anything on the side effects.

Not the Best


Every day for 3 yrs...


3yrs now and I wont stop taking one a day each morning with a smoothie also. No heart-burn...but weight gain, well, isn't that just a consequence of the big 'M' which I'm now well into and still just slight flushes occasionally, which I only really notice if I'm wearing clothes that are too warm. I buy the new named bottles now...a different looking pill, but seem to have the same effective outcome.

Donna G

Donna GSydney

  • 2 reviews

This is brilliant!


After suffering from severe hot flushes for over a year and only wanting to use HRT as a last resort, I decided to try this before seeing the doctor. I used it as per instructions and after a few weeks my hot flushes had completely stopped. I didn't know if it was a coincidence but when I forget to take my daily tablet after a few days the flushes come back. Extremely happy with this product. I never write reviews but made the effort for this because it worth getting the word out if it can help others like it has helped me.

The only remedy that actually works


I have tried all treatments, these are the only product that works. I even got my Dr taking them. The biggest issue I have is finding Hot Flush Fix,. I found menopause and Hot Flush fix but it doesn't work. So now I am going crazy looking for the original product. Please email me a place where I can buy them.

The best thing ever.


My doctor advised me to start taking a natural product before I start menopause. Off I went to the chemist and the young girl there told me all about ethical nutrients hot flush fix . The best thing I have ever done at 53 I have never had a hot flush I would recommend this product to everyone and I do. No mood swings either. Do yourself and your friends a favour and start taking it now. It's the best.

Was great product until discontinued


I took this for years and it was incredibly effective.
Unfortunately, I just found out they have replaced this with a different product called Menopause and Hot Flush Fix. Since running out of the old product, my hot flushes are back throughout the day and are severe.
The new product just does not work.


SandygGriffith, New South Wales

  • 3 reviews

The best


Was on HRT for 4 years but the hot flushes kept on happening. Out of desperation one day when I was at the chemist I looked through their vitamin range to see if they had anything to help with menopause. I found these tablets and bought them not expecting much. Within a week my hot flushes had reduced so much I gave the HRT up. I still get flushes, but only minor ones and wouldn't be without these. I can't rave about them enough, they've saved me from sweating through my clothes 20 times a day

Hot flushes


Hi I recently came off HRT was on it for a lot of years I now take hot flush fix I avnt been in it a week yet has anyone had benefits from this product to say that it is any good thnk you

adele maureen

adele maureenHunter Region, NSW

the best

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Great product! Noticed improvement almost immediately.

Questions & Answers



Are there side affects/withdrawal symptoms to this product,l take it daily,but recently ran out,past couple of days,have had a bad headache,just wondering if it could be due to stopping this tablet?

No answers

Wendy C.

Wendy C.asked

I had a full hysterectomy 8 years ago, and have been on HRT (patches) 25milg, lower dose. I decided to go off HRT patches 4months ago and am really over the hot flushes, sleeplessness nights, mood swings......am have been taking Menopause & Hot flush fix only three days and have noticed a tiny difference, just wondering if someone with having a full hysterectomy it’s going to help and ok to take?

2 answers

Sorry not related to hysterectomy.
They didn’t work for me & upset my stomach, indigestion. I have taken primrose instead & have found a significant benefit.


Hi Nadia
I took this product for about 12 days before I started having gut and taste issues. It certainly did take away all my night sweat issues but yeah after 4 days of stopping the product, I am still having issues. Do you think Primrose will help with night sweats? And how long after stopping the product did your stomach issues disappear?



Hi since starting this tablet my hot flushes have improved immensely but I wake up with a headache every day. This didn’t occur prior to taking the tablet. I also have developed really dry skin on my face. Could one of the herbs cause this side effect? I’m tied of the headaches

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Ethical Nutrients
Ethical N.Ethical Nutrients

Hi Louise, we're so sorry to hear you're experiencing these symptoms. Please give our friendly technical support team a call on 1800 777 648 and they will be more than happy to talk more in depth with you about this. Thanks, The Team @ Ethical Nutrients

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