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Ethical Nutrients Menopause and Hot Flush Fix

Ethical Nutrients Menopause and Hot Flush Fix

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Gave me indigestion

Took for 2 weeks. If anything made my sleep & flushes worse , had to stop as it upset my stomach. It gave me indigestion, which is improving quickly now that I have stopped.

Purchased in March 2019 for $46.00.

Feeling better

I started having several hot flushes during the day and night about three months ago, so I began to take this product, and oh boy, I feel like my old self again, no more hot flushes and I can actually sleep well at night once again. It really works.

Love this product old and new.

I have been taking this product as directed at first for the first couple of years.I was have flushes every half hour i was going insane along with mood swings and not feeling right in my head like i had no control.It stopped working as well after a few years spoke to the pharmacist he advised to take 2 morning and 2 at night.Back to normal very rarely get a flush.If i run out and have to wait 3 days max before symptoms start to return.i recommend to friends and colleagues some say it is too expensive we pay 52.00 a bottle where we live.Just read a post where someone said it is heaps cheaper online.I will be checking this out as i go through a bottle ruffly each fortnight........Love feeling normal....

Menopause and Hot Flush Fix

I bought the bottle labelled Menopause and Hot Flush Fix which I imagine is very similar. Directions say to take 1 tablet 3 times a day for 3 weeks, then 1 a day. After 1 week my hot flushes reduced and after 2 weeks they had gone altogether. I was flushing at least 10 times a day and repeatedly at night with sweats. All gone now. This stuff worked for me so I can certainly recommend giving it a go. (It seems to be a lot cheaper to buy on-line, esp if you get free delivery.)

Side effects

I've woken up with a head ache everyday since starting them and I haven't been able to find anything about the side effects of these pills. Could anybody help me on where to find anything on the side effects.

Not the Best

I've been on this medication for quite awhile now..... It says on the bottle to take three times a day for three weeks and then only once a day after.. I have been taking this three times a day still, and sometimes I double up, so two, three times a day, not only does it not stop my hot flushes, day and night, I've gained 10 kilos since on this medication..... I've had menopause since I was 30, after my doctor wouldn't replace my Hormone replacement implant.. after a total Hysterectomy, as he said I was menopausal, which I didn't understand, and by my mid forties, I had to try something as I couldn't handle the woman I had become and the symptoms that go with menopause.... I have tried EVERYTHING that the Pharmaceutical's have to offer, only to end up with migraines, and the products not working..... So for many a year I've suffered, and I'm finding this product to only slightly reduce my menopause, and the weight gain.. I've had to have two total hip replacements, because my body has suffered and gone without the Hormones, its needed.. I have to stay under 70 kilos, to prolong my next hip replacements, as the heavier you are the more the hips deteriorate.. I'm 49 now, and I've had enough......

Every day for 3 yrs...

3yrs now and I wont stop taking one a day each morning with a smoothie also. No heart-burn...but weight gain, well, isn't that just a consequence of the big 'M' which I'm now well into and still just slight flushes occasionally, which I only really notice if I'm wearing clothes that are too warm. I buy the new named bottles now...a different looking pill, but seem to have the same effective outcome.

This is brilliant!

After suffering from severe hot flushes for over a year and only wanting to use HRT as a last resort, I decided to try this before seeing the doctor. I used it as per instructions and after a few weeks my hot flushes had completely stopped. I didn't know if it was a coincidence but when I forget to take my daily tablet after a few days the flushes come back. Extremely happy with this product. I never write reviews but made the effort for this because it worth getting the word out if it can help others like it has helped me.

The only remedy that actually works

I have tried all treatments, these are the only product that works. I even got my Dr taking them. The biggest issue I have is finding Hot Flush Fix,. I found menopause and Hot Flush fix but it doesn't work. So now I am going crazy looking for the original product. Please email me a place where I can buy them.

The best thing ever.

My doctor advised me to start taking a natural product before I start menopause. Off I went to the chemist and the young girl there told me all about ethical nutrients hot flush fix . The best thing I have ever done at 53 I have never had a hot flush I would recommend this product to everyone and I do. No mood swings either. Do yourself and your friends a favour and start taking it now. It's the best.

Was great product until discontinued

I took this for years and it was incredibly effective.
Unfortunately, I just found out they have replaced this with a different product called Menopause and Hot Flush Fix. Since running out of the old product, my hot flushes are back throughout the day and are severe.
The new product just does not work.

The best

Was on HRT for 4 years but the hot flushes kept on happening. Out of desperation one day when I was at the chemist I looked through their vitamin range to see if they had anything to help with menopause. I found these tablets and bought them not expecting much. Within a week my hot flushes had reduced so much I gave the HRT up. I still get flushes, but only minor ones and wouldn't be without these. I can't rave about them enough, they've saved me from sweating through my clothes 20 times a day

Hot flushes

Hi I recently came off HRT was on it for a lot of years I now take hot flush fix I avnt been in it a week yet has anyone had benefits from this product to say that it is any good thnk you

the best

this is the only product that has helped me with a least a dozen hot flushes during the day, sleepless nights with hot flushes and night sweats. i have tried products that contain only sage, only red clover, only black cohosh and 4 other products with herbal combinations so i have been on this track a while. while going through lots of hand held fans.
I changed my diet no coffee, no alcohol ( i didn't drink much though)more soy products, no milk. read 3 or 4 books how frustrating it all gets while doing all this 3 years i been going through this.
also i have spent a lot of money at 3 different herbalist taking horrible mixtures.
these tablets work for me how good is that and my husband is very happy too.
reliable. price good, it works, so worth it
the prices vary so check out the internet for best price

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Great product! Noticed improvement almost immediately.

Questions & Answers

I am positive this isnt related to any menopause tablets but I will ask anyway. Has anyone had severe pins n needles in both feet and legs 24/7 using menopause and hot flush mix? It's bad enough to wake me up and its constant.
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Hi Maureen, thank you for your comment and we are sorry to hear of your pins and needles. Pins and needles are not a noted side effect associated with the Menopuase and Hot Flush Fix, and we have also analysed the research done on these herbs which has not noted any similar effects. With this said, we would recommend stopping the product for 2 to 3 days, or until symptoms subside, and then reintroduce the supplement at a half dose and note your response. If the pins and needles commence again please return to your place of purchase to discuss this with them. Further, are you on any medications or have any pre-existing health conditions that may be impacting your presentation? To discuss this please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1800 77 648 or again return to your place of purchase for professional advice. Our warm regards, Ethical Nutrients.

I've only just started taking these ethical nutrients hot flush fix but seem to be getting more hot flush throughout the day, it has only been 3 days. Will it get better?
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It took me nearly two weeks of taking two a day for the flushes to stop but I guess everyone is different. Good luck with it.Thanks Donna, I stopped taking them after 3 weeks cos it seemed I had more intense flushes while taking the tabs. I've put up with hot flushes for 7 years so I figure it can't get any worse although I've noticed any medication seems to make them worse.

Has anyone had a problem losing weight whilst on Hot Flush Fix. Great for the relief of hot flushes, but I am having trouble losing weight & don't know if it might be the tablets causing this
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Wow, I never put the two together but now I think of it this may be the reason I've gone from losing a kg a week to half a kg a month if I'm lucky. I also found that once I cut back from the 3 a day down to one a day my symptoms have come back worse. I thought maybe I should go back to the 3 a day to see what happens but I might try stopping and see what happens with my weight loss.Yes, Ive gained 10 kilos...... in a year! Im going off this medication..... No more for me.....

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