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Ethical Nutrients Urinary Tract Support

Ethical Nutrients Urinary Tract Support

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A miracle in a jar

I suffered from uti's for 20 years of my life heavily relying on antibiotics until i found this product 6 months ago. I must admit at first i didnt think it would work but boy was i wrong, now i cannot leave the house without taking a jar with me.

Purchased in June 2018 at Chemist Warehouse for $21.00.

Effective Within One day
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We're so happy to receive this feedback Melissa and so glad you have had such wonderful results! Thanks for sharing. The Team @ Ethical Nutrients.

Full power miracle in a bottle

I've been plagued by chronic acute UTIs for 40+ years - basically all of my adult life - and experiencing them becoming more and more frequent with the only relief coming from antibiotics. Synchronistically, I came across this product during a Google search for another supplement, read the glowing reviews for this, and decided to give it a try .... HALLELUJAH!!!!! By the end of the first day of the latest flare-up my symptoms had disappeared and have not resurfaced 4 days later (I've been diligently following the 5 tabs x 4 times a day rule).

If the price is bothersome, just go without something else and make this blessing YOURS.

Eternally grateful ☆♡☆♡☆

Purchased in March 2019.

Effective Within One day

Works for this man too

From as bad as every 15 to 30 minutes & now usually over 60 - 90 minutes. Started taking 5 x 3 daily 2 months ago with 50000 unit of Cranberry caps. Now down to 3 x 3 daily. Improved with Oxybutynin 1 & occasionally 2 daily

Relief At Last

After 22 months, multiple antibiotics including two periods of long term antibiotics my UTI was still present and debilitating.
I have tried Hiprex, Vitamin C, Apple Cider Vinegar, D-Mannose and also Cranberry. Nothing helped to get rid of this bacteria.
I have and still am taking probiotics designed for urinary tract health.
I commenced Ethical Nutrients Urinary Tract Support 18 days ago after discovering this forum so a big thank you to all who have written in.
I was to the point of desperation as to where to go.
I refused to take any more antibiotics as they do not work long term.
Within 24 hours of commencing the Ethical Nutrients I was only experiencing pain once a day when urinating. However I was able to urinate normally. I have not had any pain at all for the last 7 days, my urine output is normal and I feel so much better within myself.
One question to other users, has anyone found that the bacteria becomes resistant to this product or can I expect it to keep working for me?
Thank you again to the people who reported on this forum. It has literally changed my life.

Life saver!!!!

Amazing product that treats and prevents UTIs. No side-effects and ended up being more effective than antibiotics which became less and less effective over time. Can't recommend this product enough!

Awesome product!

I've had recurrent UTIs for about 10 years now and recently commenced this product about 3 months ago. I'm yet to have a UTI since taking it. I take it as a preventative and also up the dose whenever I feel a niggle coming on, and the niggle has always gone away. Only downfall is the price, but I will continue to buy without hesitation if these results continue!

Amazing product

After suffering with interstitial cystitis for years, a pharmacist recommended this product. It is the only supplement or medication that has provided me with such effective relief from the burning, frequency and pressure. There has been about a 90% reduction in symptoms. Whilst it isn't cheap it is honestly worth every cent! Miracle supplement.

This was a good cure

I took this in a smaller dose, like with 3 tablets for a start, until I sorted out some additional iodine
to boost my hypothyroid tendency. Then I took the 5 tablet dose 4 times per day for 2 days, and was able to get quickly on the mend. I tried another mix of herbal extracts first which were very soothing, but the Ethical Nutrients UTS was far more healing, and healed a lot quicker. Initially I had also tried the strong Cranberry capsules and D-Mannose but to no avail, however they were soothing too. I am guessing the herbs in your brand actually kill off the micro-organisms.

Great product!

I could hardly believe how quickly this product works. I will be keeping some in my medicine cabinet, so much better than going to the doctor for antibiotics. Many thanks to my pharmacist for recommending them!

Wish I could find this in Canada

We were travelling throughout Australia, when I began to feel a urinary tract infection coming on. I went to see a Pharmacist and she told me this was the best product. It worked within hours and I never got the infection. I am back in Canada and there are other products on the market, but not with the same ingredients as this.

This gives relief

I found this the product gives me relief I have chroncis UTI, antibotics only work for a few weeks and are dangerous to take constantly. I have lupus also which means my immune system doesn't work properly. Cranberry tablets do not work for me. If you have UTI I would strongly suggest you give it a try. The only downside is the tablets are very expensive.

Fast relief from UTI symptoms

I really don't like pumping my body full of antibiotics unless it's absolutely necessary and there is NO other solution, so after 2 days of suffering through UTI symptoms (except the burning, I never get that with UTI's for some reason, but I DO get the rest and they make me want to curl up and die) and drinking more water than I can usually tolerate, I went to the chemist and bought a jar of this, and I took my first dose with dinner at 7pm. 5 pills per dose seemed a bit excessive, but I would have happily downed the whole jar if I had to.

I reluctantly went to the toilet at 11pm after having mentally prepared myself for the intense stabbing pain that would accompany the tiny dribble of urine I would squeeze out, but to my surprise, I was able to urinate normally and there was no pain. I don't think i've ever been so happy about a visit to the toilet in my life lol. I can't recommend this stuff enough. I seriously recommend that all ladies grab a jar of this and keep it in your medicine cabinet. Even if you don't want to take it *all* the time (because that could get expensive), keep some on hand just in case you ever experience a UTI. This product is a miracle in a jar.

excellent works a treat

I have suffered with UTI's for many years. Now in my 30s
I found that taking the urinary tract support supplements daily my uti's are a thing of the past.
Im so glad I discovered this supplement as taking so many antibiotic tablets isnt good in the long run. Would recommend to any woman/man with uti problems.
they actually work! worth every cent.

No longer subject to painful urinary tract infections

I take these tablets when I get the occasional pressure on the bladder, I drink lots of water with them, And I no longer go running to the doctor for antibiotics.For me, the cranberry tablets do not work as well as these tablets do. I dont know WHY they work but they do!
Easy to swallow and work fast
Very expensive

Ethical Nutrients Urinary Tract Support works! I will never be without a bottle.

From the first day I took the supplement I found a decrease in my symptoms, especially the burning pain which is what, in the past, has sent me off to get antibiotics. This is the first time I have cleared up a UTI without antibiotics. Along with Ethical Nutrients Inner Health Plus, for me, I have enough support to clear up a UTI. First time ever!
Reliable, does what it says it will. I trust it will have lasting effects.

Questions & Answers

Hi there, I started on the Urinary tract support tablets a few days ago and am thrilled to say it has really helped with my symptoms. The lady who advised me at the health food store suggested I start on a probiotic as well which I have. I have now developed thrush in my mouth. Is this from the Urinary tract support tablets, given that I am required to take so many whilst I still have symptoms or is this from the probiotic? From all the information I've read, it seems unlikely to be probiotic. I barely have symptoms now so would perhaps going down to the three tablets/four times a day help. Kind regards, Fran
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Hi Fran, I had no problems whatsoever with thrush and didn't take any probiotics ... perhaps your naturopath can help?? Best of luck :-)

Is this product safe while breastfeeding?
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Hi Kirralee - I can't answer your question, but the ingredients listed in this product are Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs: Cherokee Rose 1.5g; China Root 1.2g; Japanese Climbing Fern 822mg. You might like to check with your naturopath for confirmation. Good luck!

Hi, my daughter who is almost 3 has recurrent UTIs, is this supplement appropriate to use on her? And if so at what dose both preventatively and for an acute infection?
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Sorry Kate I’m a man who found it useful for a time. I’d suggest you ask your chemist shop, mine has a great naturopathic on staff at Discount Drug Stores Albany most helpful- perhaps a Doctor & tests would help. I use all of these Hope this helps you find what’s neededThank you for your question Kate. I am sorry to hear that your daughter is experiencing recurrent infections. I can confirm that yes, you can use Ethical Nutrients Urinary Tract Support to assist in the relief of her symptoms acutely and prevent re-infections, longer term. Acutely we would recommend that she take 3 tablets twice a day, with food. The tablets are small, however, if she cannot swallow them you can crush them up and add them to a small amount of honey and she can take the mixture off the spoon. Alternatively you can add to some juice [the herbs will suspend not dissolve]. To help prevent further infections, we would recommend the ongoing dose of 1 to 1 and a half tablets per day – taken as above. In addition, to support the preventative effects of Urinary Tract Support I would also highly recommend the use of Inner Health Candex SD. This is a specific probiotic formulation to prevent the adherence of bad bacteria and help her immune system. Supporting long term prevention and urinary tract health. If you have any questions regarding this product please feel free to contact our technical support team on 1800 777 648.Great thank you so much for that, very helpful!

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