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Eukanuba Puppy Formula

Eukanuba Puppy Formula

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Great food, my Wolfie loves it

My wolfie pup is a hungry growing girl and once we switched to eukanunba puppy she is eating less and growing at a great rate. She loves the taste.

The non sealable bag is a big turn off

I have only just started my 7 month red heeler on this product so will review in a couple of months. My main gripe is the non sealable bag of the dry food...why would you not have that customer focused aspect? Perhaps the manufacturers can explain their rationale?

The newest Chihuahua adition loves these

My 10 week old puppy has eaten these for the past week and seems to enjoy the taste (does not leave any), her stools are firm and she is full of energy. I feel the food is quality and not over priced. The biscuits are perfect size for her breed.

Eukanuba is not bad, but I still prefer other better options

I have two pups in family, and both of them came from pet store fed by Eukanuba. Both of them struggle through days of diarrhea at the very beginning and now they are happy and healthy, which could partially prove that Eukanuba works to some extent.

However, for my point of view, the disadvantages of this brand could overweight its benefits. Firstly and most importantly, it is expensive, and a bag of 15kg could easily go above $120. Secondly, this brand was introduced by the pet store and vets, which I reckon most of its price is for marketing cost.

To sum up, though Eukanuba is not bad, I would still change to other product.

Would not recommend. Made my pup very ill.

We entrusted the advice of the shelter we purchased our pup from on what to feed our newest addition. Eukanuba puppy dry mix was the recommendation. After two night our pup started vomiting and became lethargic. We got him to vets thinking the worst. He checked him out and asked what we were feeding him. He told us to stop immediately and change to steamed chicken and sweet potato, vegetables, etc. 24 hours later we had our energetic pup back again. 4 days has now passed and we decided to use up the dry mix for our 9 year old kelpie and added it to her food. She can eat anything and is the easiest dog to feed. Within 24 hours she suddenly became ill with same symptoms and if we touched her tummy she would cry. We went back to the pet supply store today to look at other options like Barf burgers, etc. and were telling them about what happened and they advised that this is the second case now within a week they have heard of and most likely the amount of wheat they add in their products and advised it was not what it used to be. I wondered why when we bought it, that it was not really advertised there and they kept it out the back. Do your homework, speak to your vet and get advice about what to feed your pup.


Great product, my puppy loves the food, however I don't. I think the bags should be resealable as I like to buy the bigger bag to save money but the food goes off before my puppy can finish it.

My Choice

My chows are on a Go Natural diet for quite some time now but havent been finishing their meals lately.I remembered starting on a Eukanuba diet many years ago but shifted to try other dog foods that claim they are better and or the best.Lesson learned:Stick to what you see your dogs love eating regardless of what others say is the best for them.You know your dog more and what works for them probably may not for you.Im so back Eukanuba!

Perfect Product.

Our dog loves this food. I'm so happy. He always eats his food, although could do with some variety. Sonic's coat is always shiny and glossy, he has minimal wastage (so good absorption), he drinks lots of water too (previously we've had dogs that don't drink that much water depending on their food), and no bad doggy smell (that some foods can cause). Sonic was getting the medium puppy bread, until about 11 months and then he broke his leg. We had to stay on puppy food to increase his calcium intake to help the healing process so changed over to Puppy Large(up to 24 months) and will stay on this for a while. His leg healed very quickly, and it must be because of the high calcium and protein content. Price wise, since they get fed less food and have more of the good stuff and less of the 'fillers' it is actually quite cost effective. For a cheaper brand big bag, we would go through it twice as quickly. So very happy.

Excellent pet food

It gives a very good and shiny coat. Good growth. Less poo from our dog which shows that there's good absorption and minimal wastage. Worth the money. Our dog seems to enjoy the food. Good investment and long term savings on vet bills. Would definitely recommend this to our friends.


Good choice, but need variety

We bought this dog food for our dog and found that he loved it. It was the one the vet recommended and the pet store as it has all the "good stuff" a growing dog needs. Only problem was that after a while, our dog got sick of it and just chose not to eat. So I recommend mixing it up a bit to ensure your dog gets a balanced diet and doesn't get sick of it.
Nutritious, Healthy, Small chunks
A bit pricey, Not much flavor for the dog

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I really don't get why vets recommend this food. It's mostly brewers rice (cheap by-product of beer brewing), corn (no nutritional value to dogs), and sorghum which is starchy. You may see a meat ingredient at the top of the list, but that becomes fairly insignificant after cooking when it loses most of it's weight. It's mainly cheap filler for a high price, so all I can assume is vets make a decent markup on it.

Wouldn't choose anything eles !

I have a 3 month old english mastiff and I have found that eukanuba puppy formula for large breed works great . He loves the taste and never leaves any behind. No other brand will come close to eukanuba in my opinion, no calcium powder or other meat required, all the puppy needs are in the kibble.
Reliable, puppy loves the taste and will never leave any behind
Expensive, but well worth the cost, will save u alot of money in the long run with no vet bills.

You lucky people. My 7 month old Cavoodel puppy has gone off Eukanuba since 2 months ago and I need to mix in Royal Canin and puppy sausage, mince, chicken, egg etc. before he will even take a bite.Your puppy needs waste product from the brewing industry and cheap corn?


You can really tell the difference between a puppy thats eating good or bad food. This puppy formula is brilliant, it helps them maintain a healthy weight throughout their rapid growth stages. They love the taste, and it is easy for their small puppy teeth. Only con is it is more expensive then the store brought brands.
Really high quality puppy formula.


Well worth the expensive, and overall a lot cheaper than steroids, antibiotics and vet bills!!! My big dog is now so much healthier!
I have a 4 yr old german shephard who had this formula as a pup after trying many others, he was very fussy- jack loved it! jack was diagnosed with iritable bowel and after several visits to vet at 3.5 years of age and underweight, on steroids nothing working, the vet said give the puppy food again, I tried it and now he is a healthy weight. I now give it to my 9 week old german shephard and he loves it too!
Expensive, especially for two dogs, and one an adult!


I used this for my other dog, and started my new puppy on this. The food he was being feed gave him very runny stools, and this didn´t stop after a week. The transition to Eukanuba brought with it much firmer stools and a much shinier coat than before. The amount required to feed him almost halved by changing brands.
Provides a solid start for a growing puppy, less kibble is required than a cheaper brand which gives more servings per bag than a comparable cheaper brand
Pricier than other brands from the supermarket, but could be outweighed by pro of less needed per feed


I recently bought the Eukanuba Large Breed puppy formula for my 10 month old pointer as it was on special. Before that, I had been buying Hills Science Diet as recommended by our vet. I find it to be a great quality food, and it seems my puppy prefers it to the Science Diet, as he hasn't left any food remaining in his bowl like he used to. The only issue is the cost, but for a premium quality food while my puppy is developing, it's well worth it. I will certainly buy it again, as it's great to see my puppy enjoying dry food and learning and growing so well.
Excellent quality food.

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