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4Legs Natural Dog Food
Latest review: Shelby is our beautiful 16 year old beagle. She is literally on her last four legs, excuse the pun. She used to wolf down anything and always wanted more. Now, literally, the only thing she will eat

Australian Dog Food The Original
Latest review: My two, 12 year old dogs, a labrador and a kelpie, have been on the product for two years. They could not be happier or healthier. At their last 2 annual check-ups, the vet said they could not be in

V.I.P. Petfoods Natures Goodness Grainfree Dry
Latest review: Have a ne w Cavalier and in it i ally had him Greenies Dental Treats mini. Wanted to give a treat thru the day and decided to try VIP as on a good special. After my dog taking a treat off me,

Latest review: I previously left a review saying how my dogs adore this food. They still do, however since then I have been dogged with deliveries sent to the wrong address, no deliveries and part order deliveries.

4CYTE Canine
Latest review: Amazing product I used on my 7 yr old border collie who has arthritis and has been on medication daily and injections monthly . He now only has the injections in winter and has this every day Natural

Ivory Coat
Latest review: My Dog once loved this food and it helped with her allergies and sensitivities. She has been on it for over a year but in the last couple of months she has had diarrhoea and an upset stomach and

Black Hawk Original Range
Latest review: My 8yr old Archie loves Blackhawk fish & potato. My vet said he’s in excellent health, spent $1000 on ear infections until I took him off all meat products, now just dry kibble, veggies, fruit, t

Meals For Mutts
Latest review: First night of giving it to our golden retrievers we woke up to find diarrhoea everywhere, we weren’t sure what caused it so continued giving them mfm only to realise every time they ate it they w

Eukanuba Puppy Formula
Latest review: My wolfie pup is a hungry growing girl and once we switched to eukanunba puppy she is eating less and growing at a great rate. She loves the

Royal Canin Mini Junior
Latest review: My little daughter has been having this for about 3 months or so and she loves it and now she has been gaining weight quite significantly which I need to start control her a bit together with her

Optimum Puppy
Latest review: My 6 month golden retriever puppy loves these bikkies. We used to buy her the Black Hawk puppy bikkies which she ate but she would never eat them as soon as I put her food out. She would leave it

Supercoat Sensitive
Latest review: I have been feeding my Shepherd for over 3 years with supercoat haven’t found a problem with it she is active and is gaining weight. We also have a 10 mth old kelpie who has been brought up on it as w

Optimum Adult Small-Breeds
Latest review: My Maltese has been having this brand for 2 years without problems. Though it’s not the most appetising food to it at a

Purina Dental Care Fresh Breath Chews
Latest review: I saw an advertisement on television for the new Purina Dentalife sticks for dogs and thought they must be of better quality than the Pedigree ones which make my dog vomit. Unfortunately not. Within

Prime SK-D200 Kangaroo and Potato
Latest review: I've posted a previous review about Prime100, had my Jackie on it for 6yrs,she suffers colitis and skin issues. She's been healthy and happy. on the Kangaroo and Pumpkin, but now I'm unable to get

Advance Premium Dry Dog Food
Latest review: A couple of years ago i bought Advance puppy biscuits for my border collie pup. She ended up with severe diarrhoea and vomitting and was on two lots of antibiotics. I then took my 4 dogs off dry dog

Supercoat Adult Dog Food
Latest review: So toxic is this dry dog food my great Dane was immediately covered in an allergy. The pain of an allergic reaction is terrible to watch. On closer inspection the ants would crawl all over the VIP

Big Dog Raw Food
Latest review: The absolute best raw food meals for dogs. Human grade ingredients, no preservatives or additives, nothing cooked, not preserved, no fillers, no wheat, no grain, no rice, no pasta, just wholesome

V.I.P. Petfoods Dog Rolls
Latest review: I have fed my dog's VIP gourmet premium chicken for yrs and now it is absolute crap!! I will never buy any of VIP's products again ! It is nothing but slime wrapped in plastic and it smells

Lucky Dog Bones
Latest review: One of my boys won't touch them the other two will I had hoped they would all like them. Not sure if I would buy

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