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EvaKool FridgeMate

EvaKool FridgeMate

FM055, FM070, FM095 and FM060-FF
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Been in for warranty repair longer than I have used it and doesn't work that we'll.

Purchased 1 years ago. Used it for 1 5 day camping trip. The internal divider in the fridge forces the side walls to have some pressure and it warped so the baskets fall in and are unsupported. They replaced the fridge body under warranty. However, 2 short camp trips later, it has warped again. So put blocks of rubber under the baskets to get around what is obviously a design fault.

Took it camping on a 2 week trip this Christmas. 2 days in and 1000 k from home, warning lights started flashing and whole fridge died. Returned it under warranty 07.01.19. Got a call 3 weeks later to say right to pick up. After an hours drive to pick up told sorry, it's still in parts. It's now the 23rd of February and only now is it right to pick up.

Found out when on hollidays when forced to use ice it does not even keep as cool as my Bunnings esky. 3 bags of ice lucky to last 1.5 days.

It has never been silent like advertised. It's quite noisy. Way above mates other brands even cheaper ones.

It is not energy efficient draining a 110 Ah battery in 2-3 days.

It does not cool well. To cool a carton of beer to 3 degrees takes over a day running on maximum. You need to run it on high even if you pack it with pre-cooled food and a few frozen bottles of water. Hence the poor energy efficiency.

The lid hinges see the lid pop off if your not careful.

Really can't say at all happy with the warranty service (closed all of the holliday period when I needed it most), nor the performance and design. It does not do what they say anywhere near as well as stated.

I am worried now that since the warranty is has been chewy up that the poor history will continue and will end up with a box that doesn't even hold ice that well.

Really really disappointed.

Purchased in October 2017 for $1,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Great Fridge

Had a manual control yellow monster for over 3 years. Worked a treat even in really hot weather Last year it failed and was repaired by the local techy.
This year it failed again and the interior was starting to delaminate, took it back to the local bloke again.
The following week he called me and said he had sent it to evekool. Last week, I got a call from him. Your fridge is ready to pick up.
What a surprise, a brand new in the box digital 3 speed.
So from time to time things fail. But what a service backup.
In short, Great fridge and Great backup from the company

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Quiet, efficient & robust

8 years old, seen plenty of beach camping. One lap of Australia and performed faultlessly. Ran two 160 ah deep cycle batteries with 160w solar panels. Rarely needed to run generator even during overcast weather. Charged one battery whilst running fridge and LED lighting off the other battery. Swapped battery over each afternoon, quite unnecessary and seemed capable of running at least 3 plus days on one battery.
Favourite part of ownership was the quietness, after some very noisy Engel fridges this one is a dream!

Date PurchasedDec 2010

Best camp fridge I've ever owned

I purchased a yellow manual control 70l fridgemste from a caravan and camping show.At first I didn't like it, I was brain washed by my oldman That Engel fridges were the only 12vfridge to own, but I couldn't afford one. Show special$700.00 and5yrs warranty no questions asked. So I lay down my money and purchase one and take it home ready to use it next weekend on a camping trip.
Fridge worked fine but I went through 3 in the space of 6months as the cases kept warping and the floor of the fridge buckled and deformed so badly the baskets wouldn't let the lid close properly. But true to their word they gave me a new one each time no questions asked.
I've had the yellow one now for more than 9 years since those dramas and have loved every moment of use if it. Fridge,freezer,rain,hail or shine, back of ute abuse for 9+ years and it's still going like the day I bought it. It gets an annual service to clean the dirt build up out of the fan and evaporator and hosed out through the super huge boat drain bung in its base when blood from meat or the occasional beer gets frozen and bursts. If and when this unit fails I'll definitely be buying the same again. You just can't kill them. They're rust proof, dent proof, scratchproof, back of ute proof, heavy rain proof, kid proof, boat proof. As I said virtually indestructible, don't waste your money on anything else. Buy one of these units and be happy for the rest of your life

Date PurchasedMay 2009
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As an add on for my review I was looking for another fridge for extra storage space, wife was sick of the bait smell on her food when cooked:-). Got her the new fridgemste70L grey model with digital touch controls. She loved it. Wife lent it to our then 17 yr old son who rolled his car whilst travelling with fridge in rear. Car was a write off, recovered fridge from vehicle, it had done several laps around the inside of the vehicle, took it home and plugged it in and away it went no problems. No dents no distortion no strange noises, just good old Evakool reliability. This is the first, last and only fridge you'll Eva buy, they're just indestructible.

The yellow monster, reliable & durable

We purchased our fridge/freezer as floor stock at the factory shop about 5years ago. Fits into a slider in the back of our Discovery & has been used off road in some very dusty conditions out West. Had the flashing light after about 3 years, phoned up the factory & was told to check our second battery, it was dud. Nothing fancy to go wrong & the two inner baskets make it easy to add/remove contents. Great as a back up for power cuts/Christmas overload as also works off the mains, which means you can chill down overnight before putting in the vehicle, minimises draw on the battery.

Date PurchasedMar 2012

Good strong fridge

I have 3 evakools 2x70 &1x95 for about 7 years and there still going strong. The biggest advantage is their simplicity no fancy electronics just std danfoss with manual thermostat . Like all fridges it's critical to limit voltage drop so the bigger the feed cables the better and try and direct connect to the battery I changed the plug in lead to a hard wired 4mm cable with a 50a Anderson the vehicle wiring is 6mm the cig lighter plug in most vechiles is not capable of delivering stable power and consequently you often get the fault lights coming up on under voltage especially when the battery starts to drain so big cables & Anderson plugs and most problems are solved

Date PurchasedJun 2009

Just Brilliant

Like several others here I have had my EvaKool for years. It has been fantastic. The only warning I have is similar to one of the other guys, make sure your battery is kept in good nik or you get the dreaded flashing warning. The insulation is great and draw rate also great, just a little sensitive. Its been all over Aust and lives in Townsville so handles the heat well.

Date PurchasedApr 2007

Check your battery rating.

I bought the 70 litre yellow blown Moulded fm95 twin basket some 7.6 years ago and have had an ongoing problem till now in that on sunset each day when the fridge was in use, the fault led would flicker indicating shortage of power. Since the purchase I have ran twin 90 amp batteries and solar assisted by day.
At sundown every day in the bush the fridge would continually cycle with the led flickering which indicated power shortage. I could not overcome this problem. Even contacted Evakool numerous times and was referred to their repair firms who could not fault the fridge.
It was only the fact that last week I read with interest that another person was having the same problem and found the fridge would not run with a battery under 90 amps. He solved the problem by a heavier amp battery.
Because I run twin batteries and the space for each would not take a battery larger than 300 mm long I put a 90 amp deep cycle in 3 days ago and guess what. The fridge after all these yrs now runs 24 hrs a day for the past 3 days without a hick up.
I have a digital LED voltage indicator under the bonnet which has not gone lower than 12.4 volts.
I just can't believe that even with the two normal batteries the fridge would not run the fridge after sunset.
I conclude by saying that whilst travelling, or solar assisted during the day as mentioned I had no trouble with the fridge. If I stopped on the side of the road etc for half hr with the motor off, the LED would flicker indicting the problem.
I would like to put a couple of 150 amp deep cycles in but as mentioned the battery bays will not allow it.
Hope this speel will also benefit others as I help solve the problem for me
Regards Bob Belmont W.A.

Excellent value very tough

We purchased the new style FM95 gray model with digital controls. It's the best fridge freezer I have ever owned.
Being poly is wont dent crack or rust
It has some great features, it can be half fridge half freezer all fridge or all freezer. It's very quite and super efficient running on normal car battery for 2.5day without being charged running as a freezer.
We have used it 2 weeks straight out bush running half fridge half freezer and was fantastic.
I like the fact it has a bung so I can wash it out at the end of the trip.
Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a 12v fridge. And it's Australian made

Good Fridge, BUT

We bought our FM055 EvaKool fridge last October and are very pleased with it. We had it running on our back verandah for around 6 months and once we found the correct temperature, by using the supplied thermometer for food/ drinks,it worked very well.
With that in mind we set off for a trip north. All went well until I found one of the stubbies of beer had rolled over and went through the basket and damaged the "cooling pipes".
In my opinion the problem is a design fault. The basket wire is not fine enough to stop bottles slipping through the gaps.
Hopefully EvaKool and take this problem and fix it.
Cheers and happy travelling............Bruce

Working wonderfuly so far

Everything went well except the delivery took a little longer than expected and it appears to have dented our beautiful new fridge a little disappointing.

Can't find a fault

I've had this fridge for 8 years now without any failure! 6 months of every year over the last 6 years I have used it as a freezer running 24/7 and only ever had to replace 1 fuse (easily done). I'm not sure about these days, but when i bought the fridge it used less current than the big players. I can't recommend this fridge enough, It is a steal at the price and outlasts the competitors plus it Aussie made. I realy love the simple but strong engineering, I'll buy this fridge again if it ever breaks down.

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3 years later and it's still cranking away!

Fridge or Freezer or both - it just works

Bought the FridgeMate at the Rosehill Caravan and Camping Show in 2013. Unit has been on every caravan trip since. The unit can be run off mains (240 volt) or 12 volt (cigarette plug). We run the unit in the SUV off the dual battery system. For long trips we run it has a fridge freezer and for shorter trips just as a fridge. The unit is quiet and has been very reliable. Power consumption in fridge mode is quite low - in freezer mode the power consumption increases but it is not unmanageable. The unit has an economy mode switch and we turn that on whenever it is not running on mains. The case is rugged and takes knocking around. The latches and hinges are sturdy. The baskets are easy to get in and out and the moving partition is easy to use when changing from fridge to fridge/freezer mode. Have used the unit in cold climates areas and in hot areas (Menindee etc) without a problem. It is important to size secondary batteries and solar cells correctly to ensure that there is sufficient power to keep the unit running when the vehicle is not moving. This is more important when the unit is being used in fridge/freezer mode. The wireless temperature gauge that came with the unit has worked well with the fridge being in the car and the gauge being in the caravan. Happy with the unit.

Great fridge but not perfect - still best on market for size

- solid - can slide around and stand on etc as it is like an esky.
- lid warps when hot and bows in the middle when outside is hot and inside is cold. lets small amount of air out.
- bought through australian direct and got the programmable thermostat which works well.
- have broken both clips off it by sliding it in car with them up once but called evakool and they sent me new ones for free. they sent me thicker foam for around top to fix gap too.
- access is awesome as it is not deep like engel and no bag to fuss with.
- customer service is awesome
- overall i love it

Quality Australian Built Portable Fridge

I had been looking around for a second fridge to complement my Engel. I have found the engel to be very good as it has never broken down in the 12 years i have had it. The problem was having a bigger family with kids now and the Engel was not big enough and didnt do the job. I came to the conclusion that i would need a second fridge to go camping. I need a fridge and a freezer with a combo fridge for short trips and 2 fridges when i went camping on longer trips. I was keen on the Evacool design as it is a ice box with good insulation and German Danfoss fridge motor, and that makes sense. I settled on the Fm70ff and have found it to be a quality product and a low amp draw off the battery around 2.5 amp on economy. The fridge has a divider in it that can be taken out so you can have 50/50 fridge/ freezer or all fridge or all freezer. We use the fridge every week to cart our cold food back from the shops on a bumpy dirt road and that can take 1 hour. I would recommend this fridge for a family or anyone needing to cart a lot of cold things around. Having a Danfoss compressor is good knowing German quality should last the distance and they can be repaired by any fridge technician.
Low Energy Consumption, Good insulation for aussie summer heat.
the wireless temp guage has stopped working 3 months after purchase

Absolutely brilliant fridge!! Cant live without it! So good

So this fridge replace my 3 way camping fridge which drove me nuts, it had to be dead level, gassed us to death and was just a constant pain. The evakool FM060-FF after alot of reading and asking around and checking power consumption tests in magazine was the winner. It uses so little power due to its extremely insulated casing, none of this "comes with free cover" cause we were to lazy to insulate it properly, they did it right the first time. It has a "danfoss" compressor which is meant to be the greatest of all time. Simple controls that you cant possibly get wrong.

The other fantastic thing about this fridge is that because it is so well insulated it means you can run it all day long and turn it off at night if you want and the food is still freezing cold in the morning (if we sleep in the back). The insulation is really good on it.

The overall build quality is excellent and you can get them repaired all over the country. The tie down handles are very well attached and we rachet strap it down to them.

The elastic latches are great because they seem to be quite hard to break as they allow for alot of give before snapping off unlike some brands handles.

The drain bung is very solid and substantial and has a threaded fitting so you can attach a hose before hosing it out if it lives in the car and you wanted to drain it to somewhere other than your boot.

The little storage box above compressor is fantastic for storing things such as temperature sensors, power adapters, etc.

All in all i absolutely love this fridge, its been on many trips already all around Australia and is yet to let me down. I would highly recommend this fridge to anyone in the market.
Build quality, compressor, insulation, colour
It is giagantic but thats due to its excellent insulation

You work for everkool?? I find my 60l uses way more power than the magazine test results, the latches break easily and they warp in the sun. Your mileage may vary! Have an evakool 70 litre fridge/freezer, has been working 24/7 for over 3 years on our bush block, never broken a latch, never been in the sun so can't comment on that, not as good as an engel if you want to use as a freezer and apart from having to clean the compressor intake vents occasionally, has been a fantastic fridge, would happily buy the same again...

Questions & Answers

We were on holidays recently and needed to lower the temperature of out Travelmate tmx55 to try to keep meat fresh. The problem was no matter what temperature we lowered it to the fridge would return to 6 or 7 degrees before cooling down again. Noting the temperature of the day averaged mid 20s with one day of 30 and we're were in a campervan. Is there a way of resetting the upper range of the TMX 55?
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Can I power my 55ltr Evakool of a cheap 850w 2stroke generator? It’s not an inverted generator
3 answers
I would think so, mine runs off a 12v car battery or 240v mains with a power adaptor. Good to chill it right down off the mains before you leave on a tripYes obviously the better quaility inverter generators are the best option but in your case just plug your fridge power supply in and turn her onI would not power any fridge or delicate electronic item of a non-inverter generator. I killed a perfectly good fridge once doing this - don't risk it.

What temperature would you suggest to run fridgemate 070 as a fridge freezer and just as a fridge? Thanks!
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We run the fridge on 3 and when we run a fridge and freezer with the divider in -19Normally we don't run the fridge/freezer as a freezer. We have a freezer in our caravan.We usually run the fridge around 3 deg.This seems to be the opium temperature for keeping the contents cold enough eg, milk etc and running down the auxiliary battery in the car. For us the biggest issue is the cooling fins inside the fridge. The basket's main roll seems to be holding contents but it offers no protection for the inside of the fridge from sharp bottle tops. We have "sort of" elevated this issue by zip tying gutter guard to the inside of the basket, not pretty but it should save a costly repair bill. Hope this helps Cheers BruceI just extended my power cord by cutting it off 300m back from the plug. Then soldered 8 guage 6 meter tinned wire to go strait to the battery bank on my yacht thru a 20 amp fuse holder. There is 12.8 tested at the origional plug but the fridge freezer wont power up. The fridge freezer has up to now been running fine on a 250 volt inverter. Can’t figure it.....


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