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Bushman Original SC35-52

Latest review: Good design, rugged and performs well, use it in a saltwater environment so we will see how that goes. Power consumption seems to be very frugal. Multilevel cold zones is

Dometic Waeco CFX Series

Latest review: I’ve mounted mine on a custom built slide in the back of my Amarok. No dual batteries and just have it powered off the crank battery with the highest level of battery protection on. When I get home o

Chescold RC1180

Latest review: We have had one and it works perfectly on 240v and gas, less so on 12v. Very frugal on gas - I’ve heard tell of a month on a 9kg bottle! Silent and easy to light and set up. Had to buy an aaptor s

EvaKool FridgeMate

Latest review: Purchased 1 years ago. Used it for 1 5 day camping trip. The internal divider in the fridge forces the side walls to have some pressure and it warped so the baskets fall in and are unsupported. They

Dometic Waeco CF Series

Latest review: Bought a Waeco CF-35 secondhand 11 years ago, the previous owner had it for 10years before me. The unit has operated as expected every time Have never had a fault with it, even when i did flood it

Engel MT45

Latest review: Purchased new Engel , cooling unit failed 12 months after warranty expired, was quoted $690 to repair by agent. Engel won’t respond. Not the reliable fridge they were in the p

EvaKool RF Fibreglass

Latest review: Has run nonstop for approx 12 years. Only minor issue 12years later was having to replace latches. Eva Kool shipped replacement same day. Unit lives in the back of a 4x4 in the north of South

Dometic Waeco CoolPro

Latest review: Good value, I've been using non stop for 2 months now and works well. Doesn't cool as good as a fridge but you get what you pay for. Recommended

Engel MR40F

Latest review: This is our 2nd Engel. Our first one has a steel casing and is 25 years old, and still going strong. We purchased our 2nd Engel, Eclipse with the plastic casing, 5 years ago. It doesn't get alot of

Stirling (Aldi) Portable Fridge/Freezer 40 Litre

Latest review: I purchased the 40L fridge in September of 2016 pre-Fraser island trip. It was great for the 5 days on Fraser and many camping trips after as well. It lives in the 4WD most of the time (but not

Ironman 4x4 Fridge

Latest review: Purchased 3-4 years ago, had to have the original sent away within 12 months because it would not work on 240v power. The replacement unit has failed (error E1) on every single trip since we got it.

Dometic Waeco CF-50AC

Latest review: I have had the CF50 for approx 12 years. It has run off a second battery in my ute or as a second fridge at home. Basically very reliable but had to overcome 2 issues. I now have the fridge wired

Primus Mammoth DualZone

Latest review: Paid around $1000 and The idea is perfect - a fridge compartment for the drinks and a freezer compartment for the meat. Unfortunately the Dual Zone 72ltr did not actually work on it's maiden voyage

Dometic Waeco CA-35

Latest review: I hate to admit it but this was a terrible purchase. The safety cut out thermostat failed the first time out. It then has had every other failing mentioned by everyone here and now it's packed up

EvaKool Glacier Fridge/Freezer

Latest review: I use this fridge daily, it sits next to me at home. If I have to travel then it goes in the back of the wagon. I have found it reliable even in hot situations in the back of the wagon. I use a BT

Adventure Kings 65L Dual-Zone Fridge/Freezer

Latest review: just completed a 4000km trip and the fridge never missed a beat. having the flexibility to operate as both fridges, both freezers or one of each is fantastic. traveled in areas of +40degC temp and

EvaKool Supa Kool SK55

Latest review: Purchased online with a bonus bag and free delivery. Have used this for over 12 months now and Very Happy! More efficient than the 50ltr Waeco in our camper! Can operate in the ute or camper on 12V

Giant Power 73L

Latest review: I bought and installed the Giant 73L fridge with separate freezer into my van conversion. It is only sitting on the floor unsecured as I bounce along dirt roads in National parks. I’ve had it 1 year t

EvaKool ED Fibreglass

Latest review: I had an EvaKool 74L for more years than I can remember, I'd had very little problem with it; replaced the hinges and one of the catches and had to re-solder the power connections after a long trip

Adventuridge (Aldi) Portable Fridge Freezer 65L

Latest review: Bought this unit from Aldi and ran it as a freezer inside my camper trailer for 2 weeks nonstop . Maintained -18 to -15 even during mid 30 degree daytime temperatures. Unit operated on batteries and

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