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Bushman Original SC35-52

Latest review: The guys from Bushmans have clearly thought this product through because it offers features that simply make sense for people that use a fridge in the back of a ute all of the

Dometic Waeco CFX Series

Latest review: Bought this fridge for my regular road trips with mates, it was a little bigger than I wanted but it's so good at keeping things cool and it's super quiet. Love the compartments and the fact that it

Chescold RC1180

Latest review: I am now on my third fridge and have never had any issues. Definitely agree they are not a touring fridge but great when you set up camp for several days. I will have cold on 240v before the trip

EvaKool FridgeMate

Latest review: We’ve now had our Evakool portable fridge freezer for several years, using it when we go camping. We’ve had it jam packed with food and drink and it hasn’t let us down. It’s lived on the back of vario

Bushman DC-X Series

Latest review: Great, compact and efficient design. Freezer adequate size considering the overall size. Low energy draw, but cools very quickly. Super happy with this product. When we realised, a month after

Engel MT45

Latest review: I have run 3 way (gas) fridge freezers (Chescold) & the Engel MT 45FCP Combi 40 litre 2 way. There are pros & cons with both, but as for the Engel its a very impressive set up. Pro's: Very well

Dometic Waeco CF Series

Latest review: Bought a Waeco CF-35 secondhand 11 years ago, the previous owner had it for 10years before me. The unit has operated as expected every time Have never had a fault with it, even when i did flood it

EvaKool RF Fibreglass

Latest review: inside is all square there is no space taken up by compressor. Simple to convert to all freezer or all fridge. Is easy to clean, when I've finished using it I open the bung hole and hose it out,

Engel MR40F

Latest review: Ours is 4 years old now and has done us proud so far nothing bad to report except a bit of paint coming off the metal inside the fridge. We've used it a fair bit and it works very well. If I have a

Dometic Waeco CoolPro

Latest review: Power usage is fair gets cold works well I would suggest that if you have one and its not working properly that you may have an issue with your plug - I changed mine for some thing more heavy

Ironman 4x4 Fridge

Latest review: Purchased 3-4 years ago, had to have the original sent away within 12 months because it would not work on 240v power. The replacement unit has failed (error E1) on every single trip since we got it.

Dometic Waeco CF-50AC

Latest review: I have had the CF50 for approx 12 years. It has run off a second battery in my ute or as a second fridge at home. Basically very reliable but had to overcome 2 issues. I now have the fridge wired

Primus Mammoth DualZone

Latest review: My dual zone worked well for 2.5 years No use for 3 months. All packed ready to go away for 3 months. Fridge won,t freeze so had to rush down and buy another (different brand) Away for 4 months .

Dometic Waeco CA-35

Latest review: I hate to admit it but this was a terrible purchase. The safety cut out thermostat failed the first time out. It then has had every other failing mentioned by everyone here and now it's packed up

EvaKool Glacier Fridge/Freezer

Latest review: I use this fridge daily, it sits next to me at home. If I have to travel then it goes in the back of the wagon. I have found it reliable even in hot situations in the back of the wagon. I use a BT

Evakool TMDZ-60

Latest review: 50ltr dual compartment fridge/freezer. I've been for a few short 3-4 day trips and a 2 week trip using the fridge from the back of my ute and setting it up beside my camper van. Has worked perfectly.

EvaKool ED Fibreglass

Latest review: I had an EvaKool 74L for more years than I can remember, I'd had very little problem with it; replaced the hinges and one of the catches and had to re-solder the power connections after a long trip

EvaKool Supa Kool SK55

Latest review: Purchased online with a bonus bag and free delivery. Have used this for over 12 months now and Very Happy! More efficient than the 50ltr Waeco in our camper! Can operate in the ute or camper on 12V

Adventure Kings 45L Camping Fridge

Latest review: Bought this on-line recently and I was a bit worried about the quality of the unit due to it's great price. I needn't have worried as it is made to a quite high quality. I needed to put the carry

Bushman Roadie 15L

Latest review: I have a Bushman SC35 which has stood the test of time (more than 20 years), so when I saw that the team at Bushman had released a new car fridge, I knew that it would be a quality product. The

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