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Engel MT45

Engel MT45

MT45F-S, MT45FCP, MT45FP and MT45FL
3.9 from 25 reviews

Superb Fridge

I’ve have had my Engel close on 19 years now and it’s really been the best investment I have made for camping. It has never failed me except for a trip to Cape York which was a fuse failure after a dunking in one of the rivers. New fuse and a dry out and away it went. This fridge has has survived some of the worst roads in Australia. Many times I have seen other popular brands fail on corrugations but this thing just powers through. If I had one gripe with this fridge, it would be that the handles are a little weak for tying down.
Worlds best camping fridge without doubt.

Purchased in March 2001 for $1,199.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

A disappointing waste of money

Purchased new Engel , cooling unit failed 12 months after warranty expired, was quoted $690 to repair by agent. Engel won’t respond. Not the reliable fridge they were in the past!

Purchased in July 2015 at Kangaroo Tent City & BBQ's for $1,300.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

disappointed about ruggedness and reliability

Gold edition 45l only gets moved for occasional defrost/clean.
Stopped getting cold, compressor still works.Told by service agent to replace cooling unit at half the cost of a new fridge.
Contacted Engel Australia,they wrote back and said how disappointing it must be for me.
Placed fridge on ground , inverted with compressor end upwards and left for a day in that position.
Fridge now working again, (thanks not, service guy and Engel Australia)

Purchased in January 2015 for $1,400.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance


Engel fridges since made in Thailand are half the fridge they used to be much better value elsewhere
Limited repair options at great expense
Had a few but most recent Engel died whilst 30yo version still going

Purchased in December 2009.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Love my Engel fridge

My Engel fridge never gets turned off. I use it in the house as a spare fridge, plus on fourwheel drive and camping trips. You can set the temperature and forget about it. It is convenient to put perishable items in it when shopping too. Never going back to an icebox again. The only small thing i don't like is that it is a little loud when the compressor cycles on when sleeping nearby.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

still works like new

in my 4wd 83 Nissan patrol for 9 years on dirt roads not tied down, in qld,had fire wood on top of it in dust, and in floods & exposed to salt water close to the ocean every day, the 4wd rusted out but the fridge is a bit dinted and damaged bit of surface rust around the lid where the paint chipped off but still snap freezes and cold as new! just the battery went flat for the temp gauge after a year other wise it works really well draws 2.5 amps on max turbo freeze and idles about .03 of a amp after every things cold depending on how many times you open the lid

Date PurchasedJan 2008

Excellent Fridge, Well worth the money but shop around

I've not long purchased my third Engel and the latest model is a ripper. With it's inbuilt LED light, Digital Temperature display and inbuilt low voltage cutoff it represent great value in price and design. If I have one grip it is the quality of the outside cover. It is not made with heavy duty canvas as the older models used to be and I question its durability especially if left outside on the back of a ute in the sunshine. The big positive is it uses less power to achieve a better result, 2.5amps an hour on freeze. Still a good fridge with a large backup and worth buying!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

The best camping fridge

The best camping fridge on the market. Yes, it it expensive - but you pay for what you get. I have had my Engel for years now, and there has never been any problems of any kind. It is a solid as a brick. Freezes stuff even in sweltering heat. There is a reason they are so popular. I can carry my myself (to load into the trailer) when it is empty, but need a second person to help carry it when it is full of food/drinks. Easily accessible handles let you tie it down easily in your vehicle.

Date PurchasedMar 2013

Without a fault when you need it the most. Priceless

I have had my engel for 4 years it's been all over Australia in that time, into the dusty deserts of Western Australia mostly, and it has never skipped a beat, I even get to have ice cream in the middle of the desert, keeps drinks ice cold, meats stay perfectly cold, and milk and dairy has never gone bad. They have easy access and a light inside so you can see what your doing at night time. Thanks engel best fridges ever made.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

cant beat it

brought in 2004 been across the simpson flinders top end plus to many camping trips to name.
only advice is once its turned on for the first time don't turn it off except to move from the house to the car.
they dont like being used then turned off and put away till next time.

Date PurchasedJun 2004

New Compressor

My Engel worked well for about 4 years then suddenly stopped cooling.
Took it in to an authorised service centre and was told the "compressor wasn't working efficiently" and a replacement would cost over $600!
The fridge has only ever been used in my house, from the back of a normal passenger station wagon or carried inside accommodation during trips. It has never been mistreated, dropped or bashed.
Sure you see them in all types of condition on the back of utes etc but since asking around there are more compressor failures than I expected, especially considering Engel make a big deal of the reliability of their fridges.

Date PurchasedJan 2012
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Here's a follow up, took it to a recommended fridge mechanic who found just about every terminal and connection was loose. One had fallen off because of the weight of the loose cable. He re-did all the connections and "magic"! It wasnt the compressor. The fridge worked and hasn't missed a beat for 2 weeks. Total cost? About $80 including parts! Plus the original $66 I paid the first company just for them to look at it. I suggest getting a second opinion if your fridge stops and you are told the compressor needs replacing. Maybe they thought it was an easy way to get money off me because they already had the fridge.

Good unit ...hasnt missed a beat

Purchased in 2011 (to replace an earlier model that I fried the power board on with a quick charger and needed a quick replacement) The unit has run continuously in the back of the Cruiser ever since. These are great reliable units that are generally bullet proof and can take a few knocks . Temperature control is precise and the beer is always at the set temp of 0.3 C deg . By the way the original MT45F purchased in 2001 still works perfectly today after a $400 repair that was my fault anyway not the units. Thanks Engel

Date PurchasedDec 2011
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Just a follow up ...another 2.25 years on and its still going as good as the day I bought it, thanks engel !!!

Good thing

Brought the mt45 a year ago and it has been faultless so far have done numerous weekend hunting trips and day trips also a 5 week trip throughout the gulf and nt without missing a beat. Had a waeco cf50 which had an extremely hard life and died after 9 years my in laws got it fixed for $80 and are currently 6 months travelling oz without a fault!!! I have noticed the engel appears to use a lot less power than the waeco and cools quicker I also top the batteries with a solar panel and get many days out of the 100ah battery.Im hoping to get a long life out of this one fingers crossed as friends have had theirs for 20 odd years

Date PurchasedJan 2016

New cooling system!

The fridge worked well when it was working but after owning it for 4 years and only doing 3 trips away with it it stopped cooling and now I'm told it needs the cooling system replaced! The cooling system has a blockage and it can't be fixed. The fridge was always run on 240v when not in the car as per the manual. I contacted Engel but got no response.

Date PurchasedAug 2012

are these reviews genuine

Fridge just out of warranty had to be repaired. It required a whole new cooling system at a cost of half the original purchase price. Had it back for a month and now has to be repaired again. Am I unlucky or are there others out there. I would like to know?

Great when working

I've had my engel for 8 years and have bad to replace the cooling system twice at a cost of $625 each time due to a blockage in the cooling unit which they tell me is a sealed unit. Not happy i could have bought 2 fridges for what I've spent

Cooling Unit Failure at 7 years

I have used it off and on for seven years now with relatively little usage. In fact you could say it has had a very easy life. Turned it on the other day to stick some drinks in it only to discover that it doesn't cool. Authorised servicing agent has advised me that the cooling unit has failed due to a 'blockage' ~$625 AUD to repair and replace entire unit. So, not so bullet proof.

Best fridge/freezer around

Cant fault it, never misses a beat. Have used it from the Outback to the Snowies, would never leave home without it

Excellent but way too money

Three years ago I traveled to South Africa to buy a 4X4 and travel around southern Africa. I purchased a Engel MT45FP with digital readout and inerior light for $500 Au dollars from Makro. The fridge came with an Australian box, power plug and paper work. I see that today the same fridge is $700 in South Africa and $1400 in Australia. I had no problems with the fridge and love the power consumption but not the price of the Australian importer. looking at importing one from South Africa.
Low power usage

Wouldn't leave home without it

Had it for coming up on 6 years now without any drama's, Dad's is coming up on 25 years old with no drama's,
Been on plenty of trips with other people with Waeco's and similar and all have had faults at some point in time, sure they are extremely expensive for what they are but they should last a life time.
reliability, simplicity,

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What are the measurements of the unit
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I don’t know The review was to poo-poo Engel and their service agents Cheers

please explain the difference between the models ie MT 45S OR .fp and cp
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One has a light in it, when you open the door as far as I know,mine has no light and turbo freeze,temp gauge,basket

Whats the best site to buy spare parts need new thermostat?
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