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EvaKool RF Fibreglass

EvaKool RF Fibreglass

RF40, RF47, RF60, RF85 and RF110
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Love it

inside is all square there is no space taken up by compressor. Simple to convert to all freezer or all fridge. Is easy to clean, when I've finished using it I open the bung hole and hose it out, making sure I don't get water near compressor.
One of the Clips broke but they're easy to replace.
I have an older model with a dial to control, but evakool told me it should be fairly easy to convert to a digital panel.

Purchased in June 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Best product ever.

Has run nonstop for approx 12 years. Only minor issue 12years later was having to replace latches. Eva Kool shipped replacement same day.
Unit lives in the back of a 4x4 in the north of South Australia. Still holds -20°c without fail.
Australian made at its best.
If this fridge ever dies it will be replaced with another Everkool!

Date PurchasedApr 2006

3rd evakool.

I have had an original Supakool 60 which I replaced with an Evakool RF60 approx 12 years ago. It has never really been turned off. It still runs perfectly. I now also have the RF110 for the camper trailer as well. I also own a waeco and had an Engel combi 60. There is no comparison with the evakools. On a Simpson desert trip I had beers leak and a tin of jam leak. The mess was pretty bad. If it was any other brand it would have been a problem. I dragged the RF60 into a hot shower in motel and washed it down (keeping the motor dry). They are well engineered and do the important things well.

Date PurchasedMar 2007

lasted about 2 months.. zero customer service

the fridge lived in my camper van for about 2 months, it was never outside always had good ventilation, it just stopped working completely. firstly a fault light & then nothing. i checked all the leads and even tried running it off the 240v adapter, but still nothing.. evakool offered no solution. expensive garbage if you ask me.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Love it

Had my rf60 for four years now and dragged it half away around the country, hasn’t missed a beat and it’s energy useage is outstanding as it uses much less power then our other big named fridge we also have. Would definitely buy another evakool again and would recommend to others

Date PurchasedSep 2014

Absolutely faultless

I’ve had my RF60 for 18 years now. Been to WA, SA multiple times, extended trips Cape York twice, across the top and 5 months in Darwin. I teach canoe and kayaking and use the fridge every second weekend, all school Holliday’s and often during the week. Fridge has never been out of the car since I purchased it and has never failed.

Date PurchasedSep 1999

Great Fridge, shocking Customer Service!!!!

My wife and I went to Sydney camping show 2 years ago, and after myself doing months of research, decided on Evakool because of being Aussie and also supposedly great after sales service etc. We bought an RF60 in custom grey colour and end opening, and was delivered. Worked at home on mains for 3 months no issues. We then went to Fraser Island and had id tied down in back of 4wd, I even put foam mat underneath to protect from vibrations. Day 2 on Fraser (we only got off Ferry at Kingfisher and drove to campsite at Govi ) - suddenly fridge wouldn't cool, and showed temp of 5c, then wouldn't cool at all. No crazy driving, nothing. We had over $400 of cryovac meat etc in it - all ruined. I researched fault codes/troubleshooting etc but no joy. As I got mobile reception there, I emailed Evakool, and basically got no help whatsoever. Fridge was useless for 4 weeks. Got back to Sydney, and was told to take to "Evakool" service center - 180km round trip. Dropped off, and 2 weeks later told there was nothing wrong with it, and was tested OK. Also was asked to pay around $70 for "testing" fee. Took it back and still intermittently worked, but 90% didn't cool. Called Evakool, and was harrassed by warranties guy, and I said as it was brand new, I deserve either a replacement or refund - I wanted replacement. Finally after MUCH haggling, the aggressive and rude person that deals with warranties said " OK I will give you a new fridge"
- so I had to do a 3rd 180km round trip to get it. On arrival, they had sent the white model and side opening - not the grey and end opening with locking open lid. I said I was not coming back a 4th time, so took it. since then, it has worked fine, although the digital temp and me placing a mercury thermometer in the fridge show varying temps. Would I buy another one from Evakool???- probably not, because they showed extremely lousy customer service (I work in customer service for one of Australia's biggest outdoor companies, and would never treat a customer like I was treated). My next fridge, I will save up and buy either a National Luna or a Trailblazer.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Love them

I've had the RF47 for 7yrs one thermostat was replaced free of charge and just out of warantee too , 3ys ago I purchased an RF60 also for extended trips to Fraser Is. Both work very well keeps food and beer cold.I have a mate who takes a Waeco , the evakool's cycle on less often which I put down to being fiberglass rather than a poly/plastic case .

Date PurchasedJun 2000

This fridge is awesome

I have had this fridge for 13years and only had a couple of small issues with it replaced the thermostat once it. it never gets turned off and still goes strong 2 of my friends have engels and they both had flat batteries after 3 days free camping and the evakool still ok even keeps this cold at 40oC temps as its in our annex

Date PurchasedJul 2013

Dont bother if u live up nth

Our evacool came with the camper that we purchased unfortunately as we headed back north WA the evacool doesn't keep cold and the temperature was not spread evenly through the fridge area, stick with a Engle if you live in hotter climates as the keep colder as they have abetter compressor


I have an EvaKool RF47 fitted to my Drifta Offroad Tourer camper trailer. Overall I find it to be a great fridge/freezer. I had previously owned and used an ARB 47 litre fridge which was good, but not great. There are a number of features that make me love this product.
1. it's got square walls. The ARB might be great for many beer cans, but it really doesnt work well as a family fridge, the "fridge" section is not well designed and would often leave the vegetables icey and the meat in the freezer section would be defrosting. The removable cage/baskets fit perfectly with the perspex lid on the freezer so that you don't have everything getting warm just to get the butter. A+ design
2. efficiency. Having owned the ARB for about 3 years and used it on many outback trips, it was good but not great. Apart from the bad internal design the fridge used to drain the battery much more to get down to temperature and stay there. On those icy outback mornings with the heater in the car it would chew through the auxiliary battery.. not so on the EvaKool its design seems to mean it loses much less cooling compared to the ARB.

Unsatisfactory Warranty - Post Sales Service

Upon taking the fridge out on our first camping trip in our camper trailer, one latch snapped off. Two trips later (less than 2 months) the second latch broke off. I contacted BCF (where I purchased it) and they advised that they wouldn't fix it and I needed to contact Evakool. I contacted Evakool and they sent a pack of two new latches and advised I needed to drill the rivets out of the fridge and replace them myself. When I contacted them again today to ask if there was a service centre in Sydney that could replace them, they advised that the latches "aren't covered by warranty". Living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, they said if I wanted to drive to Liverpool, the service centre there may replace them, but would probably charge. Pretty unimpressed with the after sales service.

Terrible after sales service

After less than a years use the fridge wouldn't hold temperature (it was a faulty thermostat or compressor). We couldn't establish whether it was the power source or the fridge. Evakool would only inspect the fridge at their premises leaving me liable for shipping costs etc. They could of easily inspected the fridge at my home.

Absolutley Awsome Fridge

I have had my Evakool RF60 for 7 years, it's been very well used and has been left out in the rain on occasion and covered in mud on 1 occasion its travelled an estimated 50,000km around this great land. She's travelled Fraser twice, Moreton twice, and countless long weekends away out bush, it has never let me down and keeps everything cold even when the temperature starts approaching the mid 40s, and when its at home it keeps my beer icy cold. I have only had a couple of minor faults with it, the thermostat gave out about 4 years in, rang Evakool they explained that within my serial numbered fridge they had a dud batch of thermostats. They had it replaced under warranty by my local fridgy same day absolutely awesome service! Most recently the running LED indicator died (probably from its previous drenching's) no big deal, replaced it myself in 10 minutes for a cost of about $5. It is very efficient on all setting's and quiet happily runs without issue off my 120 watt solar panel and 100 amp hr battery non stop.
I am in the market for a smaller fridge to use as a dedicated freezer now for my next expedition, needless to say I will by buying another Evakool.

EvaKool RF60

We bought the EvaKool RF60 to replace our Waeco CF40 that was too small for our growing family. I really liked the simplicity of a mechanical thermostat over electronic controls after a couple of thermistor failures in the Waeco. Also being Aussie made was a plus for us. Our first test of the EvaKool was two weeks of camping running off a 105 amp hour lead acid battery and a 120 watt solar panel setup. The fridge ran flawlessly as a fridge with the thermostat set on 3 economy. I'd added a remote sensing thermometer so I could monitor internal temperatures and the fridge sat on 1.5-2 degrees and we found that we could turn the fridge off at night when we went to bed to save the battery due to the quality of insulation used in the fridge. The temp only rose to 4 degrees by the morning and the battery never fell below 12.2 volts when running as a fridge. We managed to catch a few Snapper and wanted to freeze them so we turned the dial up to 9 normal. This dropped the cabinet temps to -16 degrees which was plenty cold enough to freeze the fish overnight. The temperature will go colder at the expense of higher power consumption if run at the max setting. When run as a freezer the fridge did use more amps per day but our solar panels kept up no problem. My only complaint, which is not a big issue, is that the condenser fan is noticeably louder than the one on the Waeco. The fan certainly draws a large amount of air through the condenser which would help efficiency. As the fridge/freezer is setup inside our camper trailer the fan kept me awake the first night when run as a freezer as we didn't turn the fridge off so the fish would freeze and the EvaKool didn't cycle off until it was down to temp. I'm considering adding an external switch to be able to turn the fan off at night. The fan noise was made worse due to our remote location which was very quiet. Another factor that swayed us was the low overall height of the fridge compared to a Waeco or Engel of similar capacity. We also got the fridge on sale for $700 which sealed the deal. Overall we're very pleased with our purchase.

`Evakool RF47

We bought the RF47 fridge freezer a few months ago. we have given it a good work out as a freezer at -10 and so far we are very impressed, the low amp draw on the car battery is a big winner and is the 5 y warranty Australia wide.

EvaKool RF60

I Bought the EvaKool RF60 3 years ago and is still going strong, its easy to clean & i love the option of fridge or freezer or both. being 50mm fiber glass IMO it has much better insulating properties then other fridges out there.
I also love that its 100% Australian owned, lets support out Australian economy
Cheers Andrew

Excellent fridge!

Evakool 60L Fridge Freezer - Excellent fridge! Bought it just over a year ago and hasn't missed a beat. Worked in some severe temperatures. Great service from the warranty department too. Had a fault with the 240V power pack and they swapped it over with no dramas. Would recommend the fridge and the company anytime!

Questions & Answers

Why does the fridge basket have tappered sides you lose so much space with these baskets?
No answers

Has anyone had issues with lack of power through 12v lead to fridge. Even when starionary the lead seems to be hit and miss with nothing touching it. Currently have tem taped together with duck tape, still turning itself off, or rather not getting power through intermittently. Has anyone the same issues and how did you fix it?
1 answer
The metal pins in the plugs can get knocked loose. I bypassed one of mine years ago and had forgotten I’d done it. All good since.

Will an RF series 47 litre fridge run off a portable 200000mah battery bank?
No answers


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