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Evolis Hair Growth Tonic (Women)

Evolis Hair Growth Tonic (Women)

3.7 from 62 reviews

Sceptical at first but so surprised with the outcome

I had a friend tell me that my hair was thinning bad on the top, I have PCOS.
If I went a day without washing my hair it looked worse. She suggested Evolis and I am so glad I didn’t discard her suggestion
I started using it in November as per usual I did not follow the directions and only used the shampoo and the tonic every other day, and I got results! So many new hairs growing! I didn’t dye my hair for 2 months to make sure I wasn’t being delusional and I started using the tonic once a day.
I now no longer look like I’m balding, my hair loss/fall out has reduced dramatically. I stopped using it for two weeks and the fall out recommenced, so I am going to be sticking with Evolis - my hair has never been better.

Purchased in November 2018 for $88.00.

Evolis for men doesnt work and you will lose more hair

The Evolis hair growth tonic for men does not work and it had an opposite effect on my hair. When I started my second bottle I realised that I'm losing more hair than before I started and nothing is growing...this product is a fraud. I had to give it one star here to be able to send my review otherwise I wouldnt give it any stars at all...

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Hi John, We're sorry to hear about your experience. Just wondering if you were using a Minoxidil product prior to ours, as this can often result in shedding, 6 weeks after use.

Fantastic product!!

After starting treatment for breast cancer earlier this year, my hair started to thin and fall out, looked aged. I tried a couple of products but nothjng worked - until I came across Evolis. After a few washes, my hair started to look and feel so much healthier than ever before. I have been using Evolis Reverse now for about 5 weeks and my hair has started to get thicker, with less fallout. I will be recommending Evolis product!! Thank you.

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Thanks so much for the great review Bernie :)

Lots of new baby hairs around my hair line

Very happy with this product, as I had some areas that needed help after a barrage of operations and tests this past year. Where I had experienced some thinning of hair around my hair line after using the hair growth tonic, I have noticed that the area has thickened up again with patches of new baby hairs growing and filling out the hairline.
You only need a small amount of the product and it lasts for at least a month. Much less hair fall out noticed too.
Give it a go, I am happy I did.

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Thanks for the feedback, Jazzy :)

Scared to never buy it now

I couldn't believe it as it started growing 2 weeks in, using it twice a day and now pulled back to once every 2 days for up keep mainly. As I had put it around my hairline it started looking fluffy and then I noticed it was dark hair, as I am in my 50's I have a lot of white hair so it was funny to see. All my new hair that I had lost has come back darker and as they are at different lengths it has calmed the white, grey hair affect. I'm loving it as my hairline is covering all my regrowth further back now. I've been 2 months in and can't see myself not using it anymore. Hair is stronger, much less falls out and it hurts when you pull it, so it wants to stay there. Great product!

Amazing results

I purchased the women's tonic and shampoo as well as the Reverse treatment pack. I have a lot of new hair growth since starting to use the tonic 6 months ago-the new hair just keeps coming and is in various lengths. My hair growth has stunned my hairdresser as there are no thinner patches where my hair loss was obvious. I have recommended this product to anyone with hair loss issues. A brilliant product.

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Hi LisaM, Thank you so much for your positive feedback. We're so happy évolis has helped you regrow your hair! Many thanks The evolis Team

it works 100%

been using it for two years and hair is much thicker, can't see my scalp in the bright light anymore and im not losing any hair in the shower anymore. i don't use much just one spray in the morning before work and rub it through. you don't need much it lasts for a long time. i like the old spray bottles its much easier to use so i transfer the liquid from small bottles to the spray bottle. this stuff does what it says there is no doubt about it.

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Hi Ross, Thank you so much for your review and thanks for the feedback about the spray attachment. Many thanks The evolis Team

It seems to slow hair loss.

I have been using the Mens Tonic for approximately two years and it appears to have slowed my hair loss. I appear to have a similar hairline today as two years ago.
I have not noticed any new hair growing in places that were already bald.

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Hello, Thank you for your review, unfortunately évolis dose not work on spots which are already bald. But we are so happy to hear it is maintaining your hair line! Many thanks The evolis Team

It works!!!

I have been losing chunks of hair everyday for decades. At least 150 strands a day. I am not bald yet but it has definitely thinned a lot. I started off using evolis tonic twice a day since December. I use up a bottle within one week. But I saw results in a month as do not lose as much hair. Now after 6 months, I don’t even lose much hair even when I wash my hair every 2 to 3 days. I am not worried at washing my hair anymore knowing I am not losing chunks of hair like I use to. To maintain I only use it at night on the days I wash my hair. But I do use quite a lot and I don’t skim on it. It definitely stop hair loss and it is the only hair tonic that has stopped my hair loss. I can’t live without this product

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Hi Pkng1212, Thank you for the great review, we so happy you love our products. Many thanks The evolis Team

Does NOT work

I bought shampoo and tonic....products did not thicken my hair nor was there any regrowth...used every day 2x a day as directed for 6 months... Just a waste of money... aaarrrggghhhhh....useless product.

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Hi Kyha, we're sorry you did not see any results from our product. We'd like to learn more about your specific situation and possibly make things right. If you would give us a call at 1300 386 547 at your earliest convenience, it would be greatly appreciated. We look forward to speaking with you.

Never received my package

Would have loved to use this but it never got delivered - $150 down the drain! Emailed with no response, no other way to contact the company online either. This is customer service 101, most legit companies at least provide a delivery tracking link & a reliable way to get in touch if things don't go as planned. Was hoping this wasn't a scam but after this very disappointing experience I'm not so sure. Stick with Rogaine - at least it's cheaper and the company that manufactures it is trustworthy.

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Hi Jaycee, We're so sorry to hear about your experience. We've just transitioned to a new system and are having some technical difficulties. Could you kindly email hello@evolisprofessional.com and your item can be reshipped at the earliest convenience. Thanks!

Products are NOT My Favorites...Customer Service is BAD

First of all, I was using Monat and then there was a scare with a few people claiming their hair fell out. SO I bought this product-Restore shampoo and the growth ser4um to replace my Monat. I used the products twice and had totally limp hair with no body and no curl. I emailed and called the company to complain and try to get my $100+ back. No response whatsoever. Very very upset! My hair did better with Suave.

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Hi, Thank you for voicing your concern. We're happy to have resolved your issue and hope your experience with évolis is a positive one in the future.

Probably made my hair thinner

Started using the product in Jan 2018 according to instructions and hair seems to have become thinner. The product was held at australian post for two or three weeks and i only came to know about it when i called evolis. May have to go for hair transplant surgery. Spent money for stress and disappointment.

Hi Shaquille, We’re sorry to hear about your experience. The delay with your post is unfortunate. While we strive to provide the highest level of customer service, once the parcels are sent for delivery it is in the hands of Australia post or our other courier partners. A calling card should have been left in your post box. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and delay. If you started in January, you have been using the product for just a couple of months. Our blinded, placebo controlled clinical trials were carried out over a period of four months, and we tend to see the best results emerging at this time. After the first 30 days hair fall is usually reduced, after 90 days hair appears thicker and denser with more actively growing follicles than before and at 120 days we saw improvement in over 85 precent of évolis users. Whilst our breakthrough FGF5 inhibiting formulation has been scientifically identified as an effective way to treat hair loss in many individuals, the technology may not be effective in everyone. This is true for treatments for most conditions. Hair loss is a complicated issue with many causes, in fact, scientists have identified over 100 different genes that are involved, including the target of évolis, FGF5. If you are continuing to notice hair thinning, some of the reasons might include: 1) If you are using or have been using Minoxidil based products, this may cause additional rebound hair shedding when stopping their use. 2) High stress, change in diet, or other medications can cause a delayed hair loss and an increase in shedding known as telogen effluvium. Fortunately, this is only temporary. 3) Other underlying medical conditions. We always recommend you consult with your health care professional and appreciate your feedback. The team @ évolisAre you approved by any health organisation like FDA.Hi Shaquille, évolis is a Listed Medicine on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. You can find the entry here - https://tga-search.clients.funnelback.com/s/search.html?query=&collection=tga-artg Thanks, The team @ évolis

Useless product

Bought starter kit and then continued buying for 6 months. Applied more than the recommended amount twice per day.

The only result I saw was my bank account decreasing by about $600 and no result to my hair.

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Hi Pauk, we're sorry you did not see any results from our product. We'd like to learn more about your specific situation and possibly make things right. If you would give us a call at 1300 386 547 at your earliest convenience, it would be greatly appreciated. We look forward to speaking with you.

Improved hair recovery post immune suppressing med

I had previously tried Evolis for women when it was in the spray can. Didn’t bother persevering even though normal hair loss decreased as I was getting through the product too quickly making it an expensive exercise. A year ago, was started on Leflunomide and started losing lots of hair with obvious thinning on top - unfortunate side effect. Cut hair short and bought the new Evolis for women set which is much easier to distribute on whole scalp effectively. Had to change meds for other reason but hair has fully grown back with less hair loss than normal. For those who it doesn’t work for, their hair loss may be more related to testosterone sensitivity and may be more responsive to a product containing Minoxidil such as Regaine but there are cheaper generics available through pharmacies. Keep in mind Minoxodil is not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. About to start new med with possible hair loss side effect so will continue on with Evolis regardless. I would like to see a loyalty program with discounts for those buying directly from the Evolis website as I’ve been able to source it for around $80 for the women’s pack (lasting 3 months) from independent interstate pharmacies such as David Jones pharmacy in Victoria (not related to the department store).

Love it!!!!

I bought Evolis back in July 2017 and have used it everyday since....it's working for me and my hair appears healthier. My hairdresser has also commented on hpw much thicker it is.

Not happy

I am 40 year old male. Both tonic and Shampoo had no effect on me at all. Total waste of money and time. I Would NOT recommend this product or brand to anyone.

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Hi Eric, we're sorry you did not see any results from our product. We'd like to learn more about your specific situation and possibly make things right. If you would give us a call at 1300 386 547 at your earliest convenience, it would be greatly appreciated. We look forward to speaking with you.

wow ,its works

Its working for me. it really work me, just started one week i see my hair fall stop,excellent ,i will buying product forever,hope this will make hair strong , and beautiful.

Not as effective as claimed !

I tried Evolis for men years ago with there original spray dispenser bottle bought four months supply at a discounted rate on line.
Years later I decided to give Evolis another go with there new professional range to see if I got results with hair regrowth, to my disappointment I wasted money it did not work ! Not even peach fuzz!

Excellent product actually works

I'm a 28 yr old male, my hair started thinning, I had developed a small bald patch and have the classic devils peaks. I wear hats all the time and surf 5x a week. My hair was brittle from sun damage and falling out when i washed it. I have been using this for four months, only at night and not consistently; probably 5x a week. My hair has fully regained its volume and my patch has gone. I couldn't be more stoked with the product. I am a medical scientist and have worked in lab for 7 yrs. I know and understand the value in peer reviewed journal articles and to see the only product on market with validated peer reviewed publications made me willing to try this product. I am completely satisfied it actually works.

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Hi, I have Androgenic Alopecia.. will this help with regrowth, follicle stimulation and block DHT ?
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Have just stared using the professional shampoo and conditioner and tonic. Have noticed a lot more hair fall than before. Is this normal? My hair fall is related to menopause.
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Hi Clara, You shouldn't be experiencing more hair fall with the use of evolis. May we ask the following questions to further investigate the issue? - How long have you been using evolis? - Have you experienced any major stress in the last 3-4 months? - Have you recently stopped using any minoxidil products? You may email us at info@evolisproducts.com.au or if you'd like to talk to one of our hair biologists, please call us at 1300 386 547

I am using Minxodil sndcit ushtcss effective asvitcwss at first. I have just purchased a shampoo and Evilis drops can I use both products st different times of the day pkease is it safe to do that ? Thank you sharry
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Hi Sharry, yes you can use minoxidil and evolis together.


Hair Growth Tonic (Women)
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