Hair Loss Treatments

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Evolis Hair Growth Tonic (Women)

Latest review: I had a friend tell me that my hair was thinning bad on the top, I have PCOS. If I went a day without washing my hair it looked worse. She suggested Evolis and I am so glad I didn’t discard her s

Bondi Boost Hair Growth Support

Latest review: I had long been debating whether or not to indulge in these products after trying many other kinds of hair growth vitamins and shampoos in the past with little result. Bondi Boost's products have

Leimo Starter Kit

Latest review: The product did not work as promised. Laser requires 24 hours plugged in to recharge the battery. Horrible customer service, great when joining and then no reply to emails and calls. Hopeless


Latest review: not sure why people have given bad reviews, i guess if your hair fell out (it was probably going to anyway) you'd be annoyed.... seems to have stopped mine from thinning

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo

Latest review: I've used Alpecin products for maybe 8 some years now and continue to use the products at least 6 days a week. Pimples, irritation? Tosh!! My hairbrush has so few hairs in it that it simple to keep


Latest review: trx2 helped me to get rid of my hair loss. I had been suffering from hair loss for about two years before I started taking trx2. My hair got thinner and thinner and I got scared of getting bald. I

Oriental Botanicals HairPro

Latest review: Hi all, I just wanted to share a recent experience that I've had with everyone as a warning to others. In August this year I started taking herbal supplements in the hope of making my hair thicker

Advanced Hair Solutions 30 Day Program

Latest review: AHS products are a complete scam - completely ineffective, super expensive, the laser therapy is a myth and they will make you sign contacts that are difficult to escape. Don't do