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Evolis Hair Growth Tonic (Women)

Latest review: I have tried this product a number of times and it does not work at all. So I gave it a fair try cost me a lot of money and did not

Bondi Boost Hair Growth Support

Latest review: My hair has grown heaps and there was less breakage. I am so happy with this product. I will be buying Bondi boost over and over again and have recommended it to my family and

Leimo Starter Kit

Latest review: The product did not work as promised. Laser requires 24 hours plugged in to recharge the battery. Horrible customer service, great when joining and then no reply to emails and calls. Hopeless


Latest review: not sure why people have given bad reviews, i guess if your hair fell out (it was probably going to anyway) you'd be annoyed.... seems to have stopped mine from thinning

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo

Latest review: Purchased this for my hubby about a month or two ago. He hasn't noticed any change in hair thickness or hair loss. Does the job as a normal shampoo but not too much else unfortunately! The smell is


Latest review: trx2 helped me to get rid of my hair loss. I had been suffering from hair loss for about two years before I started taking trx2. My hair got thinner and thinner and I got scared of getting bald. I

Oriental Botanicals HairPro

Latest review: Since menopause, my hair thinned especially on top. Female baldness, to my horror. I started using Rogaine two years ago with reasonable results. My son’s doctor suggested Hair Pro for his thinning h

Bondi Boost Anti Hair Loss Support

Latest review: Unfortunately after a month and a half there has been no improvement on my husbands hair. If the product takes longer to work then the supply should have the amount needed in the container

Advanced Hair Solutions 30 Day Program

Latest review: You have to persevere, like the pack says, the clinical trial was over 16 weeks? You can also now buy the Serenoa Tablets separately which is great! This may not work for everyone, but it worked for

Solace Hair Care