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Fefol Multi-Preg Liquid Cap

Fefol Multi-Preg Liquid Cap

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  • Easy on sensitive stomachs

  • Didn't cause constipation in reviewers


11 reviews

The formula matches my need


I don't have fishes much and I have high iron level issues. I have been looking for a pregnancy supplement that contains omega 3 and either with low iron or no iron. I found the FeFol fits me well.

Purchased in August 2020 at Chemist Warehouse Physical Store for $23.49.

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  • 3 reviews

Great on sensitive stomachs


I have used this supplement for two pregnancies now after finding other pregnancy vitamins would repeat on me, often making me sick.
So long as this is not taken on an empty stomach, this one goes down, and stays down easy!!

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  • 2 reviews

Good for pregnant mums!


I was taking other multi-vitamins and then i found this.. Its cheaper and does the same job as other pregnancy multi-vitamins. I find that this product doesnt cause constipation like others have, its a little bit cheaper, and its a once daily vitamins unlike others. It has the essential vitamins a pregnant woman needs like folic acid, iron and also contains fish oil.
Big capsule but easy to swallow

  • 2 reviews

Pretty happy


I have been happy with taste, and size of tablet, however also concerned not enough vitamin d in it, so have needed extra supplement. However can't blame vitamin for that as I don't know how low levels were prior to taking it. Great that u only need one a day
Low vitamin d

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Kittyjessfilling out forms

Too little of everything.


I've been on Fefol since 3 months before conception. Just not enough in them, the amounts are too low. Went to the docs for blood tests, vitamin D levels are super low, iron is super low, was going to need to take supplements as well as the multi-preg. Yes it's cheaper but it contains a lot less than the other brands (while still being the same size tablet), and considering at the moment I can't stand the taste of meat I need a decent source of iron, which I'm not getting from multi-preg.
Cheaper than others
Quantities are tiny

Mazzy2323Nsw , 2161
  • 2 reviews

Choose this one above others


This antenatal supplement has everything you need in a tablet. I like that it doesn't have too much Iron like Elivit does, which can back you up and cause other problems. Also it has fish oil and Iodine which are a must for pregnant women. I think alot of women skip over Iodine as being important but really its just as important at folic acid.
I'm pregnant with my second baby and have chosen this brand again. It worked really well for the first baby so no complaints here.
Affordable. Has everything you need and only 1 a day.
with my first child, i stopped taking it once i started breastfeeding as I found (through trial and error) that she was upset and more bothered when I took the supplement.

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I believe Fefol multi-preg is the best on the market. Most pharmacies tout Elevit as the premium product (i wonder whether they get some sort of kick-back from it) but it is missing iodine and fish oils which are essential for normal brain development in feotus and baby. Multi-preg has these and is cheaper.
one a day, contains ALL the ESSENTIAL ingredients needed in a supplement for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Recommended by my Obstetrician
nothing, although i did top up with extra fish oil supplements. there is only so much they can squeeze into one amazing little pill

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Compared many different pregnancy vitamins and this one is really good value for money. Has all the 'main' nutrients required and includes extra 'baby smart' ingredients to help with mind and brain development.

As I suffered greatly with morning/all day sickness, I didn't want to 2-3 tablets all day. This is only one tablet daily
Good value for money. Has 'baby smart' ingredients. Only one tablet daily.
Not quite as complex as some



I started to take these tablets before i fell preg. and then took them all through. it was easy to remember to take as it is only one. (you do forget !!)My son has now being born and still taking them while i am b/f. I have to say that my son seem to be very alert and active for his age. I would like to say it is because of these tab.
This is only one tab a day, No after taste & if has the baby brain food in it (fish Oil)
It is a large tab, But it is still easy to sallow.

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I swapped to Fefol Multi-preg as they had comparable ingredients in them to the ones I had been using, but much less iron and felt better for it as they did not leave me feeling bloated.
They are really good value for money (less than 50 cents per capsule) and you only need to take one per day. Even though they are large in size they are still easy to swallow as they are capsules, so easier to go down, and no after taste left in your mouth.
Good value for money. Not as much iron as some of the other vitamin tablets.
Large sized tablet.



I tried lots of different brands and found I got an upset stomach and digestive problems with most (Swisse, Elevit, Cenovis...) Fefol Multi-preg has been the most stable for me. Its easy to take, no bad taste and reasonably priced.
its cheaper, only 1 tablet per day, has chelated minerals and fish oil for baby's brain.

Questions & Answers

Maddi A
Maddi Aasked

Is it ok take a pre pregnancy multivitamin with 5mg of folic acid?

No answers

Hi, my question is, is it ok to take the fefol Multi preg tab at night time before going to bed since it will help in easy absorption?

No answers
Anum U.
Anum U.asked

I just want to make sure about its multivitamins derived from.
Is it Halaal?

No answers

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  • Fefol Multi-Preg Liquid cap contains 200mg of DHA - an omega-3 fatty acid that’s vital for brain and eye development.
  • It also contains 250mcg of iodine, an essential nutrient (particularly during pregnancy) that supports the baby’s brain and central nervous system.
  • The supplement has 500mcg of folic acid, 5mg of betacarotene, and 30mcg of biotin - all of which promote the foetus’ healthy growth and development.
  • It contains sulfites, soybean products and fish products, making it unsuitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • A pack of 60 liquid capsules retail for around $27.

Points of praise:

  • Most reviewers found that Fefol Multi-Preg Liquid Cap was easy to swallow and stayed down, making it great for sensitive stomachs.
  • Reviewers also said that it didn’t cause constipation as other supplements had. This may be because it has a relatively lower iron content than many similar pregnancy supplements on the market (although it still has 12mg, 44% of the recommended daily intake for pregnant women).
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