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Blackmores Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding Gold
Latest review: I started taking Elevit as I didnt realise there were alternative pregnancy vitamins. Elevit made me so constipated I went from going to the toilet 1-2 times a day to once a week and that was little

Blackmores Conceive Well Gold
Latest review: I gave this a go 5 years ago when i was trying for my second and within a month i was pregnant So now im giving it a go again just started 2 days ago, pills smell worse than i remember but if it

Latest review: I’ve been on Elevit for a month now, and I’ve noticed a few things with me. I feel more happy, Active, skin is clearing. but I’m also taking it with Fish Oil tablets. I find It also helps with the co

Nature's Own Pregnancy Platinum
Latest review: I've been taking nature's own for a few months now in preparation for getting pregnant. I am not pregnant yet but have developed some awful cystic acne. It's not hormonal as nothing else has changed

Cenovis Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Formula
Latest review: This product was a really big cause to my nausea and vomiting. Forgot it one day and felt amazing! When i remembered and I took it that night and had the worst sickness all night. I will not buy it

Swisse Pregnancy Ultivite Multivitamin
Latest review: I’ve been using these as a prenatal and they have been fine for me! I take them with lunch & the only negative I can think of is sometimes they give me an after taste when I burp. Have not given me n

Latest review: Easy to take and does not cause constipation! And believe me, when you're expecting (as I am now), you do not want the added stress of constipation because of your prenatals. My only complaint is

Herbs of Gold Pregnancy Plus 1-2-3
Latest review: This is my second pregnancy and I was using the Swisse pregancy multi vitamin because I used it with my first. I started getting very bad reflux burping fish oil at 200am I felt tired grumpy and the

MamaCare Pregnancy Supplement Shake
Latest review: I took this while pregnant instead of Elevit/Blackmores tablets etc. The tablets used to repeat on me for hours (gross but true). This was delicious and gave me all the vitamins that the tablets

Nature's Own Folic Acid
Latest review: The tablet itself is really easy to swallow! And it's a small tablet not a huge one! One bottle last ages! And it's pretty cheap to get a refill! I recommend it! The only only downside is that it

Forelife! NatalCare
Latest review: I also take Forelife NatalCare after pregnancy as a general vitamin supplement as you need to be in the best health possible when pregnant, so why not in life after babies. 1 capsule a day gives me

Maternal Tea Tonics
Latest review: I found Maternal Tea Tonics online after failing to find a good tea program for my first pregnancy in the shops. I ordered the full program that included organic teas for each trimester and a weight

Weleda Nursing Tea
Latest review: Love this tea bec: -tastes great -smells amazing -I drinking it once a day for my afternoon tea (I don’t know if it increases my supply “maybe” but still love it as I stopped drinking other tea ex

Fefol Multi-Preg Liquid Cap
Latest review: I was taking other multi-vitamins and then i found this.. Its cheaper and does the same job as other pregnancy multi-vitamins. I find that this product doesnt cause constipation like others have, its

Cenovis Folic Acid
Latest review: This is a great folic acid supplement and this is the one I buy most because its always low priced, even when its not on special. It doesnt have any aftertaste and is pretty small in size too.

Red Seal Raspberry Leaf Tea
Latest review: I cannot fault this tea! I drank it as directed on the packaging whilst pregnant with my first child. My pregnancy was a breeze, the labour was quick and the tea tastes great! After consulting

Sasmar Conceive Plus
Latest review: Dont waste your money! Have tried it. It is very expensive to send over here to New Zealand. I had read all these reviews before buying thinking that it was really good... well its not. Will not buy

Blackmores I-Folic
Latest review: Took I-folic for a few months. Developed thirst, diarrhea, swollen eyelids, sore saliva glands, terrible taste in mouth. Appears to be an adverse effect to potassium iodide (see

Healthy Mummy Breastfeeding Plus
Latest review: I tried this product to help increase milk production however it didn’t work for me. Unfortunately it also tastes pretty disgusting so it was a double whammy of failure. Perhaps it might work for o

Blackmores Folate
Latest review: The name of the product says folate but the ingredients says folic acid! No good! There is a big difference in the way it is absorbed. in fact this is dangerous for people with MTHFR. Terrible should

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