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Finish Dishwasher Cleaner Intensive Clean and Care

Finish Dishwasher Cleaner Intensive Clean and Care

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I haven’t experienced anything bad on this product.. since I made sure that the
Stickers are properly removed
Have kept the bottle upside down in the bottom level plate rack and the cap not touching the spray arms ...
And ran the hottest cycle( pots cycle)
It was just awesome
But of course a bit overpriced ... better to buy in offer price

Cleans Very Well

I would not suggest listening to most of the reviews on here as many just complain about how the wax on the top of the cleaner does not melt. First make sure you remove the paper covering the wax and then ensure you are using a hot enough cycle to melt the wax, otherwise the liquid will not be released [you can't just use eco]

Now onto my review, overall my dishwasher is never dirty [at least visibly] so I cannot exactly verify how good it is with horribly dirty machines but it removes all presence of food smells and leaves the stainless steel inner tub nice and clean, if you have a low end dishwasher with a plastic or pores tub then this would work extremely well at also removing mould. It will also give your water pipes a fairly good clean as it removes limescale caused by hard water. However the dishwasher cleaner is fairly expensive and using it once a month as it recommends is a bit excessive. I would recommend doing it once every 3 months.

Waste of money and time.

Wish I had reread this BEFORE wasting money on the product. Same result, 2cycles, 4 hours, still no melting of the wax. Hate to think what the electricity cost was.

Like many others said, it doesn’t work!

As many many many of the other reviews are saying (wish I read them before buying it) did EXACTLY what instructions said, peeled the seal off, DID NOT REMOVE the lid, place it on bottom rac’ of empty dishwasher and ran on longest HOTTEST CYCLE. THE WAX SEAL DID NOT BREAK. I ran it a second time, still did not break and over half the cleaner still in the bottle! Big waste of hot water and electricity. Better to go back to simple vinegar, as I did before. Waste of money, don’t bother buying.

Doesn't work and received rude letter back

When I tried to use it no cleaner was released. I reported the problem and the batch and received a rude letter in return. They said I didn't follow the instructions, which I did. They repeated the instructions emphasizing that I should not remove the cap - which I did not. And anyway if I had I'd expect the cleaner would be dispensed.


This dishwasher cleansing product is amazing, it leaves your dishwasher smell clean and the dishes you pit in the washer after come out smelling fresh and clean. We recommend this product It your dishwasher is smelly and needs a clean.

Overpriced for job

This product is overpriced for the job is advertised to do. It might clean one time then another time it doesn't clean good. Baking soda and vinegar does the same job or a cheaper brand. I have used this product on two different dishwasher and same results. Unless it's works on other dishwasher brands that I haven't used. Well then it has not been tested on certain dishwasher brands.

POOR! Does not clean and didn't actually work! The seal didn't break! AVOID!

I have used this product in the past and it worked fine, but after trying for the 2nd time to get this to work, and having the dish washer on the correct cycle, the wax seal still didn't break and i was unsuccessful, wasting water having to try another cycle to try and get the seal to break.

I contact Finish customer service and all they said was try a hotter cycle, but it was on the hottest heavy duty cycle, and they offered no assistance or refund on the product.

Avoid at all costs. Fake product that doesn't do what is says it does!

What a waste!

This product did not perform as expected or as advertised. My LG dishwasher still had the same stains as before. I tried it because I like the Finish additive I use For a streak free shine, but this product is basically useless! Definitely would not recommend, especially after 3 plus hours of hot water and terrible results!

Does not work. Avoid

I have a high end dishwasher. The wax cap did not melt. In fact now that I think about it more deeply I’m not sure that melting a wax cap is a good thing to clean a dishwasher. Wasted my water and electricity. Going to bin it and simply run empty machine on pots and pans setting once a month. Tip: avoid using tablets with melt off coating in your machine.

Waste of time

Exactly same as previous review I read. The wax doesn't melt, even if you scratch some off. Did six washes and the liquid inside hadn't been used up at all. Stupidly, I thought I'd just bought a dodgy one and bought another, but the second one was exactly the same.


This was a waste of money. I used it as per the directorions but I didn't see any difference in my dishwasher after using it. Won't be buying this again.


This product is completely hopeless. The wax does not melt despite using the pots and pans cycle several times and at the specified temperature. I tried several cycles wasting water, electricity and more importantly my time and energy. Was extremely frustrating and even after trying to scratch the wax off slightly, it did not work. My friends have had exactly the same experience and we all have high end dishwashers. The customer service line was unattended/did not respond to my messages and the email contact line not functional. When eventually I did achieve email contact the response was fairly useless. I am awaiting someone else to contact me. I stupidly bought twelve of these thinking I would buy the years supply but sadly, the product is faulty.

Seems to be ok

Its hard to tell if this really does clean out the dishwasher or if its just snake oil. I use them anyway just to be on the safe side but I really think they are overpriced and wait to get them on special. They do remove some of the build up of grease but I've also got similar results by just putting the dishwasher on for a cycle without dishes.

The plumbers love it!

My plumber tells me that since the plastic self-dissoving tablets were introduced his company can't keep up with the demand for repairing blocked up dishwashers as a result of the melted plastic clogging up the insides of the machines!


Love it

At my cafe it's perfect to use to get a nice shine on our glasses. Something that is really important, other stuff leaves marks. Would not use anything else unless it was more natural

Nice smelling dishwasher

This product left my dishwasher smelling a lot nicer but certainly didn't make any sort of difference to the cleanliness of my dishes or the over all performance of my dishwasher, bit of a gimek I guess

Waste of money.

Anytime I have spoken with a technician in refards to this product they say it is a waste of money. Basically there is no need for this product as long as you keep your dishes rinsed and a rubbish free dishwasher. It also wastes water as you have to run a complete cycle to use it. As with the dishwashing tablets, the product is too big for what is really required. The companies basically make you use more product to justify overcharging and quick turnover for purchasing these products. It is the same with washing machines. You only require half the amount they recommend, provided you use a product that does the job properly. Finish is a great product therefore only requiring half the amount to get the job done.

workmanlike performance

I found vey little cause for complaint with this product -it did more or less everything I expected of it and ledt a nice fragrance in its wake. I can't say it went over and above expectations but it certainly did its job. My dishwasher was pretty clean to start with, but afterwards it certainly smelled better. Just put it in and turn on the dishwasher. Simple.

Waxy residue

Initially I was happy with the cleaner until I lifted out the filters and there was a waxy film all over them that I then had to clean off so the answer to their question in their add who cleans the cleaner is me

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Questions & Answers

What’s a quantomatic?
No answers

Are Finish Supercharged Quantum Powerballs suitable for use when discharge goes to an aerated household waste system. ( A Biocycle treatment system) If not to be used can you suggest an alternative cleaner? Regards Graham Jamieson
1 answer
I found baking soda and white vinegar works and cheaper. This website help me. https://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/how-to-clean-your-dishwasher-in-3-easy-steps

I have used the Finish dishwashing cleaner and the seal doesn't release the liquid after the dishwasher has been on a 2 hour pots and pan cycle. Has anyone else had this problem?
1 answer
YES I faced the same problem today after running a full heavy pots cycle


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