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Finish Gel

Finish Gel

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Since switching to finish gel and using the eco cycle our machine has scud all over it as if the detergent isn't dissolving. I have switch back to finish powder and rinse aid and no problems. I have also increased the cycles to normal for baked on grime. Trust me don't use it.

Very watery - won't buy again

This Finish Power Foaming Hand Dishwashing Gel product was being offered on sale, so thought we might bypass the regular purchase of Cusson's Morning Fresh to give the competition a chance.

Well as it turns out, the Finish offering is a very ordinary product in comparison, with an overly watery consistency, low sudsing and low cleaning ability. Finish requires you to use about 3 times the amount of 'gel' (marketing speak for liquid) in comparison to, say, the Cusson's product i.e. to hand-clean the same number of dishes. The Finish 'gel' seems to be more on par with what you would expect from a 'no name' thinned out dishwashing liquid, but just wrapped up in a fancy bottle.

Finish is doing itself no favours in releasing such poor quality on what their marketing would have you believe is a Premium brand. I will not buy this product again.

Bring back the orignal liquid gel

I used the white Finsh liquid gel for many years with excellent results. Since the change to blue gel I have stained teacups so may as well use a cheap non branded product and regular bleaching!! I will no longer buy Finish Gel, unless of course you bring back the white. Why has this happened?

Do not buy this product!

I buy for a bowls club in Devon and we have used the Finish liquid for many years with excellent results. Several months ago the colour of the bottle and the liquid changed slightlyand we now find that the washed items no longer come out clean and we have had to change products.
I have taken my stock back to Tesco who have given a full refund - well done Tesco!!

Finish Gel vs Finish White Dishwasher Liquid

I am very disappointed with the new blue Finish Dishwasher gel which leaves residues on plates and stained teacups as compared to the old white Finish Dishwasher Liquid. It simply does not work well at all. I will not be continuing to buy this product, which is disappointing considering I have happily bought the white Finish Dishwasher liquid for many years.

Bring back Finish Liquid!

I agree with all comments. Ive used the white liquid for years and found it great. This gel is poor. It cant even cope with minor tea stains. Very disappointing.

New formula ineffective.

I've also found the new gel not so powerful as the old one, even the full bottle weighs a lot less, bring back the old one, this is why we need to get out of the EU because of things like this.

Don't wast your time/money.

We used Finish Liquid for years and found it to be good and safe on our crockery. This Gel is expensive and, frankly, not worth buying! Contrary to what has already been said, Reckitt Beckinser have told us that their reason for changing this product is because they have 'moved production - so, which is it? I won't be buying this or any other of their products again. Their response to complaints are not at all helpful. They would do better to discontinue making this product rather than trying to sell useless rubbish!

They have changed the liquid.

Absolutely agree with the previous comments. We have used it for years. Then bought this useless gel. Every cup has stains as do some of the dishes and the same as above... it is not the dish washer. I have phoned Finish and they said that the EU have made them remove a certain additive ???. Promised some vouchers which have not arrived. I have just had to clean out the bottom of the DW and never seen it have that horrid orange jelly growing in it before . Full of bacteria !! yuk.!!!! I have used a dishwasher for 30 years and NEVER had that, It must be the best of it that they have removed. I will be glad to find a replacement if anyone knows of one and role on when the EU is not able to dictate to us.

Finish has lost its sparkle

Have used Finish dishwasher liquid for years and always regarded it as unbeatable. Couldn't find it in Sainsburys, but liquid gel in similar bottle instead. Absolutely useless stuff. Might as well wash everything by hand first, as it leaves food residues and doesn't remove stains. Why on earth has the old liquid been supplanted by this stuff? I will not be buying Finish in future, but have no idea what I actually shall be buying from now on! Bring back the old Finish liquid please.

Finish Gel liquid.

I thought I would try out this Finish Gel for a change. The results were very poor. The gel did not shift the stains in the cups. At first I thought that the salt and rinse aid might have been low so I topped them up. However the next wash resulted in the cups still having tannin stains. I am very upset as I have bought 3 bottles. I cannot award any stars for an expensive but useless product.

Absolutely useless

Bought the gel as Saintsbury's didn't have the liquid. Didn't get tea stains off cups and some residual marks on dishes.
We bought a brand new machine and use what was left of the liquid and it was fine.
The gel is nothing if not a waste of money.

Finished with Finish

Bought the Quantum POWER GEL POWERBALL . For the fifth time, the dishwasher is going through a second cycle to get rid of the detergent gunk on the dishes. No, it is not our dishwasher- this has never happened with other detergents.
No wonder it was on special. Don't bother.

Don't waste you money

I tried this product, hoping it would be less messy than the powder. I bought it when on special, so it worked out about the same price as the powder.
However, I find it doesn't get things clean. Particularly tea stains in cups & the cutlery. I often had to put the whole load through another cycle with the powder this time.
I have gone back to the powder & the gel went in the bin.
Less messy than powder
Doesnt clean dishes!


The producers of this product have repackaged and rebranded their dishwashing liquid. The gel is 100 mls smaller and a 1.00 dearer then the old liquid. The gel works well but i object to the company charging more for less and will now source my dishwashing liquid elsewhere. I have a true dislike to companies shrinking products and making them dearer.
does the same job as the liquid gel leaving dishes streak free
the extra cost of less for more

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