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No after sales service

We bought a cooktop from RT Edwards when it was installed one of the five gas rings didn’t work. They told me F and P had the best service staff of any manufacturer. Well I hope not after 10 days I have not heard a single thing from them except that they would be contacting me with in 24 to 48 hours ha!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationRTEdwards Murarrie

A company on the decline

Fisher Paykel used to set the standard in appliances in Australia about 20 years ago. Since 2002 we have bought their kitchen appliances but have found their quality and customer support is poor. We have had two generations of their fridges and dishwashers and their performance has been disappointing.their customer service is also lacking in terms of how they respond to service calls. It’s a shame to see a company fall off the wagon like this but we have reached our end in terms of buying their products.

Horrible Product!

We’ve owned our clothes dryer for 2 years and 20 days and have had 2 major problems and 2 smaller problems with it. The first issue with it was a major repair due to a malfunction in the motor. A small problem, but annoying, is the door won’t stay closed. Another small problem, the condensation vent at the bottom has to be taped shut. And now another major repair is it doesn’t rotate the drum when the power is on. Piece of junk. Never again will I buy this brand.

Product Quality
Customer Service

Fisher & Paykel washing machine rips shirts: No assistance

My new Fisher & Paykel washing machine was delivered.
I’d just had a forced move due to concerns for my safety (I had never imagined such could happen to respectable middle class persons like me) and during major cancer treatment. Due to the move much of my meagre property had to be left or was stolen.

So great to have something good to get on with normalising a traumatised life.
I carefully read the instructions and used as per machine instruction and shirt wash instruction: in the first wash an expensive Fletcher Jones Liberty fabric shirt (a gift from my mother) had the sleeve ripped off.

The Fisher & Paykel ‘help’ desk are experts in the endless “fob off”.
Unsurprisingly the technician “could not find” any machine fault.

I contacted Fisher & Paykel: After endless, endless, time-consuming, futile, rigamarole: nothing was done. Since then another shirt has been ripped!
I cannot afford another washing machine.

I will never buy Fisher & Paykel again. The absence of any reasonable assistance is distressing.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationGood Guys, Chadtsone

Fantastic service over many years

I have an old F & P Fridge and oven. Many years ago I had to replace the doors of the fridge and recently ordered a shelf for the oven and a fridge crisper cover. Every time I have had contact F & P over the years it's been a pleasure to deal with their service and spare parts people. The goods have arrived in Perth within a couple of days and, on the most recent occasion, 'Grace' couldn't have been more pleasant or helpful. This sort of service is rare. Well done on your staff F & P. Treasure them!

Intergrated fridge disaster

Ice maker not working, Fisher and paykel supply new fridge and send kid out to install joinery panels, appalling job of installation, freezer door rubs on joinery and is damaging panel, but they don’t seem to care.
They send out technician and he says I’ll talk to manager.
New fridge has the same problem as last.
Looks like we are in for the long haul with our $5500 fridge that doesn’t work
Do not buy Fisher and paykel as no one needs the hassle.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Very Unreliable extremely POOR after sales service

F&P reliability is hopeless all the products we purchased for our house when we moved in failed within 6 months after the warranty period ended... Service technicians are unaffordable and parts take a long time to arrive, we are currently going through item by item replacing them with other brands...
F&P should be ashamed of their products and service!

Product Quality

Never deal with this company!!!!!!

Fisher and Paykel are the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. Customer Service is non existant. if you are ever able to get through to to the only telephone number they have the staff are unable to help, arrogant and flippant. I purchased a $3000 refridgerator 3 months ago that is leaking water everywhere. F & P's final response was they may be able to fix what "might" be wrong in a week or so. I have spent hours on the phone trying to get a resolution, that is, I want a new fridge, not a hybrid that may break down again at any time. it's a 4 door fridge freezer _DONT BUY IT!!!

Product Quality

OB60SL7DEX1 Oven - Dead After Three Years

Paid extra for F&P and thought it would last a bit longer than three years. The old oven it replaced worked for 13 years plus. F&P products carry a premium price but their longevity doesn;t warrant it. Disappointing and would not purchase F&P again.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Never ending hotplate saga by Irene

Two of my four cream discs were failing to regularly heat. Issue was reviewed by Fisher And Payel serviceman and a new control panel to replace old one arranged. The serviceman’s attitude was appalling so I requested another tradesman replace the part. All this happened before Christmas.
Last week serviceman came to replace the control panel and of course it couldn’t be fixed. After trying for nearly an hour the serviceman said the hotplate is irreparable and I couldn’t believe it. He took the cooktop with him as he couldn’t even get the original two to work and I now have a hole in my granite bench top and am trying to find time to buy a new cooktop between visits to my husband in hospital who has been critically ill.
My husband has had a stem cell transplant for cancer and when he comes home just over a weeks time because of a compromised immune system his food must be cooked fresh daily. On what will I cook it.!!
The limited time I’ve had to look this week all stores staff tell me it will take approx 10 working days to get one once ordered.
This saga started in the middle of December last year and has taken two months to be told the cooktop is non repairable. I now have a hole in my bench and an urgent need to buy a new one because of above.
Thanks Fisher and Paykel for poor service, not knowing that my cooktop model doesn’t match the control unit sent and for creating urgency to buy whatever I can find as long as it can be fitted by next Friday in preparation for my very ill husbands return home from Hospital.

Return Claim MadeNo

Good till something goes wrong

When I renovated my kitchen I chose all Fisher & Paykel products. They have been largely good products, however if anything goes wrong and you need repairs you are on your own.
I live in Canberra, the national capital with a population of just under 400,000. I contacted F&P to get the details of a service agent to repair my oven. The nearest one is in Goulburn, a town of just under 23,000 and 90km from Canberra. The agent there does not come to Canberra.
F&P's only suggestion was to call anyone in Canberra who services appliances. For some reason, every company I contacted will not repair F&P, but they didn't tell me why. They just refused to come out.
Is it because the products are so bad, or the parts so hard to get or the company impossible to deal with? There must be a reason!!!
I am now recommending to all my family and friends to steer well clear of F&P because no matter how good the product looks, if you need service you're in for a world of pain.

Washing machine repair

Contacted customer service this morning regarding washing machine problem, the service man came this afternoon & fixed the machine his service was excellent & very professional , & thank you to the customer care lady who helped this morning . Thank you .

2 draw dishwasher

Very poor quality product, nothing but problems for past 4 years. Customer service line unresponsive, technicians overcharge & achieve nothing. Will never purchase F&p again. Want money back. Not happy at all.

Fisher & Paykal. Open & shut case.

This is the second instalment of our Fisher & Paykel Fridge drama. Previously I advised that the door on our brand new Fisher & Paykel Fridge would NOT close properly. Prior to Christmas a Fisher & Paykel technician arrived, looked at the fridge, and announced he would return with parts to fix it. We heard nothing for weeks so when I called Fisher & Paykel they advised they were waiting on parts to arrive. No apology. No acknowledgement that someone from Fisher & Paykel should have called us to tell us what was happening. Nothing. So last week, 2 months after reporting this to Fisher & Paykel, they called me to say the parts had arrived. This time two technicians showed up and guess what? They can't fix the problem, they need to order more parts. Are you serious Fisher & Paykel? So our brand new fridge continues to be non-functioning because the door won't close properly and it therefore allows warm air to enter. How long does it take you people to fix a simple problem? Listen, anyone considering a new fridge please know one thing. Fisher & Paykel have sold us a $4,000 fridge that they either can't fix or are unwilling to fix. So the simple deferral method for their business model is to keep insisting that a "spare part" needs to be ordered. I fear the truth is Fisher & Paykel have attempted to build an integrated fridge without doing the necessary research. There is a serious defect in the door hinge assembly and they just don't know what to do next to fix it. Be very wary of Fisher & Paykel products.

Return Claim MadeNo

Non existant customer service, lying staff and just the biggest run around you could ever imagine.

I spent $2240 on a fridge just over two years ago and it has stopped cooling and stopped freezing, I have lost hundreds of dollars worth of food in that fridge just to make matters worse.

I contacted the retailer and they said call Fisher and Paykel. I called Fisher and Paykel about 5 different times on Friday the 8th of February and sat on hold for so long in total over the 5 calls it would have been about 5-6 hours worth of hold time (not exaggerating).

They said they would be able to look at the fridge but not for weeks and basically it was not their problem what I did without a fridge for so long which is especially hard considering I have young children and am already out of pocket for everything that was lost. I pushed harder and was told if the store I bought it from sent through a RA (returns authority) and a copy of the receipt to them that they would send it to a different department to have a store credit issued and the fridge collected. I was told this MULTIPLE times by at least 3 different staff. So I went out on Saturday and bought a new fridge which is being delivered today because who can live without a fridge for weeks in 2019 especially in the middle of summer?

Now I call up on Monday because this department was closed over the weekend and apparently a store credit was never going to happen and I am just full of it yet they record their calls and won't listen to the recordings where I was promised multiple times by staff and managers.

So now I sit and wait with a broken fridge and out of pocket thousands of dollars because Fisher & Paykel do not care about anybody. Yes this fridge is out of warranty but according to Australian Consumer Law it is expected that when you spend $2240 on a fridge you'd expect it to last more than 2.5 years otherwise I may as well be budgeting $100 per month for the new fridge I have to buy every two years.

I'm sitting here now waiting for some manager called '[name removed]' to call me back (if that will even happen) about what further rubbish they will spin me now. I have no problem with them coming to inspect the fridge but expecting me to wait weeks and weeks just for that to happen is ridiculous. Are your products that poor that you are booked out for weeks and weeks in advance?


I was so disappointed with F&P service. The first time I lodged my complaint about a faulty spin cycle, they told me that if my machine didn't perform the fault when they came to visit, I'd be charged the full service fee (despite that I had photos and diary of cycle times). Then they told me that if the cycle took hours longer than the displayed time, that is was an 'acceptable variance'. Yes! After a full week of work, to put the family washing on at 7am and wait until 10am to hang it out, when you have plans for the day. Not acceptable! When the technician came he told me my loads were either too heavy, or too light (is a set of sheets and two towels too heavy or too light, one wonders). Eventually he admitted the problem, but made me feel VERY mistrusted in the process, to the point of being rude.

Here's the SNEAKY part: the technician told me he would write a report saying the fault could not be repaired and send it to product care (as it was out of warranty). Weeks went by and I called product care, and they had not received the report. I called F&P who said, 'there's no report here and we'll have to send another technician to confirm the fault again, as too much time has lapsed, and you may have to pay for that visit'. I was quite angry. I called product care again, and they offered to call F&P for me. And MAGICALLY, F&P found the report instantly and sent it through. I have NO respect for those kind of tactics, and did not think F&P were that kind of company.

Bad bad bad

Stay away from fisher and Paykel washing machines. Was told repair man will come on the 29 th.
Told them I can’t wait that long there is 6 of us in the house. They sent me a different company waiting for seven days since he came for a spare part .
Was yelled at by the girl at fisher and Paykel .
Sent emails but no response .
So frustrating . Stay away


I don't mean to be agressive, but our Fisher and Paykel oven EXPLODED last night. Glass got all over the floor, stabbed my father in the foot and scared our kitten out of the house for hours.
My mother just spent 40 minutes talking to this company about their faulty product and they refused to pay. Btws this is coming from a traumatized 12 year old!!!

DoA'd Washing Machine, Poor response

Long story short, would NOT recommend purchasing any products from Fisher & Paykel (or their owner Haier for that matter).

I have pretty much never written any complaints before about poor service, but F&P takes it to the next level. For context, Haier owns F&P, and in Australia at least, F&P's New Zealand call center handles both Haier and F&P products.

I originally purchased a Haier washing machine in November which DoA'd and began communicating with F&P at that time to arrange a technician to come and write it off (Early Dec). Following the write off I had to chase F&P to follow-up after promised call backs failed to materialise. It was agreed eventually that I would swap the Haier machine for an F&P model before Christmas 2018.
The day or so before most of Australia shuts down for Christmas break? I find out that the model was actually on back order to the end of 2018 (30th-ish) with a new promised deliver date for the first week of 2019.

First week of 2019, the back order is delayed to 15th of Jan. So being prudent, today (14th Jan) I call up to ensure everything is on track and after insisting that they check if the package is on track (despite their reservations) I am informed that deliver is now delayed to 19th Jan (at the earliest).

At this point it’s a joke, it took one of the customer reps 20mins to read through all the notes on my profile for a simple replacement. Finally cutting my losses I requested a refund in order to purchase a washing machine off Appliances Online for delivery tomorrow specifically requesting an email to confirm that I would receive a refund of X amount and that they have no problems with Appliances Online taking the defective washing machine.
COB 14th no email, I call for an update and it turns out I now have to wait up to 48hrs for a different team to agree to that which I was not informed of earlier.

In summary, maybe their products are decent (who knows eh?) but if you have an issue best of luck. I do concede that their NZ call center staff are largely pleasant to deal with however the fact that things just can’t get sorted is an extremely poor reflection on aftermarket support for Haier / F&P. Not many options available other than waiting for my money to be refunded so a replacement can be purchased.

This company will stop at nothing to not have to pay for their mistakes. Unbelievably bad after sale

I googled what was wrong with my washing machine and found out I needed an inlet valve. I couldn’t find the right one, so I rang and asked Fisher &Paykel. I was told that part had been replaced with another part and then yet again another part, so I ordered it. When I compared it to the old one, it was different. I had a couple of ‘adapters’ I would call them on my old one, so I took one off and tried it on the new one. It didn’t fit, so I called Fisher and Paykel and was asked to send photos. In the photo it showed my old one with one adapter off to show them the difference. I was informed that because I had taken the white adapter off theirs that it was now unable to be returned. I advised them that they had not sent any adapters and they were mine. They said they would get back to me. That was an hour call going between customer service to parts and back again. They rang me back and told me that because I had damaged their part by taking the white thing off, they would not give me my money back. I explained again and told them to look at the photos and see what I wrote. The girl said, so you claim that the white part is yours. And advised me they would get back to me in 48 hours. They didn’t. I had to ring them and was informed that a technician had to fix it at my cost and also said that because it was broken, they would not give my money back. I told them that nothing was broken and explained it all again. I also told them again that I was told what part to get by them and it is not the part I asked for.
They have refused to send me the right part and also refused to give me a refund. I am going to the Fair trading. I will never by this brand again and I would not recommend them to anyone.

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