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Fisher & Paykel FabricSmart Top Loader

Fisher & Paykel FabricSmart Top Loader

WA1068P1 (10kg), WA8560P1 (8.5kg), IW712, IW812, WA70T60FW1 (7kg) and 2 more
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Never Again

Purchased Model WA8060P1 and have no end of problems.After the warranty ran out we had to have the logic board replaced and then six months later water starts leaking from the bottom of the appliance
We always thought Fisher Paykel was a name that could be trusted and on reflection that was a myth.
Will never go anywhere near this companies products ever again,BE WARNED from the reviews their products are not worth the exorbitant prices they charge.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Customer Service was exceptional

Washing time is excellent. Can vary to suit me. Previously I had the Clean smart 8kg which I hated almost everything about it. It also had a mechanical fault so it was replaced with the fabric smart 8.5kg which allows me to vary the water level and many other options plus it has an agitator. I also was given a lint filter which fits into the agitator and stopped that awful lint issue they have with the new inbuilt lint remover? I can't say enough good things about the level of customer satisfaction that comes from a trouble free Replacement under a Warranty. They honour their Warranty and give no grief in coming through with the goods. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another fisher and paykel Product after experiencing their great Service. The technician attended on time and listened to my issues. He watched the video footage of my Machine fault and tested the unit properly. It was removed and the new one delivered that same week. I was impressed. Thanks.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Love it still after 3yrs

Many cycles. Tried all and extremely satisfied. Delicate cycle very good for a top loader. Cycle times accurate and love that I can spin one item of clothing and does not go out of balance. Use it regularly and it hasn't missed a beat. Also has a good fast spin. Love it.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Best Washing machine EVER!

The best washing machine I ever had. A lot of people have problems because, they don't READ the instructions. Most of bad reviews I read on here were due to the owner not knowing their own product. If you watch the CD and read the error messages this machine tells you what to do in every situation. The 4th washing machine I've had and if they still made them, I'd buy the exact same model again. I have had it nearly 20 years only had pump changed twice and filter once.

Date PurchasedFeb 1999

Very reliable machine

TWe have had a near perfect run with this and we are heavy users with a big family. I would like to say that it hasn't missed a beat - that's nearly correct but I did have to replace the outlet pump after three years. No worries it was really easy and I just bought the parts on ebay. Apart from thats steady and reliable performance

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Great size with different cycles!

We live in a small apartment so getting a 8.5 kg was a great option. It has more than 10 different cycles from sports, heavy to wool and delicate. It cleans and rise perfectly with minimum noise. We have been using it for almost a year a our clothing does not look wear out. My favorite features are the soil and spin speed options that this model offers.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

So far so good

After having LG washing machines for 15 years, I was looking for a new washing machine that would not wrinkle my clothes and lint free.
1. Has so many functions,
2. clothrs are wrinkle free,
3. Lint free,
4. Big size, grear for blankets,

1. Speedy function is almost 40 minutes,
2. Regular and normal Cycles are quite lengthy,

Washes well, dries well...so far so good.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Top Loader review

The Fisher & Paykel top loader has been excellent so far. I have had it 6 months & no problems. Clothes come out washed properly on even the "quick wash" cycle plus it has heavier cycles for muddy footy gear etc. The delicates cycles seems good to. I'd recommend it.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Its OK Not as solid as the old ones

We have had a very good run with Fisher and Paykel appliances but they got sold to Haier a few years back and its starting to show up in their models. Our top loader is very good and has not given us any trouble so far but it has a plasticky flimsiness that you didnt used to see. Will it last 20 years like the old ones? Highly unlikely but for now its doing good work. To be fair, we use it every day and it always works.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Was Replaced after 2 months and now this one needs replacing, Terrible Service

Short and Sweet version.
First one stopped after 2 months and was replaced after a week with a new one!
Now this one has "Out of Balance" fault, Even when we have emptied it, WTH!
Will not pass the 28 min mark and now we have to wait 2 weeks til a service representative turns up!
Who do they pay to get top marks in choice and canstar?
I still don't think they wash the clothes properly, always marks are left!
Washing machines are a long term investment and should work for 10 years or more,

Well they used too!!!!!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Reliable and good capacity perfect for a family of 4

I love my new washing machine, I can wash most of my clothes in 2-3 loads. It has a great capacity and all sorts of functions and cycles suitable for cotton, wool and delicate fabrics as well. It was recommended by Choice Magazine and I trust them, that spurred my initial choice. The machine is quiet. I bought it from Appliances online and it was delivered within a few days. They also took my old washing machine away for recycling! I would also recommend it!

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Good family washer

This is our third Fisher and Paykel and while I agree with others that the quality is not a good as it used to be, it is still very good. Our boys just check anything in the is washer and it always churns through. The user interface is absolutely simple and the results are always reliable. I dont know if it will last like the old ones but I think the brand is still good compared to others

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Fabric NOT smart Just OK

We bought this based on the long service and reliability of our previous Fisher and Paykel washer. Well things have changed! I knew as soon as we got it that the build quality was not the same and recently its taking little nips out of things so there is a snag point somewhere inside. This is honestly a pretty crappy washer compared to the old days. It works but you can tell there is no way it will put in the long service like the old days due to its cheap construction, Just OK

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Terrible Washing Machine -Terrible Customer Service - Buyer Beware!

I purchased on 18 February 2018. In April 2018 the machine is inoperable. The Fisher & Paykel WA1068P1 was recommended by Choice Magazine and I wanted a reliable washing machine that worked and did what it is supposed to do. I purchased from The Good Guys Alexandria and paid extra for premium delivery and installation to minimise any possible issues.
The manual was read and the washing machine was operated according to instructions.The machine was level.The automatic water level option was used.
On use the first issue to become obvious is that the lint is terrible. There is no lint filter and although it is a large machine you cannot put towels or anything fleecy with other items because of the lint.
After 5 uses the washing machine started to leak on the spin. After 10 uses the machine is useless. It stops mid cycle with uneven load display (when the load is not uneven) and after clothes are adjusted (just in order to make it start again) the machine will not complete a cycle - when it gets to 7 or 8 minutes left to go it resets to 13 minutes consistently on a loop.
I called Fisher & Paykel customer service and after waiting an inordinate time I was told I could not get technical advice over the phone and the only option was to book a service call with a three week waiting period.
Three weeks with no washing machine!
I was also informed that despite the washing machine being only two months old, not working with an obvious electronic fault and under full warranty that I may have to pay for the service call. On reading the Fisher & Paykel warranty terms and conditions this is correct - the warranty covers hardly anything at all. Make sure you read the warranty before you purchase anything from Fisher & Paykel.
I then tested the levels of the machine and tried the factory reset option. I then ran the Installation Test Cycle to see if there were any installation errors. Although the instructions were followed to the letter that cycle would not initialise and the empty machine went into a full washing cycle. Of course it stopped mid cycle with an uneven load error - with no load.
So after purchasing a new top of the range washing machine - two months later I am stuck with an under performing washing machine that will not work!
I called the Good Guys Alexandria for after sales assistance but could not get anyone to answer the phone and stayed on a loop back to Reception for 20 minutes. The only advice I got was try calling back tomorrow.
A huge waste of valuable time and money on all fronts.
I called the Good Guys Alexandria back the next day and spoke to the store manager who organised a Fisher & Paykel service call within 3 working days.The washing machine had a faulty motherboard and as the replacement part was not available Fisher & Paykel agreed to replace the machine. The Good Guys organised a new replacement machine in two days.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018


Got F&P WA8560P1 (even waited for it from Sydney because Good guys ran out of stock!) because I saw its high rating. We were disappointed because the manual is NOT EASY to understand.
1.) It mentioned about resetting the washer to default setting - BUT it doesn't mention what the DEFAULT setting of the washer is!
2.) Buttons are not user friendly though the machine looks sturdy and robust. Adjusting washer options IS A PAIN - PERHAPS A VERY INSTRUCTIONAL MANUAL WILL EASE THE PAIN OF ADJUSTING THE MACHINE. FOR EXAMPLE, just turning the DELAY START was a mystery by following the manual.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

It just works

washes well, is mostly quiet in operation and though sceptical about full auto it does a good job in selecting fabrics, spin speed and wash action. Powder through the top is easy and never found anything undissolved. You can set how you like or just press start, now been running for 3 years including a move out of Sydney.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Strong smart loader.

Plenty of options to choose from when washing. Have put in large loads consistently and seems to do a pretty good job. I have used Fisher front loaders but prefer the top loader edition seems to get the job and stir the suds around more effectively. Can be too aggressive

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Good washing machine but...

Negatives first: 1. Take the top off to load washing powder 2. Left oil stain on white shirt putting down to clumped laundry powder 3. Chewed up new sock under fin probably due to low water usage on auto water level. 4. Plastic bottom part of inside drum already scratched probably from press stud on polo( recommend turning clothes inside out)
The machine washes heaps better than my old Whirlpool. Lots of different cycles. Much quieter. Have used all cycles including washing pillows on bulky all very good. Recommend reading manual to know how each cycle functions. Recommend manually adjusting water level and adjusting spin speed to 700 especially in summer. 1100 speed is practically dry. Much gentler on clothes than my Whirlpool.
Have used for 3 weeks now favorite cycles are regular and sport.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Good product

This washing machine cleans and washes clothes great. It doesn't wear out the clothes and it is quiet once the door is close. The only thing I dislike is that it auto drains the water unless you put it on pause. In an older previous model the washing machine could be switched off and soaked the clothes. With this model if you turn it off it will auto drain which is frustrating and a feature you can't turn off. It has been a while since I bought a washing machine and I wish I had known that auto drain was a thing. Other than that the machine is great and I have had no issues. It is very simple to use!

Date PurchasedOct 2017

The little washer that could

Purchased in 2013, were were a little worried about the push-button controls, having only ever owned rotary knob washers. Since that time, we've been very impressed with the washer performance. It senses the level of clothing in the bowl, and adjusts the water level accordingly. It's saved us a bit of money on water usage, and it's ability to pre-program washes based on the dirtiness of clothing, rinsing, soaking and drying options is virtually endless.
Clothes are cleaned and rinsed well - there's no soapy residue (as we've experienced with some washer's we've used). Its exceptionally quiet and has a lock feature that prevents the lid from being opened during certain stages of the wash.
Best features are the capacity of the bowl and countdown timer (let's you plan precisely down to the minute, what you'll be able to do while the washing is on).
Overall, this was a great value for money washer, and as a product, is a great ambassador for Fisher and Paykel more generally.

Date PurchasedJun 2013

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A message come up fault code 37 was does that mean can anyone help please
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My control dial only allows me to select two options Regular and Heavy. It won’t turn to highlight any other options. Any ideas?
No answers

My machine is a wash smart WA 856OG1 ( 8.5kg). The autodrain function is a pain. Is there a way that it can be switched off, to enable soaking for more than 2 hours. There is already a lid lock function, so this feature is not necessary and removes one of the functions of a top loader.
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FabricSmart WA1068P1 (10kg)FabricSmart WA8560P1 (8.5kg)FabricSmart WA70T60FW1 (7kg)FabricSmart WA80T65FW1 (8kg)FabricSmart IW812FabricSmart IW712FabricSmart WA8060P1 (8kg)
Price (RRP) $1,499$1,199
Capacity10 kg8.5 kg
FeaturesAuto Balancing, Auto Dispense and Door/Lid Lock (Child-proof)Auto Balancing, Auto Dispense and Door/Lid Lock (Child-proof)
Energy Rating4 star(s)4 star(s)
Water Rating3.5 star(s)3.5 star(s)
Household Size 5+ people3-4 people
Drum MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Colour / Finish WhiteWhite
Dimensions 1090 x 685 x 700 mm1075 x 600 x 600 mm
Motor TypeSmartDriveSmartDrive
Max Spin Speed 1,100 rpm1,100 rpm
Number of Spin Speeds33
Number of Wash Cycles1212
Open Lid Height 1,460 mm1,380 mm
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)
Release dateAug 2011Aug 2011Jul 2003Jul 2003
Replaced byFisher & Paykel FabricSmart WA80T65FW1 (8kg)Fisher & Paykel FabricSmart WA70T60FW1 (7kg)Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA8060G1 (8kg)

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