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Fisher-Price My Lil Lamb Rocking Bassinet

Fisher-Price My Lil Lamb Rocking Bassinet

3.7 from 14 reviews

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Perfect first bed

We are so happy with this purchase! It is light weight and easy to move around, including from upstairs to downstairs in the early weeks so bub could be near me during day sleeps. We used it for about 6 months before moving up to a cot. So easy to put together and pack away (hopefully to be used again in the future). It was great for the price.

Looks cute but not funtional

I bought the Fisher-Price My Lil Lamb Rocking Bassinet for my daughter, thinking was great and cute bassinet foe a little bub but not. The mobile is stack on the way and anytime that I'm putting my baby to sleep the lambs hit her head waking her up. I took the lambs out trying to fix the problem, but the mobile's arm is on the way and is hard to put a big 9 weeks baby on without wake her up.
The mattress was so thin, so I pay extra $40 for a new one, after reading about the screws reviews.
If you want to close or open the little canopy DONT do it if your baby is sleeping, the clicking is so loud and awful.
And last the rocking movement is terrible.
So, I can't recommend this bassinet. I should go for something better for that price.

looks like a great bassinet but..

i can just tell now that the mobile is really going to get in the way. also i dont like how hard it is to find a mattress that fits this bassinet in my country. other then that i like how big and spacious it is so i know im going to get my moneys worth from this bassinet and how it has breathable mesh on both sides

Good Big, Deep Rocking Bassinet

I love this bassinet its big and deeper than other bassinets so you will get more use out of it than other bassinets. Also it's very stable. I had another bassinet which collapsed with my baby in it when my son rocked it too hard. I went straight out and bought this bassinet to replace it to avoid it happening again.

I didn't install the musical mobile as I found it too difficult, but also didn't want to have it distract my baby whilst getting baby to sleep. The wheels are lockable and can be rolled it to utilise the rocking feature. The only thing I don't like about it is if you kick your feet against the foot of the bassinet it can really hurt and this happens often because the feet of the bassinet do protrude quiet a bit.

Freaked out!

I couldn't agree more with you, Tara. Found the screw/press stud liked mark on my daughter's back when the nurse did the home visit. I've checked the mattress and her clothes several times but found nothing. Thought it was birth mark or something, so I was waiting for her paediatrician appointment next week to discuss about it. Since she cries every time I put her down these two days, I investigated the bassinet again today and just found out what actually caused it. Those two screws in the middle of the wooden board! I am so freaked out, the mark looks permanent now and she is only 8 weeks old. I don't know if the mark will disappear, this worries me sick.

Looks great but...

Bought this bassinet new for my little guy and while I know that hair loss is normal he was waking up with a red mark on his head, on closer inspection due to not feeling right about it I found that the mattress is so thin that the screw that holds the wooden base down is actually leaving a mark on the mattress outer and obviously my sons head! As well as a divot in the foam where his head rest even though I rotate the mattress at each sheet change :( also the mobile is super cute but super in the way should be able to flip it down or clip on and off for ease of getting your sleeping baby into it.
I thought this was a great buy, looked fantastic. Quite disappointed.
Update ... Customer service is great and resolution reached

Wheels do not work properly

Bassinet itself is great however if you are likely to wheel the bassinet to other rooms regularly do not buy this. We have timber floor boards and have to drag it into the lounge from our bedroom (approx 5 metres away) as the wheels get stuck and do not roll properly. We have started to carry the bassinet into the lounge. Would not buy this if I realised it was like this. Havent taken the bassinet back but probably should.

Loved it!

We absolutely fell in love with bassinette for our little girl. So sturdy, mobile and light was great and music. Never used the rocking feature but good idea. Only con is when I lifted the mattress at the foot where bubs feet went for 5 months it had mould! It's happened to another persons also exact same spot. We wash sheets every second day, no damp blankets or anything so not sure how it happened to same bassinette two different people.
Style, Design & Large size
Mould at base under mattress

Good bassinet but terrible mattress

I recently bought this bassinet and have been using it with my son immediately upon returning home from hospital. The bassinet has great features in the mobile, night light, music and vibration however the mattress that comes with the bassinet is extremely poor and not really suitable for use. I was however able to buy an alternative mattress which is much more sturdy.
Another con is that fitted sheets are difficult to find as the size is bigger than standard bassinet but smaller than cradle.
Great features which help little one sleep
Terrible mattress which I needed to replace prior to use. Non-standard size makes it difficult to find fitted sheets.

Safe and worth every dollar

Have been using this bassinet since day one and found that it was one of the sturdiest bassinets out there.
The features are great like the music, lights and night light.
If i were to make any adjustments to the design however, I'd change is the mobile i wish it was retractable as it sometimes gets in the way when putting baby down to sleep. I don't know if it was just me but sometimes I'd accidentally press the vibrate button instead of the light button which startled bub (would've been better design wise to move vibrate button to the top possibly). Also I found the canopy wasn't very smooth and made a clicking noise each time I was opening/closing it so we never really use it.
Besides those mentioned, I'm glad I made the purchase and have been using it everyday for the past 3+ months.
Sturdy, under storage, mobile
Canopy makes a lot of noise when opening/closing

Perfect bassinet

This was amazing for my bub. She slept in it until she was 8 months old. Only moving her out because she pulls herself up and I'm afraid of her tumbling out. It's nice and extremely sturdy, my daughter rolls around in it for ages and I never fear that it could fall over.
Reliable, sturdy, safe
It's time consuming to remove the mobile arm.

Lovely bassinet

Baby sleeps comfortably in here, can wheel around the house, baby loved the lights and tunes - can entertain him while I have a shower in the mornings after his feed and I know he is safe. Baby doesn't like the vibrate function (we thought he would!). Beautiful design and soft material.
Cons - Slightly annoying that the mobile is fixed as you bang baby's head on it despite trying to pull toys up (germs?), the basket underneath is just an invitation to our cats - so had to put boxes permanently in there and shame the basket is just a cloth material (cotton?) which the cat hair sticks!
Lights, mobile and music.. beautiful design
Fixed mobile arm, cheap material for basket

Good bassinet up to 6 months

This has been a good bassinet for our daughter.
Pros include, moveable with wheels, variety of songs, three level adjustable canopy. Really light weight, my husband and I would carry it up and down the stairs with ease

Cons - fixed arm mobile got in the way when putting bub in and out so unfortunately we had to bubble wrap the dangling toys and hard mobile so not as to hit her head
The canopy makes an awful loud clicking noise when going up and down and would often wake my little one. Mattress isn't the greatest, made bub sweat and had a permanent crease mark fold down the middle of the mattress.

Overall a good bassinet if only the mobile was moveable and other cons were fixed then it would of gotten 5 stars
Easily wheelable, cute design, songs and lights
Fixed mobile, clicking canopy, mattress

Fantastic for my baby!

My hubby and I received this bassinette as a present - our intention was to use the cot for our baby straight away but now we are so glad we didn't! This bassinette has wheels and we easily moved it from our bedroom to the day area when needed. In a couple of minutes the wheels can be tucked under and it turns into a rocking bassinette which really helped me in soothing the baby. The mobile has some lovely calming melodies, lights and nature sounds and my daughter loves looking at it now. The only thing is that the mobile arm is fixed and once it is on, it does not move - it's really no big deal, it only gets slightly in the way while picking bub up or putting her in the bassinette. It has mesh sides and firm but comfortable mattress for safety. Having bub in our bedroom is great. If you have extra money, investing in this bassinette is a great idea - shame our baby will outgrow it soon (she is almost three months).
Wheels easily converted into a rocker, relaxing music, safe, nice design
Mobile arm is fixed and it can get a little in the way

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Does anyone know where you can buy additional fitted sheets? It's says to only use the ones made to the dimensions of the mattress but none seem to fit!

Questions & Answers

Where can I buy the correct mattress for this as baby bunting dont have one that fits correctly
1 answer
I have been looking around aswell can’t seem to find any answers lots of people have said they had to make there own

Had taken this product 6 yrs back. Want to re assemble for the 2nd baby. How to get it done?
1 answer
go to their site and download the manual

How do u retract the wheels i just brought it second hand with no instructions?
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