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Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

4.7 from 17 reviews

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A serous splitter

Up until now I though that successfully splitting logs depended on two things - how big the splitting axe head was, and how hard you could strike with it. The X27 busts both those myths. It is relatively lightweight, and also pretty sharp. This means that you can swing it easily and it penetrates with each strike, forcing the log open. The handle is also super comfortable, and seriously strong - overstrikes have no effect at all. My entire collection of cheap oversized splitting axes have now become junk! This splitting axe is an absolute must if you have a job to do, and don’t want to waste time and energy attempting to do it.

Purchased in August 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $129.00.

Brilliant. Made my life so much easier.

The Fiskars splitter is a block splitter and axe all in one. The perfect length and light weight . Superior quality and an unbeatable price . Has made my job so much easier

Purchased in April 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $89.00.

Fantastic, goodbye wooden handle block splitters

The Fiskars X27 is fantastic to use on any gum you desire. I'm a fit 67 year old but lucky to last two hours using a heavy wooden handle block-splitter on a good day! I last four to five hours with the Fiskars splitting hard Aussie blocks. All Aussie hardwoods are no match for it I've found but of course twisted or really hard blocks you have to find "the sweet spot" and WILL win. When using the Fiskars X27 I've yet to experience jarring and honestly after using it for a few days tried out the old wooden handle block splitter and after splitting one large block decided will never use one of those torture tools again. With the Fiskars lightness and safety hooked end find I can take a longer, higher swing and come down faster therefore a heavier block splitter becomes redundant? If experience a miss-hit the X27 was always in my control due to it's lightness and remember a 67 year old maybe not as strong as a young bloke. Fiskars X27 rules!

Purchased in February 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $129.00.

Great tools

I have a outdoor boiler, cut firewood 3' and 40" this year, oak beech hickory and maple, used the x27 and the fiskars splitting maul, great tools one to two strikes with the maul and around three to four with the x27, awesome tools, Ecspecially if your firewood won't fit a wood splitter.

Purchased in July 2018 for $45.00.

Great piece of kit.

I've had one of these for several years, used for splitting firewood. Some years I just buy loads of split wood, but often I buy my wood in the form of a truckload of logs, which I then cut into lengths to suit my old Saxon woodheater and split.

Before the Fiskars splitting axe, I went through several old-fashioned wooden handle block-splitters. Often the hanles would break, or splinter when I missed the block and slammed the handle into the block I was trying to split. Now a poor tradesman always blames his tools, they say, so fair cop, not the fault of the wooden handle but my fault I would get tired and careless.

But the unbreakable handle of the Fiskars splitter is a poor-tradfesman-proof tool. The head is kind of nifty too, with its arrow-head shape.

It was expensive, but in the end I reckon it has saved me money. So I would recommend.

Date PurchasedMay 2010

Not up to the job!

Sorry Fiskars, but this splitting axe is just not up to dealing with Aussie hardwood!
I purchased this splitting axe & sharpener to replace my block-splitter, it looked great, was lightweight & seemed to be a good idea.......
Problem is it is just not as effective as a good old fashioned splitter. Now to clarify, my block-splitter, has a sizeable/heavy head & a long handle, so really generates some force when used.
I am not an expert, but this is where the Fiskars fails, there is simply not enough weight in the head & the handle if longer, would generate more speed when impacting the log.
2 other flaws seem apparent with the Fiskars splitting axe, firstly, it looks like the handle is not removable, so the whole unit would be a throw-away if it breaks, but more importantly, the handle transmits massive jarring on impact - far more than a good timber handle.
The proof however was in the paddock, I have compared both the Fiskars with my block-splitter on many occasions on the same logs the block-splitter is infinitely better, requiring fewer blows & frequently splitting timber that the Fiskars just couldn't do more than dent.
To be fair in this review, the timber on my farm is damn tough (yellow box) & I have a large fire so do cut fairly large logs, the Fiskars would be probably be OK with smaller logs or softwood..............additionally, it is well packaged & the head-cover with the handle is really practical, as is the sharpener that works well.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Love it

I kept breaking my other cheap axes but this one has not yet broken. It’s great it also has a twenty five year warranty. I purchased mine from our local hardware store at $173.90 in August twenty seventeen. I would recommend this product to anyone who has issues with other axes breaking also.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Lovely piece of kit

I had the trunks of three firs to cut up, the arborist having sawn them into fireplace-sized lengths. I thought about a powered log splitter then saw a review of the Fiskars vs and Aldi electric log splitter. The Fiskars was much faster. Off to Bunnings. The Fiskars X27 was fairly pricey - three times the cheapest log splitter. It's much lighter than a maul and lighter than my axe. I read axes are for cutting, not splitting. An axe tends to jam in the log.

This X27 has proved to be a great buy. It splits a log in one strike. In a couple of hours I had disposed of the trunks...and I'm 65.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

We have a winner!

I recently bought a heavy traditionally shaped splitter with a fibreglass / whatever handle. I'm 70 and have a heart condition (I know, I shouldn't be splitting wood, but I like it) and it was bouncing off. My swings have obviously lost a bit of velocity over the years, but the handle had a bit too much spring as well I think. A friend mentioned an axe that was amazing and I said that it was probably a Fiskars as all of their products that I have used over the years had been brilliant.

The next day, I was walking out of Bunnings with my new FiskarsX27 splitting axe.

The axe is unlike any splitter I have ever seen. Very sharp for a splitter and the splitting wedge had rather an acute angle and the axe was pretty light overall.

Splitting red gum when I got home was amazing, The axe just blasted through the timber and one whack splitting was the order of the day.

I noticed on the net that people were concerned about the handle but a check on YouTube showed a video where a fit young guy did over two hundred overstrikes with out a problem. No wooden handle would 'handle' that, haha. As I was getting tired, I had a solid overstrike and there was not a mark on the handle.

Like I said, we have a winner! 25year warranty as well. What's not to like?

Date PurchasedJun 2018


I now own the Fiskars X21, X25 and X27 all beautiful aces that cut through the wood like butter, the axe is lightweight mostly and the weight is all in the head, the handle absorbs shock wonderfully, these aren’t products I couldn’t be without when it comes to splitting wood!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

This is actually for the X25 Fiskars but it is identical apart from the length.

I was a little dubious also about the cost but it has been working really nicely so far.Quite well designed and a pleasure to use, certainly a lot easier on the body than the old blocksplitter I own (and have now put in storage). Used on some really twisted dense ironbark and did a good job, used on spotted gum the Fiskars basically carved it up.Sure there a few small dings in the sharp edge but the unit seems extremely solid, really happy I got this and every time I use it reinforces that, Love it !

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Cant fault it so far. Just split 3 ton of wandoo and the same of jarrah

Had my last axe for a number of years and was a bit dubious about paying that much but well worth the money. Well done to all in the design team at Fiskars. I must admit to not having heard of the brand but when i get home i found all my wifes secataurs are the same brand. So that was hard case. Cheers

Date PurchasedMar 2017


I'd been having trouble splitting my gnarly grained blocks of Ironbark & Yellowbox. Finally my handle broke so I thought I'd get a decent axe to replace it. I read good reviews of the X27 so I got one from Bunnings for $129. All I can say is wow! It splits so much better. I had some blocks that I'd given up on with my old axe but with a bit of work I was able to get though them with the X27. The handle is super light so all the weight is where you want it in the head. The handle really absorbs to the shock well. I'm not overly physical but I have no trouble swinging it. The thing I noticed most is that it doesn't get stuck nearly as much as my old axe. If you're cutting a lot of wood then it's definitely worth the premium price.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

A Good Splitter But The Steel is Of Dubious Quality

I purchased the Fiskars X27 at Katoomba Home Hardware about a fortnight ago for $139. I have used a Cyclone block buster since 1980 with no problems other than having to replace the wood handle more than a few times. However at 63 years of age, the old back and arm muscles cry out for mercy after splitting 3 cubic metres of Ironbark, Bull Oak, etc. My first impression of the Fiskars was that this is a really good, lightweight splitting axe with what appears to be a very durable plastic/fiberglass handle; time will tell. However the "sharp" edge rolled over and chipped after splitting about eight pieces of Ironbark; Not a good look! The quality of steel in my old felling axes leaves the Fiskars looking like an overly expensive toy.
Edit: I've now owned and used the Fiskars for a full firewood season re-splitting purchased Ironbark (three cubic metres) and about six cubic metres of local Silver-top Ash that I've cut myself. Despite my earlier concerns about the quality of the steel the Fiskars is a very capable splitter. Keep your heavier blockbuster for the really big, tough, gnarly stuff and use the Fiskars for everything else; your back (and arm, wrist and elbow joints) will love you for it.

Expensive but you'll value the ease of use

My true wood cutting days started in country Norway. Being a 30 year old Ozzy living in a foreign country and now having to use wood to keep the house warm, I asked the country bumkin Norwegians what I should buy.. Their opinion was near unanimous, buy a Fiskars. At that time some 25 years ago it was a x17 splitting axe.
Since, I have bought a few other Fiskars products, 2 of which being the x25 splitter and now the x27 splitter.
I also have a conventional Cyclone branded splitter which is excellent as I can split timber directly against soil, rocks etc.. It's not sharp and therefore the cutting edge, if you can call it that, doesn't chip..but WOW is it hard work using the Cyclone.
The X27 I feel is better than the X25 only due to the additional 200mm length of the handle.
But, yep there's always a but..
Fiskars Axes and Splitters have a true cutting edge which is made from teflon coated high carbon steel. Therefore the cutting edge is prone to chip or at least be damaged if you cut directly on dirt, stones or rock. Simply don't do this..
Always cut onto a chopping block of 300-500 mm high. This is a much safer way to split timber, it also gives solid base and won't chip your splitters cutting edge.
Splitting timber is hard work, but the x27 will minimize the effort you need to put in. It’s an excellent splitter and well worth the $130 it will cost.

Awesome, a real pleasure to use.

I have this and the X25 (720mm). Love them both. I find the X27, with its 200mm extra length, a lot safer. With the X25 because of its "shortness" if you do happen to miss or bounce of your target, you could wind up in hospital with a "split" shin :-( The extra 200mm in length allows the head to strike lower down therefore hopefully just hitting the dirt.
Have to highly recommend Fiskars on their quality of materials, the shaft, the head and the sheath are 1st grade. The do pass a mild vibration through when splitting, giving a different sensation to a regular maul, un-nerving at first but soon you will never go back to a regular log splitter.

Expensive but worth it!

Like a lot of people, I imagine I only write a review if the product is brilliant or woeful... Well, never thought I could be bothered doing a review on something like a log splitter, but this is really a case of wanted to promote this product because it really is brilliant.

Expensive yes (I got mine for $99 on special at Mitre 10) but it is perfectly balanced, doesn't have the over strike problem due to the nature of the handle and unlike an axe I've never had it stuck in the log. This saves time and lots of effort.

I have a a traditional maul but wont be going back. I've just finished splitting about 3 tonne of wood and while the edge is a little chipped (partly my fault for using it straight on logs on the ground) its still in great condition.
Balance, no overstrike risk
Its pricy in Australia, I bet its much less in Europe and US. But hey what isn't!

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