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Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

Latest review: The Fiskars X27 is fantastic to use on any gum you desire. I'm a fit 67 year old but lucky to last two hours using a heavy wooden handle block-splitter on a good day! I last four to five hours with

Ryobi ONE+ 18V 3.5L Sprayer Console

Latest review: I have purchased 24 tools in total and have 3 chargers one being a 12v car charger and I have 10 batteries. In the 5 years of use I have only replaced one grinder that had done more work than it

Solo Backpack Sprayer

Latest review: Comfortable backpack - well balance and easy to pump. The spray head is great and covers a big swathe. I can now weed spray our 250 metre long gravel driveway with ease. Very simple

Gardenline Tap Timer Item 46715

Latest review: Bought it when it was on sale (I bought it early because they're only on sale once or twice as year) but didn't actually install it for about 9 months until the irrigation system was completed. Then

Holman BTX1

Latest review: Had one for about 6 months now, works perfect every time. Not a single issue with it at all. Would absolutely recommend to anyone who is sick of wasting time with hand

Holman Dial EZY Controller

Latest review: Second controller, wont retain settings .Horrible product. Pity, i had previous model for years Worked fine.Have contacted holman via there email contact page. Haven't heard back.They should

Holman Automatic Digital Tap Timer CO1605

Latest review: I’e had a poor experience with the quality of these . I replaced 2 which split after a few months. Another has split and the other is blocked in the u

Hills Garden Sprayer

Latest review: Worked ok for first fill then the plunger fell apart. The wand is about 30cm long or a foot or so. A joke if you dont want to bend

Hot Devil Weed Killer

Latest review: OK. I read the negative reviews carefully. I examined the product. And it made sense. So I tried it out. It works as described. I use it to burn out the weeds in my brick pavers. It burns them to

Aqua Systems 5L Garden Pressure Sprayer Kit

Latest review: I have 3 x 5 Ltr spray pots all triggers have failed & can NOT get spare parts. I will never buy another one or any other product made by Aqua or products made by the parent company as they need to

Pope Aquazone Trio Tap Timer

Latest review: In attempting to install the unit, I programmed in a couple of cycle start times and duration but once I hooked it up to the water it ran continuously. Various attempts to stop it all failed except

Pope Aquazone Duo Tap Timer 1010377

Latest review: One of the outlets became intermittent after about a month, and failed altogether after about 6 months. The landscaper who installed it is now out of business, and refuses to replace it. A call to

Pope Snap Shot Timer

Latest review: I have now owned 5 Pope snapshot timers and one multi-timer so can can speak with a high degree of experience. First up, each one functioned well for a few weeks to a couple of months. After that the

Talon Post Hole Digger

Latest review: Hi,... I am back again. Didn't write this up for a while as I really wanted to test it out, but after 3 years and hundreds of holes, post, tree holes, shrubs in winter and summer ground, 100% thumbs

Tree Popper

Latest review: I have a Tree Popper on loan from Tocal Agricultural College to assist me in removing Lantana and African Olive trees. Wow! they are fantastic, makes the removal of these trees so much easier,

Fiskars Xact 4 Prong Weed Puller

Latest review: So easy to use I bought this one from Bunning for 74 dollars because of the 25yr warranty ,ahead of the cheaper version that cost of 35 dollars.i found the unit very easy and fast to use, I can't


Latest review: Great product. It can be used on a long handle which can be screwed onto the comb and that is how I like to use it as it spares me bending. I can give two tips, first for the user, second for the

Tanaka Post Hole Digger JEA-50

Latest review: I'm a professional fencer, I've used several top brand machines over the past 17yrs but the only one I use and recommend is a Tanaka. Is worth it's weight in gold. The dig assist is a must if you

Gardena Water Computer FlexControl 1883

Latest review: There's a lot to like about this tap timer - it has a good range of different timing options, yet is still quite intuitive and simple to program. I purchased mine in November 2015, and it did its

Silvan 16L Rechargeable Backpack Sprayer

Latest review: Problems with starting. Very temperamental. When it goes it is okay but unpredictable. Wheels too small. Handle comes out not enough lead. Battery charger goes from green to red when it is charged.

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