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Optus and flybuys

Read on line that Optus was now a flybuys partner. Just tried to add flybuys card to Optus account. Cannot be done. Only available if you receive a personal email invitation for a particular product.

One word "Scammers"

I received an email with a promotion, it says "Collect 3,000 BONUS POINTS on your next vehicle service at Kmart Tire & Auto Service!" The offer was valid from Tue 15 Jan to Sat 9 Feb 2019, so I had my car serviced on 21 Jan 2019. It says though that "Points collected during the promotion will be credited to qualifying member's accounts within 4 weeks of the promotional end date". The points weren't added after 5 weeks, so I rang the Flybuys call center 6 times, in 6 occasions and spoke with them but every time they give me a different lie, the last one was very strange as they requested my invoice to send it to them despite the fact that the transaction of KMart Tire is still shown on my account and on their system. I talked to their last week, they said they'll fix it soon but until this moment nothing happened. It's been 8 weeks now.

Love, Love, Love FLYBUYS!!

I have been using Flybuys since forever! Have my NAB card hooked up and I have numerous Flybuy cards so that other members of the family can scan their card also and it all just keeps adding up! I've been able to get mobile phones, ipad, baby monitor, portable DVD player, home phones, the list goes on!
I really love the bonus points too although some of the offers are way over my weekly spend and unobtainable. But overall, super happy 5*s.

The best way to earn points

I purchased a card so I could earn points when I shop at Coles, Liquorland, First Choice, Coles Express and at Target. I also use this at Shell when I purchase Petrol.

never missing points

The Flybuys offers are quite generous compare to another big competitor. Points from supermarket usually credit the day after transaction, points from other retailer within the Coles group will credit later but usually within a month. The design of app has great function, the newly designed game of shake and play has made the shopping experience more fun. The only down side is the shopping mission mostly has to be done in one go, that's not so much fun but killing brain.

Points vanish - all in their favour

Last used my flybuys card May 2017. Then, due to a personal situation, was unable to to use my card until December 2018. And - guess what? All points (27,800) vanished, card 'terminated'. Been a user for more than 10 years, with many thousands of points transacted. Maybe a review of compassionate reasons would help a lot with confidence;

100% SCAM

I tried to book an Airline ticket with this Flybuys and with the points the ticket for the ticket was $183 with Jetstar the same ticket with Jetstar was $49.
$134 over for being a Flybuys member....
Cut the card into pieces and threw it in the RED BIN.

Flybuys is the best

I scan my flybuys card every single time at participating retailes. I have redeemed so many appliances and outdoor machinery. The way i collect most points is by using my coles mastercard and also i have coles insurance for car and home which boosts my points quicker. People that say flybuys is a scam dont know how to use it and how to maximise the points. If only people knew what i have reedeemed with flybuys points they would not believe it. Flybuys rule, i prefer them over the woolies rewards which i also use when i shop at woolworths.

Scam !

I believe that fly-bys is a scam that shops use to catch shoplifters the company themselves constantly send you emails that you need to activate promising bonus points for purchasing specific products etc however if you check they rarely come through 5000 bonus points 3000 bonus points double points points when you check your statement they’re not there even when you write down the dates and keep the receipts and go back and check in three months time the points never come or they do come and you are given only a 10th of what you’re supposed to get it and then when you contact fly-bys you told someone will get back to you within three weeks but they never do, the points never come it’s just a big scam

What a joke of a program.

I have been a member flybuys for many years. For starters the idea of earning 1 point per dollar yet you need 2000 points to earn a $10 voucher is an absolute rip off joke. Furthermore the FlyBuys program seems to get worse. I think I'll stick with the other programs. It's almost a turn off, as I prefer Woolworths rewards for the fact they offer a far better program. FlyBuys really needs to pull a head together, especially if it wants to keep it's customers.


After collecting and saving point for over 7 years; I am now told that my account is locked even though I can log in and it will only be unlocked by giving them some ID proof showing date of birth. This is a disgraceful scam to try and make every attempt to block us from redeeming points. Date of birth is used by every major financial institution as means of personal verification and Flybuys takes no responsibility to secure the information or take no liability if it get hacked. Pure Scam...

Redeemed points for a hand mixer, got a toaster

I recently had enough points to redeem and saw a hand mixer on the Flybuys website that looked good. I ordered it and a toaster arrived instead. It was white, just like the hand mixer, so clearly, there has been a mix up at the warehouse, no biggy right? Should be easy to fix? Representative on the phone, Joshua, had zero effs to give, not an apology or even acknowledgement of the inconvenience. Couldn't tell me how it would be fixed and had no reference number I could take down about the call. What an absolutely disappointing experience. Stuff ups happen but it's the customer service that matters and unfortunately I wasn't treated with any empathy at all. Get a new job mate.

Flybuys are awesome

Flybuys are a fun way to add points to many different types of shops to earn points, they can be used at Coles, Kmart, Coles Express, Officeworks and even Ebay as well as many others. It is a great way to be loyal by spending flybuy points back in the store, I highly recommend Flybuys to everyone!

SCAM company dodgy, someone shut them down

dollars redeem can never be spend. it kept saying insufficient fund

SO MANY transaction not capture, bonus points were never given. some a scam cheating butt company

Love It - So Happy!!!

Flybuys is far better!!! They actually do what they say they will in their promotions and have had no problems receiving my points from the promotions. Calls made to the customer service centre are answered and the person on the other end actually listens to what has been said and seem happy to help with your question. Flybuys rewards can spent at any of other shops be it - Kmart, Target, Coles.. No complaints from me about Flybuys!!! Love Flybuys. Can not say the same about Woolworths Rewards had nothing but problems; could not receive points even when the promotion was activated and customer service was a nightmare, it was like they couldn't have cared less even rude on the phone so why not change to Flybuys and treated nicely.

Scam - Don't give Bonus Bets and blame their partner

Received email from Flybuys promising $10,000 Bonus for each new service that was moved to Optus. Moved 3 services from Telstra (New Services as never been a customer of Optus) and using the link provided from Flybuys email. Points were not received and was told to call back after 2 months and will be manually added...After a few call back and forth over the last few days, Flybuys now say Optus has investigated and I don't qualify. No reason why even though the day before, I was told be a Flybuys employee all looked good and will be completed that day and to expect a call. Well that call never came so had to follow up myself again.
Followed the steps as per email and moved "New" Services and now they will not provide the bonus points. Off to ACCC we go as this is "Click Baiting" and against law.
Please be aware people. Don't be fooled by something that looks too good to be true!


They dont award bonus point when you complete transactions then to top it off you call them and they claim your a liar even with emails showing you completed the transaction needed to earn the bonus points

Flybuys STOLE my points and they won't give it back!!!

So, 64,000 points were forfeited from my account recently, apparently due to inactivity. After going back and forth with their complaints department for a few weeks, who were not empathetic or reasonable, I am still left without the points I spent years accumulating. They simply stood behind a clause within the fine print of your terms and conditions which allows Flybuys to STEAL my points if the account is deemed 'inactive'. Stealing points from the accounts of loyal customers without ANY warning, not even an email, is an outright malicious business tactic to recoup capital from customers who aren't well versed with your unfair T&C's. But at least they won't miss any junk advertisement emails to promote spending, that stuff goes out like clockwork.

I think it's time the ACCC cracked down on shady rewards programs that believe it's OK to steal peoples hard earned points. These points have a cash value, after all. This is no different than a bank forfeiting cash from your savings account due to 'inactivity'. It's not right.

Tells me that reward has not been activated when it had

Contacted them about $50 reward (after 4 week of spending at coles) only to be told that the offer has not been activated (this was through a second conversation after waiting for weeks for this reward). I am definitely sure of activating this but have no idea why they would say this. Of course if I had not activated, why would i be shopping for 4 weeks straight only at coles? Also the reason why I remember is because I sent a screenshot of the email received so that they can be aware of this offer.

The first call, they told me that it wasn't applied and that it will be applied within the week or may take up to a few weeks... why would they say this and suddenly go "you didn't activate"??

Taking to customer service is also a joke as they just hang up on you... (literally was like "ok? you didn't activate. bye")...

Flybuys.. I had been using this rewards program without any problem for the past few years but really disappointing...

Order not received

On the 17 th December 2018 I used points to purchase 4 Gold Class Movie Tickets, Reference No W 47793340, when these were not received by today the 11 th January I made a phone call to check whether they had been sent. I was told by the operator that she could not trace this reference and that I would have to wait 3 - 5 days for someone from head office to get in touch with me. I was not allowed to ring this further contact to pursue the matter, must wait for a call. The tickets are needed for the 19 th February, so I am left to wait and wonder, will someone ring and will tickets be sent in time. I can't believe some action couldn't be taken to immediately follow the matter up TODAY !! Hello please Flybuys.

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Can I buy mobile phone top up recharge with my flybuys dollars
1 answer
Only if it is covered in their website

how to replace my loss card
1 answer
Contact them directly .. obviously

I forgot my flybuys card when I went shopping at Coles yesterday. Can I now add my flybuys card to that shopping?
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