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Great value rewards program

Linked this to eBay & Coles purchases and I’ve received plenty of rewards points that I converted into gift cards. I have found the programme to be very worthwhile & I’d recommend signing up

Customer Service

I love this I can't live without it

I love this rewards card I use it as much as I can and I've got a couple of awesome rewards from saving my points on it I find it fun saving for rewards and it doesn't take too long to save points with shopping all the time

Customer Service

Can't unlink eBay and Flybuys both say call each other

I had my Flybuys card linked to an eBay account which was closed. When trying to link Flybuys to a new eBay account, I kept getting an error that the Flybuys card was already linked to an account. I called eBay customer service, who directed me to Flybuys. I don't know if the call centre operator deliberately misunderstood me, but she told me that Flybuys has nothing to do with closing eBay accounts and she can't help me. When I slowly explained that the problem was that Flybuys was linked to a closed eBay account and I wanted to relink it to a different one, she still didn't understand and told me to call eBay to have my eBay account closed! The problem appears to be at Flybuys end, as when I log in to their website it shows up under linked accounts that it's linked to eBay. When I go to eBay, they can't pull anything up as the account is closed. The only solution offered when I called back again was to create a new Flybuys account, which isn't useful, as the points I have accrued I wanted to use for a reward on eBay and a new account would have zero points!

Customer Service

Bad reward program, bad customer service

I am their customer since 2006/2007. I have accumulated up to $7000 worth of points but their reward program is bad. Customer service as well. They simply say "Unfortunately we are not able to tell you much, I will pass your feedback to the relevant team." Then, nothing has ever improved.

Customer Service

poor customer service

I called their customer service number and it felt like the person I spoke to was in a hurry to finish the call. I'm not even sure if he really did what he said he did.


Missed 1000point credit

I deleted in error the 1000point offer for purchases at Coles for exceeding a $50.00 value. Today,Thursday 1st August 2019 I spent $60.65 and request this 1000point credit to my account,please. my card number is 6008 9432 0158 8118.

Nothing but lies, very dishonest

Often experiencing missing bonus points. This time it’s 25000 missing bonus points. Keep calling them & they are keep waiting me. Very rude, arrogant, false & misleading customer representatives, specially Nicole. He/she said I must have to call between 9-5 if wanted to resolve the issue whereas given time is 9-7. Highly inappropriate, unethical, rude service who are there to kill our time & nothing else. Very dishonest people.


Not good enough

Using flybys card to redeem your points you need to sign in and bring to store the card before you can redeem compared to Woolworths every day rewards card much accessible to redeem no need sign in and you can redeem with your iPhone, Coles far behind from Woolworths .. need for improvement

Terrible customer service

Absolutely appalling customer service. Didn't help to resolve my issue. Absolute disgrace! I don't even know why people bother having this stupid card which does nothing. Only reason I scan this stupid card because I shop from Coles.


Mean Spirited

I spent all of my fortnightly pension grocery budget at Coles, in the hope of receiving some fly buy bonus points, only to be told that I didn't qualify, as I activated the offer when I got home, instead of before I shopped. I guess it's in the fine print somewhere, however I just think it's mean.

Flybuys close memberships after a year inactivity without informing the customers

I wanted to log on to Flybuys website to check some information and I was not able. So I called the Flybuys and I was told that my account had been closed for 4 years. And I have been scanning my card for about 3.5 years without knowing it and without gaining any points. The person explained to me that I did not use the card for a year (I could not find it) and therefore the account was closed - according to their membership terms and conditions. Nobody bothered to tell me that the account was closed - so I was wasting time and money using the card. I believe that a good company should inform the customers that their membership was closed. Otherwise, they are trying to attract customers and make them to do shopping with no reward.


Before there was so much more offers but as of nowadays there is hardly any more offers just ridiculous. And if there are offers they always if you buy this you get this. No more spending offers.


Fly buys card

I recently lost my flybuys card along with my wallet. I rang to request a replacement card. NOT HAPPY. After being spoken over, not listened to and constantly questioned as to the validity of my request, as the operater could not spell my name properly, and would not listen to me. If that was not enough I was told I am not the person I claim to be and cannot be helped. Am disgusted!!!!. After that I will be happy not to have a fly buys card, considering I rang Woolworths reward card with the same request and information and had no problem at all. I will be sticking them.

I love Fly Buys

I have 2 reward cards - Fly Buys and Woolworths Rewards. I definitely recommend the Fly Buys one as you seem to earn a lot more points more often. Great discounts and always great offers.


I can not redeem

I been to Coles 3 times to try to redeem my flybuys dollar to pay off my groceries but then the cashier just lied. I don’t understand, i follow the instructions on my flybuys app on how to redeem but still not working at all.


You have to be kidding

I am a single person living on my own, and yesterday Monday 1st of July I received an online order from Coles costing $300.00. Today Tuesday 2nd of July I received an email from Coles at flybuys stating that if I spend $210.00 at Coles in store or online order collected or delivered between Wednesday 3 July and Friday 5 July 2019 I would receive 3,000 BONUS POINTS. Considering my fridge and cupboards are pretty well stacked now, this offer is an absolute affront, and it is not the first time offers in this same line have been made by Coles flybuys. As the saying goes "You have to be kidding"

Used to be good, now it’s bad.

I had an offer for 10,000 points if I did a $90 shop every week for 4 weeks. Once I got to week 4 the offer disappeared so I messaged flybuys and asked about it. It took them almost a week to get back to me then pretty much told me it was my fault and that they couldn’t do anything about it.
No wonder they’ve got such bad reviews on here. I feel like them and Coles are just trying to squeeze money out of whoever they can.


Error in Coles shop ruining my fluybuys points

Because of a transaction error in Coles shop, I lost $50 worth of points plus my containers credit. I shared this with flybuys team and they didn't agree to reimburse my lose and after I sent all proofs (copy of tax invoice clearly showing the error), they stopped communicating (responding to my emails).
I've not stopped shopping from Colse and using my fluybuys card as a protest.


Discount Queen

I'm not working so have been using loyalty programs to take advantage of discounts and rewards. The Flybuys program has been pretty good and I would save around $30-50 each month by redeeming Flybuys dollars. Before I do my weekly shop I check the Flybuys app for specials and also the products I can buy to earn extra points (which I redeem as Flybuys dollars towards my shopping). I only buy what I will use anyway, or what is within my budget (it's counter-productive to buy things you don't need or can't afford to earn points). I also take advantage of the challenges where you can earn thousands of bonus points for spending a certain amount each week for 4 weeks. There are also boosters each week such as triple points on your largest shop or 500 points if you spend over a certain amount. You do need to activate each offer so it is important to check the app before shopping and make sure you enable all the offers. I also make sure I use my Flybuys card at Target and Liquorland as they are linked. The only thing I don't like about Flybuys is that with the shopping challenges (spend X amount each week for 4 weeks), you have to spend the target amount in one shop, whereas Woolies Rewards lets you build up to the target amount in as many shops as you like over each week. This is better as it's easier to spend the target in a few shops and stop when you've reached the target. There's been a few times with Flybuys that I've gone way over the target because I think I won't have enough!


Follow up surveys are a joke

Every so often I get an email survey based on "Your visit last ...day". Since they know I visited they must already know what I bought, which departments I shopped in, whether I used staffed or self-serve checkout etc. but they ask those questions all over again. I'm happy to claim the 50 points for telling them what they already know. I also get surveys based on shopping at my local Coles Express which is just across the road but oddly enough I never get any points credited when I shop there even though I get the survey!

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I did a $90.89 shop in Coles Tamworth 8761, when completed I swiped my flybuys card and my triple points card valid until 18th August, although the machine made the right noises it doesn't seem to appear on my docket. What can be done for me. My flybuys number is 6008 9446 7316 0113 regards Catherine Collins PS It would be so nice to be able to speak to an operator with queries like this
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Need to unlock my flybuys dollars
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