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Latest review: I contacted Rewardia could I had difficulty collecting a voucher but ...I still can't access them. Points add up quickly but remember 1000 points is equal to $1. Apart from this love the

Priceline Sister Club

Latest review: I purchased a card so I can use it when I shop at any Princeline so I can earn points and rewards when I get over a certain number

MYER one

Latest review: I purchased a card so I can use it every time I shop at Myer Doncaster and Myer Knox so I can earn points and rewards to save up for something when I reach a certain number of points


Latest review: The points alone are nothing much but you add in the bonus points that they offer and the four weekly deals and the odd free product and it works out pretty good. I don't use it to buy products but

Optus Perks

Latest review: Pity I cannot give 0 stars as Optus perks is number 1 for this. I tried all week to contact Optus perks to fix the issue I have as I cannot purchase discounted movie tickets via my smart phone. I

Woolworths Rewards

Latest review: I have not been able to link my Rewards card with my online shopping profile for Woolworths. I have contacted customer support 3 times, each time i've been given a new card number and told to

Qantas Frequent Flyer

Latest review: Missing small points from 8 out of 13 transactions via Qantas Shopping. Contacted them in October 2018 with copies of receipts but the missing points were not adjusted. Contacted customer service

Velocity Frequent Flyer

Latest review: Don't join, it's a waste of time. The bonus points promises are empty promises. The Customer Care Team based in the Philippines cares less about your loyalty and hard earned points. Makes me want to

Village Cinemas Gift Cards

Latest review: Got a valid gift card worth $159 purchased Aug 2018 valid till Aug 2019. Tried to redeem it 14 Apr 2019. The website will not accept it keeps saying its incorrect try again. Tried through 2 different

Qantas Club

Latest review: Just flew in from Canberra and the Melbourne lounge is embassasing. It has the ambiance of a corridor. Dreadfully uncomfortable seats and it is dark and oppressive. No natural light!! It should be

JAL Mileage Bank (JMB)

Latest review: I joined JAL Mileage Bank (JMB)over a decade ago and have found it to be THE best mileage plan available. Why? Because by paying a fee of less than $50 per annum, I was able to have all my extended


Latest review: I was hoarding some points from all these credit card bonus sign ups and was not able to redeem any flights on my Qantas FF (poor seat selections and atrocious tax fees). I decided on researching on


Latest review: I bought something yesterday and the rewards didn't show up in my account. I contacted Shopcred and they replied within an hour and had also allocated the rewards already. Thanks to the team there


Latest review: I was convinced on the phone to sign up to AccorPlus even though I already have and use the Intercontinental Ambassador (which is amazing by the way). I was, like the Intercon program enticed by the

IHG Rewards Club

Latest review: I had a call back in 2014-15 with customer care where I was told that the points I was having were for life time. Recently I tried to redeem those points only to realised that those points were

Everyday Gift Cards

Latest review: Bought a friend one of these cards. They tried to use it and were told it didn't work = embarrassing. I called up woolies and was told it's a known issue, the cashier should have picked up it didn't

Rewards Come True

Latest review: If you are thinking about using the services of this company think again!! They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced!!! They should be ashamed to call themselves an Australian

Emirates Skyward

Latest review: The points that you have collected expire after 3 years. You will get a reminder email beforehand that will usually go to your SPAM folder. I lost 43000 points because I missed the reminder email. If


Latest review: The shopping cash back is very low and they give us stupid shopping points which cannot be used for anything useful. Total waste of time, they charge huge fees to businesses to join and promise the