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4.6 from 164 reviews

It's a time filler

I have enjoyed doing almost everything on this site. Before bed I like having down time and this is a great way of doing so. Surveys are usually interesting and the games are fun.

It's ok better than some others

The surveys are ok but i'm screened out of more than 50% of them or i go to them and i get told they are closed, if they are closed why have them there to do EGift cards are good


In 3 days I made $20 it's good fun. I was amazed out how easy it was to cash out lots of surveys gets a little annoying when u get screened out but otherwise really good

Very good

Lots of choice, very easy too get points. Lots of surveys too choose from. Lots of games too play. Took me 2 days too get enough points too get $10 , other sites it would take you a week or more.


Rewardia gives my brain some well needed exercise, which I love.
The only criticism, is that the surveys do not pay a fair amount for time taken. ie. lucky to get 50cents for 15 minutes sometimes.

I love this

This is a great way to make a little extra money, and it's always pretty interesting, with new up and coming products or just going over products we already use


I have only been with them a short amount of time and redeemed a voucher already, it’s great because they have games and lots of ways you can get points and bonus point giveaways. Will recommmed

This is a great site.

It is so easy to get points and redeem them.
I love all the gift cards, I shop at all of them the money really helps with grocery shopping, fuel

Get Rewarded

This is a great site and it is easy to earn points for surveys and games. I haven't been a member long and I just recieved a $30 gift card.

its ok like it

rewards help pay for shopping would like to see better payment amount for surveys but in all i am very happy it is a good site and i like it

This is Brilliant

I am happy that I could even earn money in my free time from anywhere. I am very greatful for Rewardia for making this possible for everyone. I can’t get rich but I can earn for my coffee :)

Where has this been?

The first Website I have come across (mind you I am not very tech savvy) that I can do puzzles which is great for a person of my age who fears getting dementia, and be rewarded at the same time. Have already put money into the holiday account.

reputable site

I find this site to be more fun with trivia and odd game to keep it interesting.The only downside is it does take some time to clock up points for rewards compared to other sites

this is great i love games and you get payed to do it

rewards are fantastic and very easy to redeem and all you need to do is surveys and fun games with no effort at all.Just needs to pay a bit better instead of telling you all the time that you have done the serveys

It is a great way of earn some extra money

Just needs to pay a bit better instead of telling you all the time that you have done the serveys or don't qualify other than this little fault it is great.

Love it

Always a good surprise every day
Varied activities to select from daily
I like that some are quick, and others are longer surveys. Good rewards that add up quickly in a short time.

fun with rewards

Rewardia is named perfectly because the rewards are fantastic and very easy to redeem and all you need to do is surveys and fun games with no effort at all.

rewardia review -an unbiased opinion

Some survey sites are difficult to access and the points spread over different surveys seems to be out of alignment.I have had an example of a small ,5 minute ,easy to complete survey awarding 750 points whereas a far more complex and lengthy survey awarding 300 points.


Good site to earn money as much as you can I got 10 dollars i 3 days so I reccoment to all who are interested to make money in your free time

I love Rewardia the games are awesome

You win points even playing the games. The points for the surveys are great and you get rewarded even if you don't qualify. Theres so much to do its great.

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how can u stop wordsearch on rewardia from freezing all the time 12 times to-day
1 answer
I have no idea. I had the same problem on slot today. Email them your issue and they will get onto it

why does word search on rewardia constantly freeze 12 times to-day and this is just to day
No answers

I constantly frustrated at WORDSEARCH its a game in rewardia it freezes 12 times to-day why I,ve tried to fix it on my computer I,ve contacted rewardia about it nothings changed can u help solve this issue please kalderwick@yahoo.com.au
No answers

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