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Happy Member

I am really having fun been a member of Rewardia, have only been with them for 2wks and have already received my first gift card which helps out. I totally recommend them, they also have fun games that you can play and earn points at the same time.


Love the angles

Excellent product fully recommend it to everyone looking to make life so much easier I haven’t put it down it’s the best product I have purchased in a very long time

Not too bad so far.

I just joint recently. So far it has been ok. I hope it stays like this. I enjoy doing surveys and yours are interesting. I hope to receive a few more suitable surveys with no screen outs.



Can be enjoying filling out servays
Doesn't take too long to build up points to cash in for a gift card
They also have games you can play for points


So much fun!

I love Rewardia. I look forward to participating on this site several times a day. Lots of surveys, polls, quizzes and games to play.
Points easily add up and I have only been a member for a short time but have been able to redeem points for a gift card.
Keep up the great work Rewardia.

Excellent customer service representative

Great thanks very good at all times and dates and times that work best for meeting with you and your team and I will send you a full time position of the options available to you

Samsung galaxy s10

Great I love it so easy to use and the camera is so much better than the previous ones. You should try it,you will be surprised and really enjoy using it



There are very long surveys that in the end one is rejected from the survey losing the time that entanglements are up to 20 min.
They should after a time not reject the survey or make them shorter


Enjoy activities

I find this form of activities enjoyable more than just doing a survey ,the games make it more interactive.sometimes it can be a bit boring with only a survey.the variety of games and other options are good


Great site

I’ve been with Rewardia for approximately 2months now and have already earned a little extra. The gift cards are easy to redeem and are instant. Great for a little extra towards the luxuries of life.


Good site, requires effort

This is a good survey site if you're prepared to put in some time & effort. There are plenty of ways to earn rewards points & have a bit of fun in the process. If I have any criticism it's that I screen out of a lot of surveys but that's true of other sites as well.



Very happy to collect 50.00, will try to visit more often and increase my total a little faster next time. I find this site Rewardia a lot of fun. Enjoy

Best rewards, program I've been in

Good rewards,and rewards ,vary according to your needs and fun to achieve and promptly paid to your email, address and easy to print,out when received and,also I like the variety, of games rewardia offer


agree this is perfect Enjoy every day with Rewardia

At 83 I find the challenge of all the activities very stimulating and educational To also earn points makes it more of a challenge. Very happy to have joined Rewardia



Most of the surveys I click on for 1000 points are useless, they make you go through all the questions then end up saying you arent qualified. waste of time.


This is the best app I ever seen in my life thanks

When you earn 10000 points you a ten dollar gift card for free and this is amazing you can play games, watch videos and do surveys and earn points. the best ever

One Of The Best Survey/Reward Sites

You will always be rewarded points from surveys and other fantastic activities, including polls, watching video's and games, and the points are accumulated fairly quickly. Very good. Recommended. Top site



Would have given 5 if you could accumulate points easier. Starting at 1000 isn’t really good making it harder to redeem points. Needs to b say 500 then redeem. Thanx


Slow and steady wins

I use Rewardia to play games on my laptop while watching TV. I have just had $50 (took 6 months to earn) deposited in my bank account (processed very quickly).


Great Review Site

Great site with many varied options. However, there is too much restriction on being able to complete the Surveys. Also the site frequently encounters Server connection errors. Needs to be addressed.


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Questions & Answers

I need money but I don’t know what to trust, can Itrust this website
3 answers
I have so far been successful in claiming a gift voucher. It was only for $10 as I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t wasting my time on it not rewarding me. I’m not sure if they have a cash out option other then vouchers but this doesn’t worry me as I’m happy to have gift cards to spend in stores I use regularly.I haven't claimed a gift voucher yet, but I am sure that you can trust this website. You need 5000 points for a $5 voucher or 50000 points to have $50 transferred to your Bank Account.I was hesitant at first but my work mate has been doing them for years. She showed me all her e-gift vouchers she had printed to use for Christmas presents. She had over $200 worth she had accumulated throughout the year. I started in January and have enough points for e-gift vouchers. It's addictive! Give it a go!

how can u stop wordsearch on rewardia from freezing all the time 12 times to-day
2 answers
I have no idea. I had the same problem on slot today. Email them your issue and they will get onto ithow often do you clear your cookies?

why does word search on rewardia constantly freeze 12 times to-day and this is just to day
No answers

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