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Friendly service

Always served by a friendly face and have never had to wait in a line to be served and is one of the few places I buy cold meat and fresh meat products due to the high quality and low prices.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
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Store LocationWhyalla Essington Lewis ave

Foodland North Haven - Really Good

Happy with the service there all the time. Food is really good, baked breads are awesome, they put specials on at the end of the night to clear and markdowns are great. The meat can sometimes be a bit hit and miss but overall really happy.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service

Very expensive

At foodland modbury. The staff are friendly. But they are very expensive. There prices are very high. The meat section looks sad .with very little selection. Woolworths and Coles much cheaper

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationModbury

Rudeness at Sefton Park

I was overcharged because the checkout operator scanned items twice. When I queried whether this made these items free under the supermarket code I was told it was a human error and I would only receive a refund for being overcharged. When I persisted with the argument that it was their error and therefore it should meet the code, the supervisor became hostile and rude. I was told to take my money and go away. Then she walked away from the counter.
After shopping at Sefton Park for 30 years and ignoring other incidents of false specials etc, I've got to say "enough is enough". My business is going elsewhere.

Return Claim MadeYes
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Have been loyal to Foodland for over 30 years. Time to shop elsewhere.

Specials unavailable

There is obviously a problem for Foodland management at Yankalilla re stocking shelves with advertised specials. Being busy has been given as an excuse. It would be expected that the store would be busy at this time of the year and stock orders should be commensurate. At any time of year, however, specials shelves are often empty even in the first few days of a new cycle. Meat specials, canned products and dairy are some of the areas of concern. The issue has been pointed out on several occasions, but the friendly staff seem reluctant to take it up with management.

Dont waste your money on meat in foodland in general

Your meat tastes like crap and sickly dont waste your money buying meat because it tastes nothing like what it actually is. One time both
Mum and myself felt sick the day after having spaghetti bolognese the night before the whole lot was wasted and chucked in the bin.

Don't try and hire a carpet cleaner

Today my brother and I went to foodland at Hallett cove to hire a carpet cleaner to do the carpets at our mums house.. apparently a driver's license isn't good enough as you need a local address... it's policy apparently.. so we had to go back to her house pick her up and drive back to the food land. Gee it's a shame if your cleaning your mothers house as she's in a wheelchair, or a nursing home or deceased..... we live in the same city, not a different state.. way over the top guys... we can hire a car/trailer with a lot less hassle and wasted time.... common sense is better customer service than ott policy.....

Please explain.....

Saturday 13 October...Purchased a box of Magnum ice cream.....On arriving home I opened the box...which appeared to have been correctly sealed...gave out the first two which were fine...the third one, the wrapper had been opened and half of it was missing...with teeth marks clearly visible in the ice cream/chocolate. Too late to return to store as it was 1710 and the store already closed...?????

Not as easy to shop at

Foodland Newton used to be easy to shop with but since the refurbishment the shelves are now too high and we can only buy some items without climbing the shelving. Staff are still good though.

More like Coles and Woolies Every Day

Foodland Ascot Park are becoming more like Coles every day. I shop there because they present themselves as an alternative; better customer service and a better choice of products. Coles and Woolies decide what items to stock (and what items they arbitrarily get rid of) and when I first began shopping at Foodland I found items Coles just decided they didn’t want to stock anymore that I thought were no longer in production. And Foodland had a better range of items, particularly Continental/European products, which I really like. Brand loyalty’s important to me; if I buy Scotch brand sponges I want them to be available on an ongoing basis, not arbitrarily deleted for an inferior brand.

Lately at Foodland I’ve noticed the management don’t listen to me when I request items.Management there no longer seem to care and they just palm you off with some excuse while pretending to listen. Why do they even have their product request/feeback forms available then? Items they’ve stocked previously get removed while they stock some of the other products in the same range. Then when I ask for them to be reinstated I get some rubbish about them being deleted - but looking at the product website – surprise, surprise – they still manufacture them. Why don’t they just say they can’t be bothered looking into it?

Their prices used to be more reasonable or at least on par with Coles but recently Foodland have hiked their apple prices up to $6.50 a kilo which even exceeds Coles, and this even includes humble Granny Smiths. What ever happened to Aldi’s lower prices bringing down the prices in the competition stores – it hasn’t worked that way, has it? This is a real kick in the teeth to loyal customers.

In short I’ve noticed a deterioration in service with Foodland and it disappoints me greatly because I like to remain loyal to stores I like. They’re becoming more like Coles and Woolies. If you want customers to support you, you have to do the right thing by customers. Reluctantly I’m going to have to swap over to Woolies online.

Not so fast checkouts

The fast checkout lines at Hallett Cove for customers with only a few items can work really well if managed fairly. Unfortunately it doesn't matter how long the queue happens to be, or even if only one or two checkout operators are on duty, priority service is ALWAYS given to anyone purchasing cigarettes. A cigarette customer who approaches the service counter from outside the shop is always served immediately, regardless of how long other customers have been waiting in the inside shop queue. Placing profits ahead of fair service appears to be the Foodland approach to its customers waiting patiently on those "not so fast" checkout lines.

foodland pasadena - what a nightmare

Limited parking with a faulty system that tells you it has spaces when a car is in the space.

They have blocked the main entrance with its own flower shop so half the time you have people stopped in the entrance to look at flowers and must ask them to move from the walk way so you can enter.

When you get into the store they will most likely be stocking shelves and don’t move so you can browse and see the products. Very expensive compared to its competitors. Have been overcharged but getting it refunded was easy.

Be prepared for the fish smell and the smell of cooking foods as well from its inbuilt “restaurants”

Meat at Foodland

Chops at Mawson lakes Foodland very tough I did talk to the manager who basically said leg chops are tough - well not from other shops!!!

flowers at foodland

I purchased tao lots of flowers from foodland for mothers day, potted orchids. Sensational, after having searched online at the available flowers for mothers day, I finished up at foodland, quality was superb, jtst as good as a florist where you would pay full price, these flowers last forever, better than freshly cut flowers, price $19 per pot, unbeatable, gorgeous to look at . My mum was very happy, will continue to purchase flowers from foodland thank you foodland


I shop at Foodland Henley Beach several times a week, and have done so since there opening. Today 4 marked down items were wildly overcharged. I did notice 1 item whilst at the checkout, which was rectified before I left the store. Checked my docket when I got home to find that 3 other items were overcharged: 2 items were charged at $27 each (actual price was $2.70), and another item was charged at $7.50 which should have been 75 cents.
The shop attendant told me there had been problems with discounted items today (pink tickets), which means that they were aware of an issue which had not been rectified. Staff should have been advised to be more vigilant about checking as things were scanned at the checkout. I thought the policy was if you had been overcharged you get the item for free. Has this changed? I like the Foodland at Henley Beach, but pretty disappointed with such poor customer service. How many other people have been overcharged today? I don’t usually collect my receipt, I guess I can’t trust the store to be on the ball.


Black and Gold Butter 500g normally $4.89 was on Special today at Drakes Surry Downs for $4.92. Printed on a yellow special ticket which was placed over the normal price.


I had to return to Drakes Foodland at Woodcroft SA after being overcharged on one item plus another item I had been billed for one extra. Total came to just under $30 which I rightly received as a refund but it's a poor way to conduct business. I was also told that another item was NOT on special despite it being advertised in the Foodland online catalogue.
Management was full of apologies, but less than truthful, when they phoned. I believe management has lost control of the store and staff. How many customers who do not check their receipts are blindly ripped off week after week?
Foodland offer a 5% pensioner discount on Wednesdays but are dearer to begin with so any discount is lost by having to return to the store. From now on I will share my shopping between Woolworths and Coles as quite clearly Drakes Foodland Woodcroft SA does not deserve my custom. I think this chain is struggling after seeing the notice stuck on the deli wall which read 'Only one piece of paper per wrapping'
I should have the option of half a star rating which is all they deserve

EDIT: A week later when purchasing some cold meat I was told the price shown was 'last week's price' (that was different again) They refused to let me have it for the displayed price and hiked it up another $4/Kg. One would have thought removing 'last week's prices' would been a priority for the staff.

Seaford food land- bad customer sevice

After paying for a. Number of items at the express checkout, realised I should have asked for change for $20 note as I needed a $10. I was told they do not give chAnge. This has actually really inconvenienced me and can't nsidering there are many supermarkets around, I won't be back. The attitude of the cashier made it so much worst. Just don't need this when I shop for groceries. The fresh large pretzel I bought was covered in some disgusting liquid like something had been spilled on it and I to throw it on the bin. I won't shop there again. You can choose your rules that inconvenience customers and I can choose to shop elsewhere


I went into the Hallett Cove shop to buy Pork Spare Ribs on special. Small packets normal price, larger packets the special price. When I asked why the difference I was told its to encourage you to buy the bigger packets and that if you didn't want as many you can separate and freeze the others. No wonder I shop elsewhere as much as possible now, just One of many problems

Worse experience ever DRAKE FULHAM

When supermarkets are competing for customers dollar. DRAKE FULHAM has along way to go. Today was my worse ever experience at a supermarket. Product shelves out of stock, no back up stock, no price variety, one branded stock lines on some items. Stock $ 3.59 one day, now $7.08 I'm sure cost of rice pops doesn't cost that much. Coke $2,99 for 1.25 & 3.09 for 2 litre. Cans of coke 2x20 cans $26 one week, $15.98 a carton of 20 the next PLEASE !!!! Who dictates here supplier power or buyer power. Obviously to DRAKE the supplier does. Drakes should be ashamed of its price hiking if its them. When public dollar , and cost of living keeps sky rocketing. Through blatant profiteering. Bad enough at the petrol bowser, now in our living expenses. I dont drive an Audi but can probably see who does. And the amount of staff they employ, they can't allocate staff to check shelves before opening or keep ordering when stocks get low or run out.

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Questions & Answers

Why does the Foodland at Yankalilla frequently run out of advertised specials? The specials shelves can be empty at any time during the cycle, including the first couple of days. This happens regularly, at any time of the year and when I ask about availability, the reply is often that the supplier is responsible for stocking the shelves or the store has been busy! In my opinion both of these issues are easily addressed by effective management. JH
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Does foodland milk support dairy farmers? If it doesnt i wont buy it!
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Do foodland deliver shopping locally within 5kms?
1 answer
You'd best check with individual local store as Foodlands are independent and as far as I know none of the larger banner groups do this yet