Like nothing else on the road today. Forget your Kia, Hyundai or bland Toyota; this is timeless

Beautiful car to drive. Soft and comfortable leather. (Howe leather not cheap synthetic rubbish from korea). Amazing a/c from factory... only had to spend $500 on an A/C up grade in 20 yrs. So much room in the back, friends are always impressed. Still has original window regulators, Climate control system, automatic suspension etc. Drive around in class, enjoy life. Would specifically recommend the NL or BF Fairlane.

Purchased in August 1998.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Gear Shifting


This is a roomy and easily lovable car reliable too huge back seat car fit 3 car seats amazing amount of leg room ours has both gas and petrol and runs so well on either seats are comfortable making longer drives much more enjoyable not normally a Ford fan but fell like they got this car right

Badgeby Tickford
Date PurchasedMar 2018

Old faithful

Shes done near 300 thousand km, still drives like new. The original owners babied it, and it shows, the leather is still soft and looks nice. The transmission shifts nice too. Even for a v8 is not bad on fuel, highway about 10L per hundred km. I think I'll be owning big red for a few years to come.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Good Car

My current experience with my 2005 G8 is good. just a bit less than 120k on clock, I have had it for 5 years. Only issues are with things such as rose bud joints and durability of some fittings such as cabin light covers.

Purchased from a dealer, that buying experience was not good, be aware that sometimes a free warranty is a conditional mechanical protection plan and dealer servicing was poor. now using a non dealer network for service and maintenance (cheaper and better QA on work done).


German Engineering

I have Fairlane Ghia (last model made) At 130k kilometres of highway running, I discovered that common gearbox issue is heat exchanger failure puts water into the box. Cost me $7500 plus 10 days off road. Common also in Territory and, to a less degree in Jags. My agent said he does 4 to 4 per month. So much for German engineering.
Very comfy vehicle
Bloody gearbox


Excellent build quality, ride, performance!

I love this car, it has been so reliable the last 2 years. It has over 120000km's on clock and has had a mix of city/country driving. I have only had to replace a window regulator (which is common on most cars these days). The gearbox is smooth and responsive, engine has plenty of go and the steering is perfectly balanced. I am a fan of Holden, Ford and Toyota but after driving an Aurion, and Commodore- This blows them right out of the water. I have had Fords in the past that have travelled over 4000000 kms and this Fairlane will easily reach that and more. It is very easy to service, oil change, filters, etc.
Reliable, smooth, great for long trips. Reverse sensors and auto dipping mirrors make it easy to park considering it's a LWB.
Made me fat as I never wanted to walk or cycle again! Such a pleasure to drive.


Questions & Answers

does anyone know how to work the AC/Heating in these cars i have a 1997 Ford NF Fairlane. i can get the AC to work just fine, but the heat is barely enough to properly de-mist the windshield
No answers

Can you start the car from the key barrel using a oil dipper
1 answer
Ba or bf

Hey guys, so I jump started my BF G8 Fairlane and it turns out I fried my computer... just wondering if I get a better computer upgrade to get more power (which I was going to do after a while) would it just be plug in and go or would I be better off getting the factory computer again?
1 answer
You will need to determine if your ECU & BEM are both damaged. Be careful as the two computers, both keys & key fobs, ignition & door lock are all connected in order to create the security system. It will cost more, but your better to get Ford involved because the alternatives are expensive, require tuning & are not without their issues as well. If your serious about improving the power, start with a large cold air intake from a Tickford then add a decent set of headers, a pair of 200 cell hiflo cats and a custom made dual exhaust with only one pair of mufflers. It will be the best $3000 you will spend and it will improve so many aspects of the car. Keep in mind, it is a Fairlane & they are built for cruising and are a long heavy car. Leave the tuning to the more sporty sedans and just enjoy the great power & torque that a great exhaust system provides. The transmissions do not respond well to adding power, the suspension and brakes all require attention. You will notice a good improvement in performance and you'll love the sound when you open the throttle, but appreciate the surprising quietness of this system. I have used this type of system on a injected 5L 302 Windsor with superb results. Good luck.

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