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Toyota Corolla

Latest review: After replacing my VW Polo and getting into this car how happy am I , have done about 76000 kms and has not lei me down , travel to Brisbane every day from the Gold Coast,car is serviced by Toyota

Mazda 3

Latest review: Had my 2014 SP25 about 7 months, 17k km, has been flawless. Coming from Fords, and Holdens, I'll never go back. Previous car was an XR6T, so was expecting it to be a slug, but for a little 2.5 litre,

Mazda 6

Latest review: Bought secondhand 2 years ago with 80k on clock and a full service history. Country car, used for daily commuting. No unsealed roads. Now done 110k and every service has needed non service

Mitsubishi Lancer

Latest review: I have the manual version of the lancer SX MY11. This car has been very promising. It is durable and has yet to cause any problems. The interior is a little outdated, but I swapped the headunit for a

Honda Civic

Latest review: The Honda Civic 2018 is very comfortable, cosy, nicely designed and very fuel efficient. The car is a bit over priced, however, it has many features even in the base

Hyundai Accent

Latest review: Bought new for my daily 80 km commute to work & back in peak hour traffic. Generally it does everything quite well but has a number of annoying quirks which include: 1. The throttle is extremely

Toyota Camry

Latest review: i brought a 2001 v6 camry 12 years ago changed the timing belt at 150.00 now has 400,000 klm on it never a ploblem the belt has done 220klm still running cost more than the cars worth to change the

Mazda 2

Latest review: This Mazda 2 was bought by us from Private Fleet Chatswood in September 2015. It has been a wonderful car and I'm always scooting here and there in it every week! A lot of people have asked about

Toyota Yaris

Latest review: good sporty ride single wiper cleans screen better than the normal 2 wiper combo has good power range well matched 4 speed auto good finish all over 3 year service special with Toyota makes it one

Ford Mondeo

Latest review: I purchased this car in February 2018. It had 22,000KM on it, and was 14 months old. When I purchased it everything was tight, no noises, no squeals, no complaints! Fast forward 14 months and it's

Subaru Liberty

Latest review: 2008 subaru liberty has plenty of power leather seats sunroof luxury edition popular car very smooth on roads steering wheel is smooth as well I clean my cars one a week always protected with wax the

Kia Cerato

Latest review: +Interior +Features +PRICE 31, 990 IS AMAZING +VERY FUN +Quality +Safety +Extremely spacious considering physical exterior size. +EVERYTHING BUT -Noise is fake and could still be a bit louder -Not

Holden Commodore

Latest review: Bought it as my second car, just sold it. This review is sorely based on my own vehicle and experience, so some of the issues I had may not be applicable to your car. Pros -Power, 3.8L 6cylinder

Toyota Prius

Latest review: Since the 1950th Citroen DS, there was not much of a serious design change in personal vehicles until the Toyota Prius was designed with some updates and successfully sold worldwide. After my beloved

Hyundai Elantra

Latest review: excellent smaller family car .have the auto for ease of city driving motor wise good to use plenty power when need it.. comfort of setout inside 5 yr warranty ease of services by

Subaru Impreza

Latest review: I have my third Impreza and fourth Subaru. I find the impreza meets all my travel needs. Comfort, safety, reliable and economical. The vehicle is used daiky comuting to jobs collecting kids and

Mitsubishi Mirage

Latest review: I bought this car in 2014, never had a single problem, in 3 years ran like a bullet, cheap to run, very easy to drive. Buy it your will never

Lexus IS

Latest review: Bought secondhand with 141k on clock, with full Lexus service history. Daily drive. The good: Totally reliable, has now done 210k Comfortable, smooth, quiet and reasonably quick Ride and handling

Kia Rio

Latest review: I bought this to save some money on petrol... think it was about 17k we had it almost 4 years and it was always serviced on time alway cleaned and polished... it was kept absolutely mint....

Honda Accord

Latest review: Very nice car, had it for 2 years, 230k was on the clock but but I could drive smooth, my brother has Camry 16 but i could not feel any difference when it comes to soft suspension set

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