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Toyota Corolla
Latest review: I bought this car looking for something smaller than my mitsubishi lancer. Bought it @ 16,000 kms for what was a good deal. I thought it would be on par in size in the back seat area with the Hyundai

Mazda 3
Latest review: I use my car at least every second day, either to do Local shopping, Visiting friends,Travelling to holiday destinations, and for Transport to the local railway station if I want to go into the city.

Mazda 6
Latest review: Bought secondhand 2 years ago with 80k on clock and a full service history. Country car, used for daily commuting. No unsealed roads. Now done 110k and every service has needed non service

Mitsubishi Lancer
Latest review: When I on the ac it start to vibrate like usual.when I put on gears d it's like mill please help me to fixed it and running condition is like little hard than other cars it's like little vibration

Honda Civic
Latest review: Civic is good on petrol consumption but that's about it. Not enough cup holders or practical things for a family car. My fuel tank starting leaking a lot of petrol & had it towed & Honda are claiming

Hyundai Accent
Latest review: My 2018 Hyundai Accent is very heavy to drive up hills if the air-con is working. I am unsure about taking it for a drive up a mountain in summer. I have asked for info from the service centre but

Mazda 2
Latest review: This Mazda 2 was bought by us from Private Fleet Chatswood in September 2015. It has been a wonderful car and I'm always scooting here and there in it every week! A lot of people have asked about

Toyota Camry
Latest review: One of the best cars i have ever driven,excellent in comfort,power,fuel economy,stability,its out of this world the body shape is similar to a lexus and being black makes it look slick,I would fully

Toyota Yaris
Latest review: I bought this 2010 Yaris second hand with 6000 kms on the clock as my first car. In 5 years we clocked up 70,000 kms of mostly inner city driving (less than 20 mins each way at about 50kms) and this

Ford Mondeo
Latest review: Bought the Titanium MY 18.75 model last week and what a fantastic decision it was. This car is so nice to drive, smooth, quiet and powerful. What this car does not include should be on the list.

Holden Commodore
Latest review: Bought my 07 ve omega 2 weeks ago, It is 3.6 petrol/factory gas, I get about 600 klms from 73 ltrs of gas have only used half a tank of petrol, this car is so smooth to drive, cannot feel the change

Kia Cerato
Latest review: Having a problem with the radio just drops in and out for no reason car can be stationery. I have taken back to Kia who advised that the digital radio is not as good as analog. Not happy with answer

Subaru Liberty
Latest review: This has been a great vehicle overall. It's comfortable and reliable and very easy to drive. The features are plentiful and I've never had a problem with it. 6 month servicing is annoying and the

Toyota Prius
Latest review: We bought one of these second-hand, but in good condition. We also have a 2004 model (still going) so I guess I know enough to compare. The pros - Slightly more economical than the older model;

Hyundai Elantra
Latest review: I love my Hyundai. I dive it every day. Only thing I’d say it it’s not what I’d call a family car. I have a baby seat in the middle and it’s impossible to get the other two rear seatbelts done up. Had

Subaru Impreza
Latest review: This car replaces a 5 year old Mitsubishi Lancer which has been faultless since new. The Impreza was bought as my wife’s car and is the top of the range. The selling point for me was the 5 year w

Lexus IS
Latest review: Bought secondhand with 141k on clock, with full Lexus service history. Daily drive. The good: Totally reliable, has now done 210k Comfortable, smooth, quiet and reasonably quick Ride and handling

Volkswagen Passat
Latest review: I use this Passat R-line sedan for work and for private use. It is very comfortable but most of all, very economical. I can get a 1000 km out of a tank of petrol. I love the luxury package, the

Mitsubishi Mirage
Latest review: My first car was a Mitsubishi Mirage 2003 model second hand that I learnt to drive in I’ve only had my licence for about 6 yrs and I am also a bit older and had no idea how to drive! Never had one p

Kia Rio
Latest review: I bought this to save some money on petrol... think it was about 17k we had it almost 4 years and it was always serviced on time alway cleaned and polished... it was kept absolutely mint....

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