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Freedom Cancun

Freedom Cancun

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Constantly stains

Purchased Cancun furniture from Freedom for the lounge and dinning room. NEVER AGAIN. We have had this for 9 days and already have stains. Because it is not sealed water, tea, food, even a hat left on the tv unit by my father inlaw leaves marks. We are now eating at the coffee table which is covered with a plastic tablecloth while we wait for glass. This was not a cost we expected. I would NOT recommend this. It is not family friendly or suitable for everyday use.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Colour fades just after 3 months!

We purchase the CANCUN QB Bed Frame from Freedom Albany, NZ, delivered December 2017. First we made a complaint at Freedom Albany about the frame as it is bigger than a standard QB mattress purchased in NZ (see previous Review). Freedom did not came back to solve or support the matter. At the end we fixed it on our own! Its not good at all but what to do.... Now we experience that the colour fades where the pillows come in contact with the frame! See photo! Seems there is no coating to protect the colour. Similar issue when removing a stain from dining table. If you just wash carefully with a damp cloth, you will remove as well the white colour! Never had such low quality furniture and we are really careful with our furniture!

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Questions & Answers

Has anyone had any luck with Freedom rectifying the issue with the Cancun furniture. My dining table also has marks from where it has been lightly wiped. I have been quoted $700 to repair and make the table 'fit for purpose'
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Sorry to say but they are not going to be any help. The only option for us was glass. Not exactly what we wanted but it ended up being great. We no longer worry able the furniture, and can use it daily with out even thinking about it and we brought 4 pieces. It looks alot better than we were expecting. Also much cheaper than it will cost you to repair your dining table.

My freedom Cancun furniture is quite shabby looking from cleaning where the white colour has come off. I would like to whitewash it or lightly stain it, any ideas on what could be done?
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