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Great service and products

I read the review from Product Review, and I was suprised most of review were negative...
I had a really good experience to talk to their customer service and sorted out my vacuum sealer's problem.

Now I understand how to use my Freshield vacuum sealer correctly with automatic function for any dry produce or manual function for moist food like steak and fish fillet.
I highly recommended other users MUST read the user manual before start to use your new toy.

I paid $45 for repairing this time because I myself misused automatic function for vacuum seal the moist fish fillet.
But I'm happy and satisfied for their service, the assistant was very patience and advised few tips and uses for the vacuum sealer use on the phone. They have done a great service, repair and cleaned up my machine.

I love my Freshield machine, and I can easily tell the differences of the machine that made in Korea and China by the quality and material used. I had done some research this is the only brand is not made in China!

Worst investment of my life

Purchased at a Caravan and Motor Home show in Lismore, Tried to get a replacement unit at Adelaide M
C & MH Show, not interested. Have made several attempts to contact company, no luck still have not used the original bags supplied when purchased. It now lives in the garbage bin.

Works every 10th time I use it.

I think this product is way way overrated. It suits itself when it wants to work, my sister also purchased one she has already binned. I also purchased the containers which I find fantastic. I am about to bin my Freshfield and buy a sunbeam.

This company try to rip you off - never deal with this company

I had a horrible experience with purchasing vacuum sealer from these guys.

I really don't want to focus on negative things, but I had to share this for other people.
I purchased the machine from these guys. I try to return before I get this machine, because I found out this might not be the best option for our business. They said they need to charge me $300 for handling fee, even before I get this machine.

So, I decided to get, I tried, It did not work as it supposed to. I have used several vacuum sealer to cook in sous vide machine. This creates too much air pocket when I use it in my meats which is most common ingredients for sous vide. I bring this issue up with these guys, they want me to take photos and videos of doing it. I did it, I spend tremendous amount time to do these and back and forth to communicate to solve these problem. Eventually, They want to investigate my machine and they send me rental ones instead without power cord.

I asked them to refund as it does not perform as it describe in their website. I refused it. They said they are happy to give me an upgrade option which I need to pay another $800, because my model is less performing than the model they suggest. They said even though I have used in over 3 months. I have spent so much time and effort to get this done, they are kindly convincing me to upgrade. There were around 2 months to report, organise delivery, and get the replacement model without power cord. What an attitude they have.

Their sales team drives me crazy, they are very keen to talk, but horrible to solve my problem. I am reporting this problem to small business development to protect my rights, and I am spending another hours to get this done. I run real business in Perth, this is legit experience I have at the moment.

Never deal with them. They don't know how to make healthy profits.

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Customer changed his mind to cancel the order & requested for a refund after dispatched. It cost $300 which include 10% handling fee and return courier from VIC to WA (almost 30kg unit). But it has not been charge eventually. After 3 months of use customer brought up an issue and we have been follow up the issue closely from the day. After several explanations, customer insist it was a faulty machine so we organised courier to collect the machine for investigation by our expense. We do not sell 2nd hand or provide rental service. But we provided customer a brand new display unit which we not normally do, so customer can be use while he waiting for the investigation and arranged courier to ship the 30kg unit from VIC to WA by our expense as customer requested. Power cord was missing as it was misunderstanding. We dispatched the spare unit before receiving the return unit to save customer in waiting time. But customer return the unit and also the power cord which wasn’t expected. But we posted the power cord by Express Post by our expense when contacted. Technical team investigated the return unit and tested several times. Result showed it has no fault. We emailed customer few videos as evidence. We offered an upgrade option, the oil pump unit that will gives highest vacuum result to meet the perfection and a discount with free postage to fulfil his expectation. Lastly, customer admitted the product is not faulty but he wasn't satisfied the description we posted on website and insist requested for a full refund. Customer also access to Small Business Commissioner's alternative dispute resolution service to claim for full refund. After discussion and advice from qualified legal practitioner, claim has not been accepted. If any further information or evidence needed, please contact us to sales@freshield.com.au

Poor quality, bad aftersale service and irresponsible attitude.

I purchased this Elite Vaccume Sealer in one of the caravan shows held in NSW in 2011 before travelling back to WA permanently. The purpose was obvious. We wanted to seal our food and had it kept longer. We used it once in July 2011 as we found it troublesome to seal it inside our slide on camper. We used the Freshield cannisters all the time and happy with them.

In March 2012, we went to Perth annual caravan show in Claremont and wanted to tell the Freshield lady about our problem but she didn't want to talk to us. She quickly told us to call head office.

Again we left it at that. Thinking of bad luck and all. We just threw away $349.00 and lesson learnt.

We didn't think about it until this year Perth Caravan Show when a very friendly young lady in the Freshield booth kindly informed that head office would look into the problem or better still if I called the 1300 number and someone would talk me through to locate the problem. I was thrilled! May be we can still use the sealer. Someone is actually listening and helping.

Well, the lady on the phone talked me through and guided me to open the back of the sealer where a filter inside a cassette was located. I followed her instruction but as soon as I opened the lid, I saw a crushed rubber seal and informed her about it. She then advised me that it could have been this broken seal causing the problem. I should return it to the head office in Victoria for testing and repair. So I did at my own cost.

This afternoon I received a call from a technician, informing me that the sealer is working fine as he has replaced the rubber seal and filter. Since the cassette has been opened, I am liable for parts and labour cost to replace it. Now, wait a minute. I explained to him that the cassette was opened under the instruction of the consultant over the phone. That was the first time it was opened and I found the crushed seal. It is obviously of manufacturing defect. Someone at the factory damaged it when it was put together.

No ... he wouldn't accept that. It was open and hence my fault. If I insisted, he would only replace the seal but not the filter and would not service it. By now, I was furious ... I was told to open the cassette. Now I am responsible for the cost of repair. I paid $349 for using this sealer once. I still have rolls and rolls of sealer bags which I bought extra thinking that I would use it. ONE USE ... that is a very expensive exercise. The cost of postage for this exercise was another $16.80 plus telephone call.

There are many people travelling on the road and need to use vaccum sealer for food storage. Prices are almost the same. Some may be higher or less than Freshield. However, if a unit only last one use, a cheaper one may do the job. At least, you wouldn't expect too much from a cheaper unit.

I am afraid Freshield is marketing their products as best in the industry and customer services are second to none. I am sorry that I disagree on points.

Yes.. the cannisters are of good quality. You just have to make sure that you don't over pump it. If you over pump it, the result is "crack" on the lid. Then you can throw it away as it is not under warranty. You can buy replacement lid.

Sealer ... not for me. I have been blamed on breaking the seal. Is the unit good??? Yes, it did the job the first time I used it. Food last longer if it is sealed properly.

Will I buy a sealer again? Yes, I will buy a different brand.

P.S Since I have written this post, I have received email from the sales person informing that they will not waive cost of repairing despite it is of manufacturing defect. Of course, she insisted that it was I opened the cassette even though I was simply following the instruction from another sale person over the phone. Yes.. I was welcome to go to Consumer Affairs to lodge an complaint. She also mentioned that my warranty expired. Her company is no longer required to repair free of charge. Of course, I told her about the consumer protection law listed below and yet to hear from her. You see, consumer has a right for a repair free of charge if it is of manufacturing defect even if warranty has expired. Toyota has recalled many vehicles as soon as defects are found. Anyone is interested in protecting your consumer right
It seals as it is designed for.
Bad aftersale service and horrible warranty service.

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After all these months, my freshield unit has returned to me repaired in December 2014 with free postage. I finally can use all those bags purchased so long ago. I am sure that they will work well. Lesson learnt - not to take no for an answer if you are right in the first place. Be polite and firm when dealing with aggressive sales and services staff.

Questions & Answers

My fresh shield unit will not seal, the seal does not heat up. I put it in a cupboard for 2 yearly...used only 4 times. What is the problem?
2 answers
I am not sure why the seal does not heat up. My suggestion is first to ring the customer service if they can run thru a few simple checks over the phone. If it still doesn't work, it may need to be returned for servicing. My unit hasn't failed since they fixed it.I am not sure why the seal does not heat up. My suggestion is first to ring the customer service if they can run thru a few simple checks over the phone. If it still doesn't work, it may need to be returned for servicing. My unit hasn't failed since they fixed it.

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