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Jura Australia

Jura Australia

4.2 from 5 reviews

Excellent customer service

My Coffee Machine was broken and I contacted Jura's costumer service, I dealt with Nerrida and Kylie, both were excellent to deal with, They were so helpful and friendly.
They asked me for a date for machine to be picked up and within a few days they came back and told me my coffee machine will be replaced and I will get it in two days. All in all everything took within one week.
I would like to thank Nerrida and Kylie for their excellent costumer service.

John Phillip

Avoid At All Cost

I purchased an E8 coffee machine and I thought it was pretty good until the Milk Frother fell apart after only two weeks.
I realise that faults happen sometimes, so I wasn't hugely concerned until I contacted their head offices to report the fault and they tried to tell me that this part isn't covered by their warranty.
What an absolute joke, how can you provide a product that only last two weeks and then refuse to replace it after it fails. I don't think it's too much to expect a $2000 machine to last longer than two weeks and if it doesn't to have the fault rectified.
When the Milk Frother fails, it shoots boiling hot water all over the place. This is an obvious safety concern as my kids are often nearby and their faces are directly inline with this unreliable part.
Jura try to market themselves as market leaders, however their machines are inherently faulty and their customer service is terrible.
I wish I had of read some of the other reviews online before purchased my Jura. The few that are currently on this page are positive, however many people across the world have had similar experiences with this terrible company.
You are welcome to do your own research and make up your own mind, however my advice would be to avoid this company at all costs.

Never Received such great service

Well I walked into Jura Service centre in Melbourne never have i seen such a wonderful set up, my 10 year old machine needed to be serviced and i ended up purchasing a new one with the wonderful help from Kylie she walked through all the machines so helpful and nice we sat down and talked what would be best suited for my needs i walked out with a z6 great machine. Kylie gave me her card if i needed any help setting up I'm not that technical and this machine to advanced for me we couldnt manage over the phone so she come out afterhours to help I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED GREAT SERVICE LIKE THIS - Well done Jura

Jura coffee machine - would not buy anything else

I had trouble with my jura coffee machine and it did get sent back to Jura 3 times but at the 4th time they readily replaced it and with a better one with only a small change over cost. Very good service and they are great people to work with. Thank you Jura :)

Coffee Excellence - from the machine

Great machine - TERRIBLE after-sales support. Had the machine for a while and it makes fantastic coffee but pity help you if it breaks down! Internal hose burst (out of warranty so I have no arguments there) and have been trying to get a replacement. Several calls to "After-sales support" department at Jura Australia has generated a number of promises to call back but... Nothing! What is it with these companies that make high end equipment? Spend $3500 on a machine and the only ones authorised to even look at it internally are their authorised dealers who want $350 just to open it up! Have finally got Jura UK to ship a silicon hose worth $11.00 which Jura Australia won't supply and which is simple to replace myself. Bitterly disappointed - "not happy, Jan!"

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