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Fusion Health Astra 8 Immune Tonic

Fusion Health Astra 8 Immune Tonic

Liquid and Tablets
4.7 from 23 reviews

Not working for me

I have been suffering from sore throat then running nose and have been taking 4 tablets a day in the last few days. However, I am still feeling unwell at the time of writing. Cannot understand other glowing reviews.

Purchased in March 2019.

Effective Within Did not work

Wonderful product!

I have chronic long term depression & anxiety - started taking Astra 8 after a cold & chest infection. I found my energy levels increased and depression decreased substantially . Feeling more Normal thanks to Fusion.

Absolutely swear by it

I used to get sick way too often, every year, particularly in winter and when I used to get back into exercising. Now, I never get sick. I take 1 a day (or 1 every two days), and if I feel a slight sore throat coming on, I’ll take 2 a day for a day or two. Honestly please try this - it is worth a shot, it’s worked for me, my mother & another friend. It does have a high price tag but is worth letting me live my life to the fullest.

Miracle Tonic

We keep this as a staple in our house. It’s miracle solution. We (the whole family) take it if we are starting to feel ill. It stops Illness in its tracks! Kids take it for sore throats or coughs. We very rarely ever get sick now. Huge fan.

Astra 8 has revived my daughter.

For years My profoundly disabled daughter spent weeks in hospital with recurrent respiratory infections and viruses. She has been on Astra 8 for 9 months and has remained healthy and out of hospital. Her blood results have improved dramatically and her quality of life has gone from strength to strength. Thank you Fusion

Unbeleivably good

I started taking Astra for chronic fatigue and although I still have sore throat etc I am awake all day now and able to work before this I was sleeping 18 hours a day. I recently stopped takng them for a week due to minor surgery and went straight back to sleeping the 18 hours a day. Back on them again now but find I can only take them in the morning because if I take them in the afternoon I don't go to sleep untlll very late.

Hands down, the best I've come across

Amazing, safe to say I don't need anything else but fusions. Expensive but worth it. Would gladly buy in the future. They offer this great feeling of energy without the spikes.

It might work but not entirely sure

I thought I'd write a review however I'm not total sure how to rate it more than mid-range. I've been on it for a little over a month and since then I've had an ear infection and a throat infection. I haven't had a cold so I guess that's something that it may have helped with. I haven't had more energy, however I do work extremely long hours doing labour intensive work so I don't think there's much that would help me there, unless it was a vitamin B shot. I'm still alive and haven't had the flu so I'll give it 3 stars.

Best immunity formula

I've tried vitamin C, echinacea, garlic et al but Astralagus is the best for immunity and convalescence. Liquid is well absorbed, beware it takes foul unless you dilute in quite a bit of water. I suggest hot water and lemon with the daily dose.

Perfect immune booster

I got a hint of the flu May this year and so I went to a vitamin shop to ask for a recommended immune booster. I bought this one and have taken a tablet each day over winter and not been sick. I travel in planes every third week and I've been around sick people but managed to escape going down with the flu this winter. I recommend this product.

Excellent product

I am a chronic sinus sufferer and have found these tablets to be very helpful by assisting me become far less congested. I chose these tablets for their inclusion of Chinese medecines as I thought they would be more effecive. Wouldn't live without them.

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What wonderful feedback, Maree. We are happy to hear that you are feeling better since taking the Astra 8 Immune Tonic.

This is perfect. Can't live without it.

I find all Fusion products to be excellent. They use brilliant combinations of ingredients to maximise absorption and unlike other brands you can really feel and see the results with these products. Remarkable product saving you lots of money in the long run. Wouldn't be without them and I am 60 years of age looking and feeling 30 years younger.

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Hi Gem. What wonderful feedback. We are happy that you are experiencing such great results. Thank you for your support.

The Astra 8 Immune tonic i amazing as so is the hair and Nails capsules

Fusion products are just so incredibly effective, I highly recommend the tonic, i use it when I'm not feeling 100% and the symptoms of feeling like i am about to get sick seize very quickly! My son tried the Hair and Nails capsules along with the vitamins as recommended as he had some hair loss and with in a few month he had no hair loss at and his hair grew back quickly !! Amazing products , worth the money guys!! thank you Fusion

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Hi Cath. What wonderful feedback. We are happy to hear that you and your son are experiencing such great benefits. Should you need further support feel free to contact us directly.

Excellent product

I started taking this product at the beginning of a work assignment. I went to the health food store to get some immune support tablets and was recommended this product. After 3 months and watching everyone break down around me with winter flus I've not been sick and had extra energy. I have forgotten to take a daily pill for a few days and started to feel like I was coming down with something just yesterday, so I took two pills last night and woke up feeling ok today which is remarkable as I was expecting to hit the wall. It's an amazing product!

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Hi Angeline. It is great to hear that you have experienced such positive results when using the Astra 8 immune tonic. Thank you for sharing your experinece.

Perfect and very happy to found this product

After coughing like hell, sore throat, not well for almost 4 weeks, luckily i found this product from product review, i take 2 in morning and 2 at night with Fusion Cough Lung Tonic, it works very well, no more cough and sore throat just in 2 days and slept very well at night i'm very happy with this product!!

seems to work well

I find I am not as tired during the day as I was before using tablets. Also, seem to sleep better and feel better on rising in the morning.

Instant results suffering glandular fever

I had been suffering glandular fever for a few months - the chronic fatigue that came along with it was the worst, especially due to my active lifestyle where I was heavily into my fitness and training, along with a high pressure, fast paced management job. Going from peak performance, to barely making it past lunch time with my eyes open was horrible. I took the doctors orders and took much needed rest for 2 weeks after diagnosis (and suffering symptoms for 2 months prior to diagnosis) then decided I needed to do something. The lady at the Vitamin Store recommended this product along with 1 strong Vitamin B tablet per day. She advised with my symptoms to take 6 per day to begin with, then reduce as I feel I needed along the way. She did state it may take months for my body to recuperate. I cannot believe the amazing results I've had so far - I felt my normal self within just a few days. I still cant exert myself or exercise, but I have been able to return to work on a full time capacity as well as go back to my sociable self on the weekends. Of course, I'm listening to my body, and if I feel exhausted, I stop (something I didn't do before).I highly recommend this product - it has made a massive difference to my life and I'm finally starting to feel like my happy, energetic self again.. I cant wait to see how much this product will help over the long term.

Excellent Astra 8

This year I got hit with such a bad flu ended up on steroids for asthma as well as 3 doses of antioboitoics, ran out of sick leave at work just couldn't shake it & totally fed up!! A friend recommend Astra 8 I take 2 in the morn & 2 at night combined with Fusion Zinc tablet, 1 tab in the morn, all to establish & build a strong immune - so far so good, back exercising and feel great!!

Working so far

I have chronic fatigue syndrome and my immune system is just terrible. Since starting Astra 8, I haven't had white blobs on my tonsils, or a sore throat. I haven't been able to exercise but at least I have not been sick. I don't quite understand how it works but it has helped my immunity. I have been taking it for 2 months now. My fatigue is better because I am not sick. I still have chronic fatigue but that is better than having every virus that comes along.
It kept me from being sick
It made no difference to my fatigue, it helped my immunity.

No more recurrent illness!

I started this September 2012 at the advice of a friend after being sick around 6 times that year. Since beginning I haven't been sick once, which is very unusual for me, as I am prone to the flu and sinus issues. I took 1 twice a day for a week to begin with, and now only take 2 for a couple of days if I start feeling run down. Sure, it could all be in my head, but I am really enjoying zero illnesses this year.
Seems to work!!
A little expensive

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