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Fusion Health Hair Tonic

Fusion Health Hair Tonic

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About the Fusion Hair and Tonic with Phytofol.

I am 71 years old and my hair was starting to fall out, I have been using the product for over 12 months now, I think it’s fantastic and it works, my hair never looked better

Purchased in February 2018 for $49.95.

Effective Within A month

Works But Side Effects Aint Worth The Results

I saw my hair looks overall fuller and the small bald patch has baby hairs growing outta it. However the tablets given me headaches, tummy aches and the heaviest head. It isnt worth long term having this. No amount of hair could make me wanna endure headaches, tummy aches and the heaviest head everyday especially for a tablet where once you stop having it it doesnt work and your locks return to normal.

Purchased in May 2019 at Go Vita for $50.00.

Effective Within More than a month

train wreck

i hired this business to repair my evaporative cooler.Mistake after mistake installing parts that were not compatable had six visits trying to fix his mistakes.Tried four controllers all did not work .now tells me he cannot do any more$1025 out of pocket.His biggest blue was trying to glue the rotating nob to the face of the cooler of coarse it fell off

Purchased in January 2019 for $1,025.00.

Effective Within Did not work

Save your money

I have had hair falling out and have been taking these tablets for a while and there is no change whatsoever. Just a waste of money. Also too many tablets to take in 1 day. No point taking it for months hoping for something good to happen.

Purchased in February 2019.

Excellent for Alopecia

I am male, 37y old and Alopecia started developing when I was 33y old.
For 1 year, I had bald patches in beard and head and no signs of progress. That is when I started taking Fusion (Phytophol) and after a month I noticed a massive progress.

Hair quickly started growing in the patches, firstly it was white and a few days later, it turned to its original color. A month later, the whole hair got slightly darker and it felt stronger than ever.I could shake it with my hands and hardly any hair would fall, very impressive.

Also, prior to Alopecia I was losing hair slowly but steadly, since the age of 19.
I lost hair at the front of the head, when I was 19y and at the top of the head when I was 28y.
The patch at the top - the newer one - is totally regrown, very impressive again.
The baldness at the front - the older one - was unaffected.

The doctor said Alopecia comes and goes in some cases and I've also removed the main source of stress from my lige. Hence, I can't say for sure Phytophol was the main reason, but I strongly believe it was.

Fast forward to 2018, 2 years after the last Fusion pill and Alopecia has returned :(

I found this side while looking for the price of a bottle :)

Works for me !

I have always found FUSION products to be good. I took the 'menopause' one years ago and it helped. Now I have thinning hair and I have been taking the 'Hair Tonic' in conjunction with the FUSION mangesium. Alot less hair in the shower after washing my hair. Give it a go !

Caused migraines

I took these tablets and got really bad migraines afterwards. Once I stopped the migraines subsided. In order to test the theory, I took the tablets twice daily once again, and within 2 weeks, the migraines started again. Definitely not worth it.

Love it!

I've been using the hair tonic for about 8 weeks now and am starting to see great results. I have fine hair, am in my mid forties and was starting to experience thinning and excessive hair loss and breakage. This product has changed that! my hair is thicker and i have new hair growth in the areas that were thinning. Its like watching a new lawn grow! I've also noticed improved general health including hormonal balance, energy levels and better skin. Very happy with this product.

no result as yet

started taking this on the recommendation of a naturopath when I consulted her re hair thinning. I have not been taking it long enough for it to make a difference either to the hair loss or my brittle nails. I will persevere as it certainly can do no harm

Works better with hair skin and nails or a multi vitamin

I have been using this product off and on since 2014. I will say over the years this product does work in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and or hair skin and nails supplement or a multi vitamins... Some people on are saying this product doesn't work, well of course it's not going to work after a month or two. People really should do research on hair regrowth and have realistic views with time and patience... Science has stated fact that hair can take up to 7 years to regrow. However this also depends on how your hair has fallen out... Stress, Anxiety, Medication, Genetics, Hormone imbalance, Nutrition, how much water you drink, Sleep, overactive thyroid. I'm not ignoring that this product is made for everyone out there, perhaps it would be prudent to have a FBE full blood examination and speak to your GP if Hair Tonic is the right medicine for you, before making a decision on this product is bad. If you have done all that, then either A: be realistic and patient or B: it's not for you.

Can't Rave about This Product

I believe this product has been overated. I've used the product for five months and have not seen any improvement or changes in the condition of my hair


My step had alepicia. He Took it and his s hair grew back, but he stopped after a few years and lost it again. I use work. Woe h trying

Not worth the time and money

I used this product for more than 4 months and I saw no difference in hair growth nor any improvements in existing hair. Definitely not worth the money and time hoping for some improvement. Better off taking biotin supplements.

Just got a hair transplant.. are these tablets worth the money?

Just got a hair transplant and I see mixed reviews about these tablets...
women are having more luck than men...
Can somebody tell me is it possible these tablets could make my hair loss worse?

Very dangerous!

I took one tablet at night with food next morning I lost a lot of hair and rashes on my chest and around my belly. It's was very scary don't even go there. If you guys are losing hair check your iron level. Don't buy the 60 tablet one just try the 30 tablets if it's working then you are lucky if not that stop using it before it's makes your hair loss worse. Lucky I got refund.

AMAZING! Love it!

Although the tablets don't taste good at all, the end result is sooooo worth it! I am very self conscious about my hair and the thing areas but these tablets have worked wonders :) thank you so much

Does not work

Spend $400 om this product and made no difference at all. Infact people started commenting that i am balding. Extremely disappointing. What a waste of money. The hair fusion official will ask you to take the tablets for 4-6 months to see the difference. Don't fall into their trap. All they want to do is sell you on false hope.

this works well for me! Save me from going bald at my 30

This is working for me. I am taking 1 capsule maintenace dose now. My hair has grown a lot more. I was going bald before. I was so worried so I found this product. I even tool pictures before taking the capsule to compare later. I am absolutely happy with this product.

Excellent results for my Alopecia Areata bald spots, but had some Diarrhea

I took this product for about 3 months in 2012 and my Alopecia Areata had totally regrown, but I had some diarrhea whilst taking the tablets, so I stopped taking the tablets. In September 2016 i noticed a little bald spot on the back of my head so I am going to get some more fusion health hair tonic. Let's hope it helps my bald spots again :)

New Hair Growth

I have been taking these capsules for close on a year now. I have fine hair and thru stress/menopause was losing quite a bit of hair. My hairdresser confirmed for me just yesterday that I do have new hair growth and lots of it. I take one capsule twice a day but reading these reviews and the response, I may up the dose to two in the morning and two in the evening. I also drink lots of water and take silica and gelatin. Hopefully I'm not over doing it. I've had no side effects and am happy with the product.

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Fusion Health Hair Tonic
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