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Fusion Health Stress and Anxiety

Fusion Health Stress and Anxiety

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Yes the product works, but it comes with undesirable side effects.

Yes the product works, but it comes with undesirable side effects. I have started with this supplement in March to combat the daily stress at work. 8 weeks into the daily regime of 3 tablets , I discovered a tiny bald patch on the back of my head. Within days 3 more bald patches occured which turned out to be alopecia. I have never had alopecia before. To make matters worse ,I was also diagnosed with dry mouth syndrome by my dentist, which according to him is linked to medication (I do not take any medication or other supplements). I have stopped with the tablets 3 weeks ago and luckily since last week the alopecia has not further progressed . I have contacted Fusion for answers, however the generic reply " highly unlikely " is raising even more doubts about the product in question.

Purchased in March 2019 for $44.00.

Effective Within A week

A must for stress and anxiety sufferers

For someone who is a long term sufferer of Stress and Anxiety, Fusion Stress and Anxiety is a must. Don't twiddle your thumbs and second guess yourself and think, should i try this, will it work, just give it a go. What have you got to lose if it doesn't work ( a few dollars), what will you gain if it does work (everything).

Purchased in May 2019.

Effective Within A week

Great for my anxiety

I’ve started taking this product one morning and one at night. This is the best I have felt for a long time. I’m hoping it keeps my anxiety at bay indefinitely. Totally happy with this product at this stage.

Purchased in March 2019 at Thr1ve.


I had mild anxiety and couple of days after trying these tables I started to feel better. It help me put my mind to ease. I take only 2 tablets per day 1 in the morning and 1 in the night.

Purchased in February 2019 at Drugscreen for $28.00.

Very good product

I just started this product from the great reviews. I started from 1 then increased to 2 a day. It seems to work very well. But I just have some questions, is it could possibly to make the black stool. And the can I adjust the does vary day by day on my stress and busy life.

Purchased in February 2019.

Effective Within A week

Just Awesome!

I had been feeling really stressed and experiencing horrible anxiety for a while. It was killing me inside and didn't know what was happening. I couldn't work-out like I always had for years and wasn't sleeping well. had a chat to young lady at health food store and she didn't hesitate to sell me Fusion Stress and Anxiety formula. Im taking 4 a day because it makes me feel awesome! It really started to work after about 3 days. Just a complete turn around! Highly recommend this product to anyone suffering similar symptoms!

So happy that I found this!

I’m so grateful that the health store recommended these tablets to me. I cannot put into words how good I feel. I’ve been struggling with panic and anxiety due to medical issues. My thoughts and distress took over my life. Within 30 minutes of taking these tablets, a calmness has come over me. I take 2 twice a day. This products has given me a new life. I highly recommend it and hope that it’ll bring relief to many others.


First day on them.
Amazing, it's like my thoughts I keep making up in my head are all gone or when I get them they disappear in seconds. I'm calm, no heart racing, no over thinking, no negative thoughts, I feel like I am me again without the crap.

A life changer!

I started taking Heath Fusion S & A tablets as I was anxious and stressed I couldn’t remember anything. I was learning a new job, nothing like I’d done before, my hands were shaking, heart racing and I was going blank all the time. The tablets have calmed me down, I think with clarity, can make informed decisions and have my confidence back. I take 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. I sleep soundly and wake up with a clear head. I purchased a bottle for my son who suffers with anxiety. He is much calmer, more decisive and generally happier.

Excellent product - try it first!

This product is superb and stunning in beautiful ways! You can research the potent and powerfully positive impacts of ashwaganda and holy basil which are the first two ingredients. They are excellent for your nervous stem and entire being which you can read up on: www.iherb.com ... Truly Fusion has created a synergistic blend that offer a compelling alternative and real results!

Stress gone

Doctor had recommended depression tablets despite me telling him I wasn't depressed!! I would worry about things more than I should and more often than I should, I would lay awake some nights going over and over things that might have happened that day, last week or 10 years ago and couldn't " switch off" or let things go. Started taking these tables one in the morning and one mid afternoon, these have given me relief from all of the above, within a couple of days. They are brilliant, they do what they say they do, they taste a bit awful so swallow it quick but for the improvement I have found with these, I would gladly put up with a slight yucky taste for a minute. I would highly recommend these to anyone who has similar issues as I did.

I’m so glad I found these

So for the last 6 years I started getting panic attacks! In 2013 they got so bad I would have them at least 4-6 times a day and would last between 30 mins to 3 hours! Doctors tried putting me on all different kinds of anti depressants but I just never took them! I tried finding natural anti depressants but they really didn’t seem to work in 2015 I feel pregnant and I totally stressed the whole pregnancy because in 2013 I miscarriage in the most horrific way doctor told me I was all good and had no product left inside but I knew something was wrong and kept telling him something isn’t right but he kept telling I was got stressed from the miscarriage but 3 months later I bleed to death and almost lost my life and got rushed to hospital and just put more stress on me but had my baby in 2016 and I didn’t get any panic attacks or Anxiety but was quite stressed with the other older kids and slowly started feeling anxious again and would have panic attacks but mild ones until the start of this year got worse and worse until I started feeling very anxious everyday all day from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed! It got so bad I was pushing everyone away even my hubby! I just couldn’t be Affectionate with him! I would cry all the time and lost my crap so quickly but a few days ago I decided I need to really do something about it so went to my health food store and wanted something that was going to help me and not make me feel drowsy and the lady told me fusion had really good reviews I was sceptical but at this point I will try anything! That day I took two and I could not believe how fast it worked like straight away! What the? Ever since then I haven’t felt no where near anxious and I actually feel happier! Oh and omg I’m finding hubby so damn sexy I can’t get enough of him! Lol Where the heck did that come from!! But these have changed my life!!

Post Natal Depression and Anxiety!

After the birth of my daughter, I slipped into a massive downward spiral of post natal depression and anxiety. I went to my GP who prescribed me anti-depressants. I never wanted to take them and went on the hunt for a more natural solution.
It sounds super cliche, but these tablets changed my life. I take them on a mere weekly basis, and I never feel anxious anymore!

Herbal Anxiety to the MAX

I suffer from severe anxiety and was using Valium - an addictive drug - as a means of anxiety control which also causes drowsiness (not good for operating machinery). I had a severe anxiety attack and wasn't carrying Valium. I found a chemist nearby who said they'd had good feedback from Fusion Health Stress and Anxiety. Upon taking Fusion Health Stress and Anxiety I felt almost immediate relief from my symptoms. Although I felt very relaxed I didn't feel drowsy. I have since visited a naturopath who agreed the ingredients of Fusion Health Stress and Anxiety were what she used and were very effective means of anxiety relief.

Really worked

I found this product really helped while withdrawing from antidepressants. Many other products were contra-indicated. When I started taking these 2 in morning 2 at night my dizziness and nausea was greatly reduced. Hope this helps someone out there going through similar.

It works!

I could not get my usual natural tablets that keep me stress free and ended up getting these instead. They certainly did the job. I recommend them because they do work.

Helped with anxiousness & stress!

used this today for the first time, certainly helped stress and anxiety to ease, even seemed to give me some extra energy. However, I did unfortunately feel slightly nauseous after about 30 mins. But once that passed I found it helped greatly!

An alternative to Zoloft that seems to work.

I am over 70 and suffer from PTSD from my experiences as a young man working in intelligence overseas in the early 1970's and spending a short time in prison in Russia. I mention this because my depression was caused by real and dangerous life experiences.
I have been prescribed a number of anti depressants over the years and struggled with the side effects with Zoloft being the latest.
I wanted to try something natural rather than chemical and have found Fusion Stress & Anxiety works for me which is a relief as I also have a cancer problem and do not want to put my health at any more risk by overloading my liver trying to eliminate chemical laced drugs out of my body.
I started on two Fusion Stress & Anxiety morning and evening for a few days and have dropped back to one morning and night and they seem to work.

Any side effects?

I've just started using this its my second day i'm hoping to see improvement in myself, has anyone had any side-effects to this at all please, like rashes ?
I woke up this morning with my face all swollen and a rash on presuming it's just nerves
Cheers Sherian

Fusion stress and anxiety has made me feel so much better

Hi all,
I am new to this amazing herb tablet. I have had really bad pain attacks and anxiety for the last 15yrs. When i get them they usually hit me really hard but then leave me alone for a couple of mths. But over the last 2mths i have been so stressed out that my anxiety has been at a all time high. I have had days where i just couldnt face the world cause i felt so stressed. I went to see my doctor only for him to try and put me on tablets that i really didnt want to go on. And still to this day i wont go on them. But today i found this bottle that has changed me in one day of taking it. I feel like me again. The stress has been cut and my anxiety has been cut down to half. It may take a few days for it to really work in my system but i am just so happy that i have found something that has made me feel so much better with in a day.

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An i take these tablets whilst on high blood pressure meds
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Does the Fusion Health Stress and Anxiety work in place of Valium? I really want to get off Valium and have heard this is great as a Zoloft replacement. Any feedback much appreciated. David.
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Will fusion and stress treat dizziness. I am having dizziness and imbalance.
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Fusion Health Stress and Anxiety
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