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Gardenline Tap Timer Item 46715

Gardenline Tap Timer Item 46715

2.9 from 14 reviews

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Lasted a few months then died

Bought it when it was on sale (I bought it early because they're only on sale once or twice as year) but didn't actually install it for about 9 months until the irrigation system was completed. Then it lasted for a maximum of 4 months before the screen went dead and stopped working.

Dead batteries thought I, so I changed the batteries. It made no difference. I tried the batteries in a second one I bought at the same time but had never taken out of the packet. That one worked fine.
When I checked the docket I realised I'd bought the unit 13 months before so no warranty.

Next time I'll buy a Pope from Bunnings. More expensive but will almost certainly last longer.

Purchased in January 2018 at ALDI for $30.00.

Very disappointed

purchased from Aldi, worked for a couple of months, then out of warranty, Aldi wouldn't have a bar of it,
you get what you pay for, all I got was a big disappointment. 60 days warranty? dats all you get from ALDI.
i think its only for inside use. no good if it gets the sun.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Works Fantastic

Even forgot to remove it in frosty weather still working very well hasn't missed a beat,bloody fantastic better than a lot of units just keeps on keeping on Very east to operate a kid could set it up. mine did and re setting was simple great saver of water, saves plants.

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Bought 6, 3 failed after 1 year, Aldi says 60 days warranty

Absolutel rubbish don’t buy, have bought other brands that last years but these don’t so you are better off buying a decent product and Aldi are always just terrible with warranty anyway

Whereas I find Bunnings usually quite good if you have a problem

No signs of corrosion in battery compartment either

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Latest model is excellent - great value

I bought two of these timers about 1 year ago and both failed... so I took them back to Aldi in January this year without a receipt and they changed them to new ones that were back on sale.
I noticed small cosmetic changes to the new ones but they must have changed the LCD screens in the new ones as that's what failed on my previous ones. The LCD would flicker on and off and would not allow for progrmas to be set and saved.
The new ones work perfectly well and have a lot of functions that much expensive units you would purchase from Bunnings don't, especially at the price of these ones.
Apart from the programs you can set on this timer, it also has a manual on setting where you can give your garden an instant water and not interrupt with the programmed settings. It is a great unit !!
One word of caution and advice, try not to have the LCD screen face in direct sunlight, especially the Hot western sun !! ... My first units failed and I think it was because of this.. so the new units I have the screen twisted around so the casing faces the sun and not the LCD screen.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Value for money - excellent

I'm no Gardenline fan, refer to my other reviews. I took a chance on x2 Gardenline timers and so far after a few months, both running a cycle every day, no problems to report. I have 300kpa town pressure and the solenoid works everytime with the tap full open, day after day. The timer settings are simple, no complicated schedule possible on this unit. A good feature other cheap units don't tend to have is the manual on with countdown timer. If you need to run the timer for 30min to wash the car, set manual to 30min. Or if the garden needs an extra 10min, very easy just set and walk away. I'd choose one of these over Bunnings/Mitre10 cheap 2 dial mechanical timer any day (I have 4 of these junk units in various states of repairs). Dec 2017 - $29.99

Date PurchasedDec 2017

value for money timer

The timer has worked well for five months. I did find that the batteries needed replacing after four months. The readout panel became unreadable, however the new batteries fixed that. It is easy to set watering time and operate manually as needed. It mounts easily to a garden tap with all washers supplied. When tightened, the connections don't leak.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Excellent product

I have a small farm with a large garden. There are numerous watering point taps. After dragging the hose around I invested in five Aldi tap timers three years ago. All are exposed, all are still working well. Since then I've added fifteen more. One failed almost immediately, replaced no hassle and with no receipt! Two years later all twenty are working well and I'm a big fan.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Great little unit

has been running for nearly 3 years, only changed batteries once, sitting in the middle of the front yard, silly place for a tap. Had a minor issue with the battery cradle terminals corroding, cleaned them up used some Inox on them, no problem since, about 12 months ago now.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

Good unit

I've been running one for about a year - admittedly in a sheltered position. I have the feeling from other reviews these units may not do well in exposed positions. Works well with low-flow (gravity tank fed) supplies, has a good interface. Doesn't chew up too many batteries.

Looked good - but looks were deceiving

Sadly my experience is the same as above. Worked beautifully for several weeks then died and could not be resussitated. Unfortunately I had thrown my receipt out and could not claim refund. I am wondering whether as they often would be exposed to the sun and heat whether in Australian conditions they might cook?

Worked Great for 2 Weeks

The features and ease of setting up are great. But 2 weeks after starting to use it, the screen remains dead even after replacing the batteries. Not one of Aldi's success stories, this one. A nuisance now as I have to return it.

Tried 4 timers. Don't waste your time.

I wanted these to work, because they look good and price is right. They worked the first time, but then they stopped working within a couple of uses. I found with the last one if I remove it from the tap to remove the water pressure, it will work the next time, but will only stop again after the next cycle or two. All 4 had the same problem.

Not very good value for money

While the timer works ok its lifespan is more than bad. Didn't even make it to the first battery change and of course no receipt and out of warranty. You probably would be better off buying a more expensive one that lasts a bit longer.
Pity really as I am generally happy with Aldi Products.
I could buy another one as the product is for sale again, but should I bother, maybe not.

Questions & Answers

I have problem with displaying datas on screen. Any help?
1 answer
Identical issue happened with mine. It lasted a few months and then the screen died. However the times set for watering continued to work so the batteries were OK (I also changed batteries to be certain) but I couldn't see the screen. I went and bought a Pope - it's been working for the past year without a problem. Sorry I can't offer any better help.

Screen dont display data. Any help?
No answers

how to I programe my aldi gardenline tap timer. Instructions please
No answers

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