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Garmin Dash Cam 55

Garmin Dash Cam 55

MPN: 010-01750-11
2.6 from 17 reviews

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Disappointed, Garmin could do better

No problems with the picture quality, the red light and speed camera work as they should but the lane departure is completely useless. Have had the camera exchanged for a new and both have been the same. Own a Mazda BT50 and it matters not a jot if I program the Garmin for high or low. Very disappointing.

Purchased in March 2018 at Harvey Norman.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Readable Number PlatesYes
Car ModelMazda BT-50 MK2 (2011-Present)
Features / Functions
Video Quality
Night-Time Video Quality
Battery Life

Refunded same day

I bought from jb hi fi
Went home to set up saved settings and soon as you power off and on loses the settings and will ask to set again and wont record .i did this few times and didnt work and got refund.
I thought garmin was good brand but at least cheaper brand i had lasted 6months
I will not buy garmin dash cam again.

Purchased in May 2019 at JB Hi-Fi Retail Stores for $200.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use

Absolute rubbish. Ive had this camera for 12months.. Ready to trash it and get something decent.

If you want to power this camera up using a standard USB cable..forget it. Garmin have used the fourth pin in their 12volt power supply to check the cable out. The Camera will not charge if you want to run multiple devices from your cig lighter/ 12 volt power supply. You are forced to use the proprietary Garmin car charging cable which allows for only one device to be plugged into the cig socket... One word..Lemon

I got a lemon

Out of the box voice control didn't even feature on the menu. Also it failed to pick up the satellite signal. Garmin took an average of about 2 full days to respond to the support requests, but every time they responded they wanted more information. It took two weeks and still no solution, still no offer of replacement, so I just sent it back and got a full refund. I don't know where the 5 star ratings came from - it certainly wasn't my experience with the product, or with Garmin support.

Rubbish, at best.

Owned this for about 11 months now, and in that time I've had it swapped once, and today is the second time it's going to be replaced.
Constantly freezing while trying to remove videos from it, 1 out of every 10 trips the camera is not on, I had an incident where a pedestrian walked out Infront of my car and when I went to get the footage..guess what wasn't on?
The download speed is horrendous, the app takes several minutes to recognise you've connected to the dash cam wifi, and when it does connect the video info takes a good 30 seconds after that to load, then you may click on it to open it, but beware, if it's a large file, the dash cam will crash the app because the camera freezes up.
There is no point in having a dash cam that works SOMETIMES.

The ONLY benefit to this cam is the fact that it's daytime picture quality is good, night time not so much.

Beware software downloads using Mac

I bought this as I have 2 Garmin GPS units, both of which are great. However, this unit failed the first day. I set up as per instructions ( which by the way are very vague ), added it to Garmin Express and did a software update, thats when it all turned bad. The download froze the unit. After 2 days of searching Garmin troubleshooting and reading blogs, I came to the conclusion Mac software does not work very well. Even Garmin advise using windows on updates. Thats something not in the instructions. I did eventually get it working, but adding it again to Garmin Express really killed it. Its now winging its way back to Johnny Appleseed where I bought it, am getting a refund !

Problems within weeks of purchase. Very disappointing

The quality of the footage is good, however, started having problems immediately after the first software update within weeks of purchase, with certain dash cam functions not working any longer. After much wasted time trying to get a software update to fix the problem and emails to Garmin I was asked to return it to them for replacement. I suggest Garmin should thoroughly test their software and updates BEFORE release - and not expect clients to do the testing for them

So disappointed

I did lots of research before buying a Garmin 55 dash cam. Initially everything worked fine, then within 2 weeks the voice command stopped working. And things got worse from there. Now whenever I turn it on I have to go through all the steps to set it up. I've tried to restore it many times but it refuses to restore. I even tried running the battery flat in the hope of causing it to re-set. All to no avail.

And now the latest version of Garmin Express v6.9.1.0 will not open on my Mac nor on my PC laptop. I'm in the process of looking for a different dash cam. This one is for the garbage bin.

One of the worst products I have ever owned.

very satisfied

easy to use and set up,have had a few cam's put them in front and rear of car,very indiscriminate,although I do make sure the rear cam' can be seen by tailgaters,which I don't get now,also have aged but still working perfectly a garmin gps never lets me down and if and when needed updates are quick and easy,hope I don't hex myself ,,,garmin is good

Disappointment with a star

Found this product difficult to operate and it only works with the supplied cable? So do not loose it. Operation is not that easy and Garmin support failing. Windscreen mount was good but expensive for a magnet if you want to install in two vehicles. Would suggest looking elsewhere. Selling my unit as a major disappointment

This is the right dash cam...

So after days of research, going through all the other reviews, checking the price and actually testing the item, I think that the Garmin 55 is just the right dash cam for me! First of all, it works just as advertised, second, it actually exceeded my expectations as how easy it was to set up and running. Lastly, for the price, it has the features that actually should have been some premium added to it but they didn't so I got more value for my money.

Works, but voice control needs urgent fixing.

Video quality good. I payed extra for voice control, but had to disable it. It constantly thinks a song said to stop recording audio, or to record video or other.
Listening to a podcast is hell, it will record video or another command every few minutes.
It makes it impossible to find specific videos as there are so many saved.
I turn voice control on after every update with hope.

Edit 06-03-19 Has gotten better with every update, hasn't misheard in days.

Purchased in September 2018.

Don't Buy it!

This worked well for about 2 months then died. New replacement camera did exactly the same. Costly to send them back repeatedly for warranty, so out of pocket. I have many other garmin products, and won't be buying them again after this experience. Footage was ok, Parking mode function accessory cable required (costly) to access this feature, proprietary cables are a pain.

Failed on the 2nd day...but...

Great design and video quality, love the magnetic mount.
Came with 8GB miniSD which is not enough. Should be shipped with minimum 16GB card.
Speed and red light camera, forward collision and lane departure warnings are great and worked very well when tested for one day only.
I am afraid on the second day device got corrupted.
Every time I started the car, device kept asking re-do the setup process and the only language option was American English.
I called Garmin and they provided me links to re-install the device software however it didn't help.
Tried re-setting device and formatting the card also did not help.
I must say Garmin support team was very helpful and pleasant to deal with (Aleah and Christine).
I am returning the device back to Garmin.
Their return policy reads: "Goods presented for repair may be replaced with refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired".
I am disappointed that a brand new item, literally worked only one day will be replaced with a refurbished one.
I hope that the replacement will work without a problem.

UPDATE 06 March 2019:
About a year ago, Garmin sent me a brand new replacement and they even reimbursed my postage fee.
It has now been almost 12 months since my above review and the replacement works flawlessly.
I have also updated the firmware on MAC without any issue and installed Sandisk 64GB mSD Extreme Pro.
I am happy with the replacement.

Purchased in March 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Readable Number PlatesYes
Features / Functions
Video Quality
Audio Quality
Night-Time Video Quality

Easy to setup and works well

One piece sticks to the window and the rest attaches via a magnet. It is therefore easy to remove for security and on hot days.

It is easy to setup and use.
It is plugged into the car 12v socket and it turns itself on when I start the car and off when I turn off the car.

It has voice control (eg OK GARMIN SAVE VIDEO).
In my opinion the picture quality appears to be OK. When vehicles are close you can make out the number plates.

This has already saved my Insurance excess.

I am well and truly in front. I purchased the camera on points. The camera and features are great. Particularly the speed/red light warnings. I had a truck wipe out my wing mirror and the truck company later disputed the Insurance claim. I had it all on camera and they had no leg to stand on. The features on the 55 are better than the other camera(Garmin also) on my other car. It's a winner.

Outstanding Dash Cam

I recently purchased my Garmin dash cam 55, don't let the size fool you it is not much bigger than a box of matches but it packs a huge amount of useful features. Including forward collision alert, lane departure warning, red light and speed camera warning & voice control that allows you to take still images time lapse, video save, all you need to say is "hello Garmin" and a sub menu appears you just speak the one you want. It is that easy it also come with an 8gb card so you just plug and play, it has setting for centre left or right mounting whichever one you choose. It has a magnetic mount for easy removal and because of its size is not obstructive.

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Questions & Answers

No problems with the picture quality, the red light and speed camera work as they should but the lane departure is completely useless. Have had the camera exchanged for a new and both have been the same. Own a Mazda BT50 and it matters not a jot if I program the Garmin for high or low. Very disappointing.
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Why, why will it only work with the supplied cable? Had it for two months now and still can not get it to do anything? It keeps turning itself off? What a waste of money, for a supposedly good unit. Do you need to go to night school for six months to use it? Is there an online course?
2 answers
Sounds like mine....propriety cables I believe. Both mine used to work until they stopped completely and wouldn’t turn back on - poor batteries/charging management in my opinion.Why do this? In the pursuit of extra profit they make a unit very ordinary to own and operate.


Garmin Dash Cam 55
CategoryDash Cams
Price (RRP) $249.00
Screen Size 2"
Viewing Angle 122°
Camera Resolution1440p (Wide QHD)
Megapixels 3.7 MP
Channels 1
FeaturesForward Collision Warning, GPS, Lane Departure Warning, Microphone/Audio Recording, Motion Detection, Smartphone App, Voice Control and Wi-Fi
Memory TypeMicroSD card
Battery life30 minutes
Weight59.5 g
Dimensions 41 x 56 x 21 mm
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Replaced byGarmin Dash Cam 56
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  • MPN: 010-01750-11
  • GTIN12: 753759178727

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