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Gasmate Column Outdoor CH205MB

Gasmate Column Outdoor CH205MB

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Gasmate is terribly overpriced and bad quality

My 2 day old Gasmate bought from Bunnings is useless, overpriced and utter garbage. It took one day to get it to light up and on the second day after starting it, I found that one needs to click the starter minimum 5 times to start it. I bought and returned two Fiammetta outdoor gas heaters before changing brands, because they were bad and faulty too. Stupidly, i thought paying a higher price of $299 for a Gasmate Patio Heater will surely give me a better quality gas heater for the patio. I was so very, very wrong in my judgement.

Sadly, the larger problem is that Bunnings have dropped the ball regarding quality control and product choice. Their buyers need to take their work seriously and qualify supplier products before dumping them on those that trust Bunnings quality. My research today showed that this type of patio gas heater costs AUD $32 landed in Australia from China. It seems to me that Bunnings are making an obscene profits on this trash.

Date PurchasedJun 2018


If you're looking for a heater that lasts only a "season" go for it. My advise is the spend your money elsewhere. Friends had the same problem... never ever again by a Gasmate item. So disappointing when we went to use after winter and couldn't get it to light.. only to hear many others had the same happen.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Absolutely rubbish

This was the most expense outdoor heater at Bunnings so I was expecting a good product. Stopped working after 13 months, phoned Gasmte directly and were no help at all. Bunnings also did not help as it was out of the 12 months warranty, I will never purchase another gasmate product.

Date PurchasedAug 2015


Although this is a great looking heater it has a few design problems that need to be sorted out before I would recommend this to anyone, especially when considering it is expensive. However, it does produce good heat which is primarily what a heater should do if you're prepared to spend a minute trying to start it. And did I mention that it looks good...
Looks good and has decent heat output which you can vary. Depending on how cold the ambient temperature is the unit does provide good heat over a 3m radius. Has easy access to both the ignition knob and the gas bottle. Easy to assemble and stable (as it should be). It also comes with a nice dust cover.
Expensive. It cost around $500 from Bunnings. The ignition device (which I think is piezo-electric) takes forever to start the unit. I have to click this thing at least 20 times before it will start. It could just be that I have a dud unit but I can see the spark when I click the ignition and the gas flow seems fine so I'm not sure what the problem is. However, once started it stays lit. The door to the base compartment which holds the gas bottle seems a bit flimsy and the door does not fasten neatly to the latch. The heater has 2 small wheels on the base so it can be moved and although they do the job if you angle the unit back far enough I feel they should have been a bit bigger to make it easier.

Worth every cent

We have recently purchased the Gasmate Column heater and it is great. Starts easyly and quicky with no trouble, great heat, easy to put together, comes with a dust cover, light enough to move around yourself.

There is a trick to getting these thing started, if you dont do it right it seems like its not working(as mentioned by the other reviewer). What you have to do is turn the knob till it clicks while pushing in at the same time. Noe dont let go just hold it down for 20-30 seconds to alow the gas to pass though now repeat a again. It should only take a few shots.

After you gave done this the pilot lite will go on now hold this for a further 20-30 seconds and turn over to heat setting low-high and your DONE.

Mine starts on the 3ed go every time.
As mentioned easy to start, assemble and keep clean. Shot around online and get the best price, they are more expecive then others but they heat better and are more efficient then most. Bunnings is about $430 at the monment but i found one online for under $375. SO SHOP AROUND ITS WORTH IT
Can't complain about the heater, much better then the really high models that make your heat hot but your feet stay cold. This is more even and really pumps out the heat.

its now $375 at Bunningsits now $349 at bunnings

Questions & Answers

Do these things glow hot? Mine seems to not get very hot also was very load to start I think the flame was jumping away from the burner. Might be a faults one will go back to bunnings and ask.
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Hi Bazzac, these do not "glow" hot. You can not see the flame. As for the sound I'm not sure. Mine and my in-laws does not make noise. You can only hear the fire burning with-in the tube.

Just bought one and it's really loud. Is this normal???
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Hi, i would say its very quiet. Makes a sort of burning gas/ flame sounds. Thats about it. We have just bought a second one (for my inlaws) and they also love it.

I have no problem getting the pilot light alite but when I go to turn it to low high heat the pilot light goes out and cant get the column to light, why?
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Not sure, but make sure the pilot light is on for about 30 seconds or even a minute before you try and turn it up. that works for mine every time.If the pilot flame is predominantly blue, it could be a faulty Thermocouple, Tilt Switch or Electro Magnet. If the pilot flame is mostly yellow then it could actually be a partially blocked pilot which is not heating the thermocouple correctly. If you need anymore help, don't be afraid reach out


Column Outdoor CH205MB
Price (RRP) $600.00
Heater TypeOutdoor
Colour / Finish Black
Dimensions 1880 x 540 x 540 mm
Additional FeaturesTip Over Protection
Max Gas Input35 mJ/h
Gas TypeLPG
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)

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