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GenF20 HGH Releaser

GenF20 HGH Releaser

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My wife and I have been taking GenF20 HGH Releaser pills for over a year. The vendor's claims have been completely false. We haven't lost any belly fat, in spite of diligent daily diet control and exercise. We feel woozy, "out-of-it" and lethargic most of the time, feelings we never experienced before beginning the GenF pill regimen. In my opinion, this product is a waste of money and ineffective. I say this based on the results my wife and I have experienced over a period of more than a year of taking this supplement. We plan to discontinue paying their rip-off price for an ineffective dietary supplement once our current supply is depleted. We are still hoping to experience the benefits touted by the vendor, in which case we would continue using the product, but I seriously doubt anything will change within the next six months.

Purchased in February 2018 at Newegg for $259.00.

Additional Physical Activities Cardio and Sport
User IntentWeight Loss

2015 user Excellent, 2018 user WHAT WENT WRONG?

I'm avid fan of this genf20 plus before, comparing the result before..its makes me WOW.. my energy cant explain but really a good one. NOW, i tried this again sad, even the pill itself changes becomes small..you guys from genf20 team...i dont know with you guys but this is wrong and you know it..sad your company is at risk. I hope you could bring back the original ingredients.

Only been taking for 1 month

I am an esthetician who has been using this product for a little over a month. I have noticed significant results in the skin on my face!! I had a lot of hyper pigmentation on my neck and face from this summer and it dissipated like magic! Not completely yet, but normally it would have taken several treatments. Also, I have noticed a plumpness to my skin that filled in all the dehydrated lines under my eyes and around my eyes and lips. I only rate 4 stars because I haven't really felt more energy, or better sleep. Their are several components to that considering i'm stopping other pills that had the fake energy being forced on my body (which can take time to get used to) Also added some things to help me sleep that may be making me tired. If I only took the GenF20Plus, I could honestly give a better review. I do feel more toned though, and feel like I'm getting toned quicker than in the past, but haven't experienced weight loss per say. The skin is the largest organ in your body, so it's a great place to see the first results. Will make another review after a couple months.

Excellent Product. GenF20 delivers as promised with noticeable results

50 year old boyfriend started taking Genf20 with me and the results are outstanding! I prefer this to other hgh releasers. The effects are total: including increased energy and vast improvement in skin tone.


You will never never get your money back. They will use every angle. This is a scam. I used it exactly as directed. Zero result. When I asked for my refund, they had an excuse for everything.
Stay away! It is just throwing your money away.

Bogus and too late to return product

This product is absolutely bogus!!! I was taking Serovital and was feeling great and noticed the benefits. I have been taking this F20 and have no energy and no results. I tried to return the product and got an operator that could not speak English and said I was 7 days too late!!! So much for taking the product and seeing results in 60 days. Don't buy this product! Bogus and big corp behind this crap! worse they encourage you to buy 3 or 4 months worth at a time. They say you should see results by then. Well 60 days you are too late to return the product. (CRAP)

No effect at all

The title of the review says it all. I used it faithfully for several months, both spray and pill. Wasted money. I suppose I could have gotten blood test before and after to verify, but I couldn't tell one bit of difference.

No effect at all.

Took the pill form of GenF20. I'm a 51 male in good shape and found found that pill is marketed on lies. It did absolutely nothing!!! I work out 3x a week - no change in my skin, sleep, wrinkles.Total scam.

Unbelievable results!

I also picked up GenF20 and I'm as blown away as the rest of you guys are. It's helped increase gains in the gym as well as saved my sex drive, and you know what they say about that "happy wife, happy life." Phenomenal product.

Really Good! Based on my Experienced!

I'm still on the fence about HGH, but I've a friend who sells health-related products from buy-hgh.today, and he says GenF20Plus is the way to go. It's not HGH, but stimulates your body to produce HGH naturally. At first, I was wondering If the product is effective, and what I did, I check the online reviews about GenF20Plus form amazon and most of them are in positive comments. So I tried to buy the product good for 1 month. When I tried it for a couple days I felt Great and Alive! I said, WOW! This is so amazing and YES! This product is very powerful all are in natural. After 1 month I felt that im look young than before without taking, and now I’ so happy that I found a great product which can boost my intimate performance..

GenF20 is a great product

GenF20 was, is and will always be a great product ! well... i am saying that because i've actually consumed GenF20 and GenF20 plus over the last 10 years. It's actually great and for many things in your life, it's not just about muscles or sex aptitude or even skin tone...

GenF20 is a product changing your whole YOU, i mean i don't exactly what it's doing inside but i know everything working wrong inside you will be fixed in some months of pills. That's what it did for me... it fixed my life in general, it changed my way of thinking, i was able to get a better job and so on...

as i said in the optional store line i bought it from fair coupon code, because they are the only company on the net to sell it for 10% less money. So if i can have a product for cheap, while having the same quality i am not going to say no !

GenF20 is not a muscles builder product, it will help your organism in lots of ways, but it's not specialized for bodybuilding or other sports... everyone can take it ! (at least you need to be adult, and even 25+ years old because before not sure it's going to work well !)

personally i began at 25 years old, then i took some more at 28 and again by 34 years old. It always brought me great things in my life, but i can't really explain... you think better, you're kinda smarter but not really in a way that your IQ have suddenly increased, it's just things are becoming easier to understand... and it's how i got the great job i actually have, because before this product i was a looser.

So GenF20 is really a product if you want to change your life, don't take it otherwise.
actually nothing was wrong !

No Difference

I've noticed no difference in my weight loss, energy or any of the other effects this product said it would have and feel a bit silly that I fell for all the hype. The one thing I also got was the diarrhea which seems to be rather common with taking these. I got these to help with my weight loss but by binning these and just changing a few things in my dieted for the better and giving it a bit extra in the gym I've managed to gain all the positive effects this project claims to give. Listen to your brain folks and save your money, nothing will replace healthy eating and exercise, I wish I used the money to get new gym trainers instead.

Do not buy this product

All I Can Say is wow!

When I first bought my genf I wasn't really sure if this was really going to work or not but I wanted to try it out anyway. I started this past summer and now it's almost Christmas and WOW! very impressed. Not only have I lost about 14 pounds (I have abs now) my metabolism is much higher giving me more energy. I sleep better and am way more active then I have have been. I actually have friends wanting to touch my abs LOL kinda weird for a change.


I took these pills x2 occasions. The first time I had noticeably more energy and muscle tone etc after a few weeks of taking the pills but then I started getting weird symptoms like burping and a rotten egg taste in mouth, after a few days I started getting very bad diarea which very quickly turned into heavy projectile vomiting as well. I thought maybe I was just sick with something else but also stopped taking the pills as well. After about a week I was normal again but i waited about a month before starting to take the pills again. Sure enough my second try resulted in the same symptoms very bad diarea and the egg smell burps. All i can say is these pills did nothing but poison my body and they were so not worth it for me. Love to hear feedback on this as I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had this happen to them after taking these pills. I'm not saying they don't work I'm just saying for me they didn't!

Made me extremely sick!


I am 36 and going on my 4th month of taking this stuff. I've taken the supplement as prescribed and on schedule since the day I received it. I have NOT noticed any positive affects, as mentioned on GenF20's website. NO reduced wrinkles, same amount of grey hair (if not more), NO change in skin condition, NO improved sex drive (was looking forward to that), NO change in weight, No noticable change in energy. Maybe I'm just a freak of nature to where this product will have no affect on me, however my vote is "WASTE OF MONEY".

No positive effects.


I purchased a 2 month supply. They give you a 68 day money back guarantee. I sent everything back I hadn't taken on the 5th week. No help at all. I have emailed them every day for the past 3 weeks with no response except they have not yet received the return. What a joke. They just like ripping people off! Don't buy with confidence. They don't honor the guarantee they brag about.

This company is really rude.


I've only been taking this product for a few days but there is no doubt I have an extreme energy increase. I'm 18 and have been hypothyroid for the majority of my life. My days are lethargic and tired, and my weight is extremely difficult to keep under control. I am taking GenF20 in conjunction with Hydroxycut Max, and the difference between Hydroxycut and GenF20 in comparison to just hydroxycut is significant. I work a very fast-paced job at a chain cafe, that requires both physical exertion and high mental awareness. I've just finished off the busiest day of the season with very little exhaustion unlike usual. I had more energy than I knew what to do with. I'd like to see the effects this has with my diet and exercise in the future.
Energy, stamina and awareness.
None so far.

i know its been a while since u wrote this post, but i would just like to know if u still taking this product and if u r still satisfied with it? kind regards, rebeccaFor me genf20 plus is been amazing. I must try product.


I have ordered this product and am looking forward to any significant benefits. At this stage the added spring in my step isnt a major thing for me, I take alot of other supplements, lead a healthy diet and depend on good excersize for those gains. However only a true HGH response given by this product may give me what I require, which is revitalizing my skin and hair. At this point in time any significant gains in this area would more than satisfy me. And I would happily endorse GenF20 for only this reason. If anyone on this product wants to have better metabolism or reduce chronic pains, your looking at the wrong product, there are other factors in your body that regulate your bodies healing and HGH is not the primary one. Naturally speaking, enzyme levels is what you should be looking into. For chronic pain sufferers try an enzyme supplement. HGH in regards to the endocrine system only warrants increases in size and muscle tone, it should revatilyze other functions too like hair nail and skin regrowth, with is what I am specifically interested in. So seek products like Vitalzym for chronic pains or chronic lethargy. Cheers.
Looks like it should encourage hair and skin revitalization.
Could be ineffective in most people.


Like anything, if it sounds too good to be true thats exactly what it is!!! Why would anyone shoot up with HGH if these pills worked??? Common sense is a very powerful tool that is (unfortunately) lacking in many of us human beings. I'd like to give thanks to everyone else who have posted honest reviews on this as I was giving this product serious consideration. My verdict is obvious, DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! If you're old and are in a lot of pain, I hope you can get REAL HGH from somewhere because THAT does work - not these crappy pills.
KaboOM! NONE!!!
This is a complete scam!!!


Very good product. Make some realistic goals before making judgement. Will continue to use on and off. You cannot compare this to HGH injections as this is a releaser and not HGH. Energy was increased and increase in muscle size. Lower body fat with 3 month cycle.
This really works great. Bodybuilder who made some real gains with this.
Customer service is bad.

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GenF20 HGH Releaser
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