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Latest review: I know some of my friends who are on duromine for years. Their weight is like yo yo effect. Is his medicine addictive? I am thinking of starting myself. Any experience with taking this tablete long


Latest review: I started this medication 7 days ago, i started at 85.7kg, and have already lost 1.3kg. I exercise when I can as i have a tight schedule. I hope if i really knuckle down on my diet and cut half the

Switch Nutrition Keto Switch

Latest review: I have been following a lazy kind of keto diet with a bit of intermittent fasting for a few months now. I know I can’t maintain the extreme keto diet as I can’t quite keep at 20g of carbs per day and

Caruso's Natural Health Testorod

Latest review: So, I've never been one to believe that natural supplements can benefit to a great degree. I'm 58 and workout at the Gym, so I scoured the internet and did some deep digging and research. Looked up

GenF20 HGH Releaser

Latest review: My wife and I have been taking GenF20 HGH Releaser pills for over a year. The vendor's claims have been completely false. We haven't lost any belly fat, in spite of diligent daily diet control and

Vital Progenix

Latest review: I was offered these at a special rate. I went to buy more but the price for repeats is WAY too high when you I consider pills that work miles better are about same price. As I said they worked OK

Trimplex Elite

Latest review: I kept receiving this product after cancelling this fake advertisement. I have about 10 bottles of each which is not true to their advertising. I want. Full refund the more reviews I read the more

Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch

Latest review: I have the chocolate flavour and it's like my little hot chocolate treat before bed. This product helps me sleep at night. Normally if I wake up during the middle of the night it can take me ages

Nakdnu Beauty Collagen Powder
  • Contains Creatine: No
  • Product Type: Powder

Ultimate Nutrition Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM

Latest review: This is the only brand I use as it has no side effects for me and gives definite relief. Must be taken consistently for optimal results. Have been using it now for about three years and always

Cellucor C4 Extreme

Latest review: I have used a number of pre workouts over the years (Craze, Frenzy, 1MR, SuperPump, Black Powder, Jack3d etc) and while I find Craze and Frenzy the best I have ever had, this is now my preferred

Krave Gone

Latest review: This oral spray seems to first work like a mint and then the water chaser helps fill you up. The active ingredient herb and mineral I guess works shortly after. It certainly worked for me for a few

Wicked Supplements Resveratrol 100 Liquid

Latest review: Have been using res100 for a good 3 months now, i have used many natural testosterone boosters in my time and i am writting this review because iam so proud of the results i have gotten from it. I

Scivation Xtend BCAA

Latest review: I have been using this product for a couple of years now. I personally love the green apple

Mannatech BounceBack

Latest review: I have played sport my entire life. I am a blackbelt in martial arts and am about to open a new Dojang. Without this product and the rest of the Mannatech line, I don't think I would be able to. I

Mannatech Empact+

Latest review: I am a full time martial artist and love staying fit. Many times I am pushing my body to the limit and have very little in reserves. Since using Empact+ I can train longer and recover faster. I love

Sports Research Collagen Peptides

Latest review: Looking for better skin and hair and less joint pain. I been using Super Collagen and there is a marked improvement in my skins elasticity. Dissolves completely with no taste. I think this supplement

Mannatech Truplenish

Latest review: Truplenish contains 20gms of plant based protein and is a good source of vitamins and minerals. They are convenient and easy to make up with water, milk, almond milk or coconut milk. You can add

Dymatize Dyma-Burn Extreme

Latest review: This is a great product. One capsule and I have clear mental energy for at least 5 hours. I did not crash or feel the need for another capsule after 5 hours. After 10 hours of taking the capsule

Elite Labs Mass Muscle Gainer

Latest review: Really liked this product. Taste is 10. mix ability is amazing. You feel like you are drinking protein shake. It's very easy on the stomach. I will sure use it again and recommend to my friends. I

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