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Switch Nutrition Keto Switch

Switch Nutrition Keto Switch

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Raised my blood ketone levels considerably

I've been on the ketogenic diet for about a month and testing my blood ketone levels with a Freestyle Optium Neo. My levels ranged from 0.3mmol to 0.5mmol. After taking a scoop of Keto Switch I tested my blood (around 30 minutes after taking it) and my levels were 3.2mmol which is a 5-10x increase on my normal levels and I was blown away. The only downside is that it doesn't last long, however my levels remained slightly higher than usual until my next meal.

Purchased in February 2019 at Nutrition Warehouse for $99.95.

Additional Physical Activities Weightlifting
User IntentWeight Loss

I recommend this to everyone.

I found this product when I was a few months into my weight loss journey, I found with a ketogenic diet it was hard to control cravings etc. I found keto switch and noticed the difference, it helps with weight loss but it helps a lot with appetite control especially when you are fasting. This product helped me lose 50kg. This also gives a mental boost.

Purchased in March 2018 at Nutrition co for $80.00.

Additional Physical Activities Sport and Weightlifting
User IntentWeight Loss

Waste of money

For starters, any supplement over $60 is a waste of money. This supplement is extreme at nearly $100. Waste of money. Yes I’ve tried it, the entire tub and I’ve been on keto for awhile. It is literally flavored powder that will do nothing for you and those that think it is - placebo.

Good but gives me the runns

Tried product felt great when eating. I can feel a mental boost but when I use it while fasting it gives me the runns. Not sure why this is happenning

Awesome product

My husband and I have been using keto switch for a couple of months and we wouldn't be without it! I take it twice a day for a couple of days when transitioning back into keto, makes the transition SO easy. And when I'm in keto I'll have the occasional one if I need more energy. I love it, it gives a noticeable energy boost and extra mental clarity. If you find it's not "working" for you, try taking it when you're eating a good high fat/ low carb diet. Thanks guys for a great product :)

Don't believe the hype

This product does not work for everyone.

I tried it religiously, and as directed for a month and noticed no difference. I bought keto strips, ate NO carbs and still was not in ketosis.

The only positive of this product, in my opinion, is that the pine lime flavour tastes rather nice. Other than that, it did nothing. Very disappointing considering that I paid $98 and the tub was not even full

Stevia, yum, not

Tried the chocolate and it just tastes like sweeteners. Literally tried to force myself to drink it, could not. Massive waste of $100. Very disappointed. Does not combine with milk or water, just separates. Don't waste your money.

All great products and amazing flavours

My partner raves about the keto switch and has stated the flavours are Absolutely amazing. He is about to try the thermal switcher to see how that works as well.

Very happy with results!

I was a little sceptical before buying however I’ve now been taking this for a week along with a high-fat ketogenic diet and I’ve lost 2kg (I had already started a ketogenic diet for 2 weeks previously to taking the supplement, and I had only lost 1kg per week before this). It tastes great and really helps with energy levels, and because of the appetite suppressants, I was able to start a 16/8 IF! Looking forward to more results, honestly best suppliment I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a few!

Switched me into keto with a 36 hour fast

I've spent the Christmas 3 week break on a sinful alcohol, carb and sugar binge.

To get back into ketosis I did a 36 hour fast with two serves of this switch product during the fast. So it was 100 calories of ketones. I've stayed on a high fat diet for another 48 hours and im in. Perhaps I was in sooner as I only completed my first ever urine ketone test.

Don't know if this product helped. I will say the only side affect I have from fasting now that im fat adapted is issues with getting to sleep. I had my second serve when I wasn't drifting off and bam out like a light. Again, not sure if this was causal.

Its expensive $100 but I only burnt through $10 (2 serves). The idea is your liver, muscles and mitochondrial cells gear up in preparation to burn ketones when they flooded with them. I have read white papers that indicate it does help spure on transition.

It will only work if your diet is practically void of carbohydrates. THERE IS ON POINT USING THIS PRODUCT IF YOUR NOT FOLLOWING A KETOGENIC DIET. Except for rare use cases. For example certain cases of Alzheimer diseases in which the brain can't process glucose due to brain insulin resistance. It can act as an expensive temporary band aid solution and might give a patient with early onset alzeimers cause for trying a ketogenic diet if they find temporary improvement of their condition.

So i've lost 30kg so far on a high saturated fat ketogenic diet. My blood glucose has gone from good to optimal. I've lost my fatty liver according to pathology tests. Triclygerides have shot down, good cholesterol has gone up. I have lost the feeling of hunger and eat when I want to and not like the rest of the populous who are governed by their glucose levels. I will most likely continue to use this product when I jump back in coupled with a 36 hour no food fast. As I think the healthiest thing to do is jump between a ketogenic and glucose consuming state. Further more I'm more than convinced a ketogenic diet is healthy based on the fact the medical establishment rated it the most unhealthy diet. After giving us the diabetes epidemic with low fat food pyramid junk science I think its a great thing to to do the inverse on what they suggest.

Diabetic problems couldn’t lose weight without this product

I bought pine lime and was very skeptical. I am a type 1 diabetic have been for 22 years, my doctor recently told me I couldn’t lose any weight and my weight will increase slowly because of my artificial insulin. I tried every including keto diet, vegan, calories as low as 500 a day I couldn’t lose a gram. I’ve tried this product for a week at half dose and have lost 4kg this week. Now I feel like I have a chance in hell! I will continue to use keto switch The taste is nice and loving the results!

Had my energy levels up and appetite suppressed for hours!!

This is a great tasting formula that has ticked all the boxes so far. The best part is it is not a multi level marketed product which makes it affordable.

Absolutely amazing!!!!

Without a doubt Keto Switch is the best product I have ever used in the Sports Nutrition/Weight Loss department. I've never had the results I am now achieving and have never tasted a better supplement, the flavour combinations are like childhood memories!! Thanks Switch Nutrition for coming in to the market and finally bringing us a product that does what it promises at a great price.

Never felt so good!!!

I'm a busy mother of 3 with school, dancing and sports. I've been on KETO SWITCH pine/lime for 3 weeks and I've never felt so good ever... With the energy levels, clarity and weight loss it's been so easy and it's hard to believe it's true. After 3 days I was fitting back into clothes I hadn't been able to since my 3rd child. Another big thing for me was when looking in the mirror I now like the person who's looking back at me. My energy and vibe has been massive friends are asking "what are you taking" I need some. Now 4 of my friends are also using KETO SWITCH and they too are blown away with how they are feeling AMAZING!! I follow the intimate fasting 16/8 eating style and by eating a high fat low carb it's more satisfying and no more cravings "how good is that"...
The support and encouragement that Greg from Switch Nutrition has given me im forever grateful for. From the very start he was more then happy to answer so many question on a daily basis. If you're looking for that something to help you feel AMAZING I would highly recommend this product for sure..

Switch Products are fantastic

I started on the Switch products 3 weeks ago. The Keto has already produced some great weight results, down 3kg. The flavour of the lychee is really good and doesn't have the usual awful after taste and the mind clarity, which I was originally cynical about, has been a positive additional benefit to the weight loss. Give it two or three days and the appetite suppression kicks in and since I'm doing the 16/8 intermittent fasting, it's a saviour and I'm not overly hungry at the 16 hour mark. I have also been using the Adrenal (gives you the best night sleep), the Thermal and the Amino. Amongst the mix of these products, I am feeling better than I have for a long time so highly recommend these Switch products.

Did for me what I couldn't do for myself

The flavour made it the easiest sports supp to drink , normally they all taste like chemicals but this mixed well and was fresh and not too sweet . And I really noticed a huge difference in my sugar cravings , which are almost non existent I highly recommend Keto switch to anyone wanting to easily drop kilos and keep it off .

Ketosis never tasted so good

I bought Keto Switch after listening to a Tim Ferris podcast about exogenous ketones. He interviewed Dr Dom D'Agostino who talked about ketones helping with brain function, energy, performance, fat loss and appetite control. I've always struggled with my weight and in the last couple of years had brain fog on and off. So, I thought I would give it a go. I found this product on Instagram and people were raving about it. Firstly, it tastes amazing and I was surprised to learn it was 100% naturally sweetened which is awesome. I started with just 1/2 a scoop as Keto Switch has more ketones than other products. I'm now up to 1 scoop to 1.5L of water it is incredible (I bought Peach Mango). After just a few days my appetite had suppressed significantly and my brain fog had disappeared. I noticed my clothes were looser in a week and I was surprised to have lost 3kg so quick. Gotta say this product is great and I have gotten a few of my friends on it now and they are also seeing some incredible results within a week or two. I have now tried the Lychee and it's also one of the best tasting supplements I've tried.

Questions & Answers

I have been on a XLR8 health program for about 5 months now only consuming 20 grams of carbs a days, 110 grams of fat and 120 grams of protein. I lost 20 kilos and dropped a few dress sizes I am happy with the result but I am in the hard part now the last 10 kilos.... I find my body slipping in and out of ketosis. I was recommended Keto Switch. I have only been taking it for three days and I feel the difference and definitely helps during fasting but it make me feel nauseated after I drink it. Is this a common side affect when starting out on it or could it be happening because I take other supplements as well?
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I have a keto shake for breakfast so when would I have my keto switch
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Is it ok to use Keto Switch when not exercising?
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Switch Nutrition Keto Switch
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