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Giant Roam
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Best commuter I’ve ever had

Purchased this bike 2 months ago as a commuter to work 30km a day. By far the best I’ve ever had. Great comfy ride and super quick for a bike with an off road there. I prefer riding this over my 3k road bike. Highly recommended to all interested in an all rounder

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Great Bike - After 7 Years Use

I bought the bike in 2011, and ride twice a week - usually about 30km - on bike paths, roads and occasionally gravel. On occasions tricky hilly footpaths too.
The bike has performed faultlessly during that period. I am a diligent owner and keep the bike clean. I clean and lubricate the chain and derailleurs regularly.
I have never had the bike serviced professionally yet the gears function just as quickly and accurately as they did when new. The hydraulic discs are just fantastic.
A very well equipped versatile bike: well made at a reasonable price.
Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedDec 2011

Love this Bike!

Bought the Roam 0 because I wanted really good gears - we have plenty of steep little hills around where we live. I have put a basket on the back - which I load up with about 8kgs of shopping.No problem getting up the hills which in the past I struggled with. Great breaks are a bonus - work well in the wet.
Very happy and now my commute preference over my car!

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Good all round hybrid bike - Giant Roam 0 2017

-Good 30 gear set ,Deore shimano touring set - I live in very hilly area and gears are a plus
- Suspension is good and great for going over bumps
- go anywhere, stripped down mountain bike but with road capability
- Great hydraulic brakes
- is strong and sturdy

- gears needed a lot of adjustment in first 5 months, had great local bike shop who got it into shape but would not buy online if you did not have this support or you are not a handy bike mechanic
- I am a middle aged bloke - so seat that came with bike was a bit hard for me and I replaced with a comfier one.
- while this is supposed to be a 'best in class' hybrid for weight with butted aluminium it is much heavier than my son's carbon fibre bike and not built for speed. Not a problem for me but might be for some. On the other hand it goes places a carbon firbre bike won't go also.
- the handlebars only raise a little - personal preference issue - but I had mine extended up a little with add on bracket from local bike shop.

In someways this is a difficult bike for me to review as my previous bike was a cheap no-name hybrid. So I was starting from a low- base anyway and so don't really have any insights into how other brands might perform. But I have had the Roam 0 now for about 6 - 7 months and it is definitely an improvement on what I was riding. The first thing I probably noticed was the great gear set. Because the bike comes with 30 gears, it allows for fast and smail increments in changes up or down - which is helpful in getting you up hills or riding into wind when you want to maintain pace. I also put some MTB cleat pedals on also which gave me more power in riding up hills or building speed.

The forks also are well buffered for bumps with great hydraulic suspension and carbon fibre handle bars which helps absorb the bumps. Most of the other hybrids I looked at when I bought this bike did not have this kind of suspension - so this was a plus when buying this bike. The seat post is also carbon fibre which tends to buffer bumps. Good hydraulic brakes also for riding in the wet and reliable stop - also need a lot less adustsment than my old centre pull rim rubber brakes. Tyres might roll a little slow but are rugged and have a puncture protection layer which is a plus for rough riding.

I have been going for much longer rides on this bike - over 50 Km - which I could not have done on my previous bike. It is reasonably comfortable - though have noticed some ache in my shoulders after very long rides. Have been back to the bikeshop a few times to adjust seat and handlebars but for most rides this is not a problem.

My overall impression of this bike - though it is a hybrid - is that it is probably more mountain bike than road bike (though it is possible to turn the suspension off on the front forks if you want). It is reasonably heavy but then it is also quite strong as well like a mountain bike.

What I like about this bike also is it gives me the confidence to ride anywhere. This is helpful on bike paths when I need to take a detour off road to get around pedestrians or roadworks. The roads near me have in places bad pot holes but I have no problems with these as the bike handles any surprises that are thrown up.

I have also done a rail trail on sandy soil with this bike and was perfect for this environment. I like the flexibility of being able to use the bike on road or off road - to go up country or just use as a commuter bike to get to work - definitely one of the benefits of this type of bike.

In summary I have no problems with this bike - it does what it says it does and more. I would probably give this bike 4.5 stars if rating system would allow as it is probably a little bit better than just 4 stars.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

giant roam 0 -2017

Great bike for general intermediate riding around city paths and trails. Bought it for riding to shops and for longer rides (20km to 80km). It is fitted with parts that are capable of this and happy with it so far. Great looking bike too, lots of good comments. Highly recommend this bike for its intended purpose.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Really good bike , value for money.

I bought my 2017 Giant Roam Disc about a month ago from my local bike shop. I'm 55yo and been cycling for about 20 years , mainly mountain biking with some road but don't like the mamil image. I was looking at upgrading from my 26" mountain bike which my son now rides. I figured I probably wouldn't be doing any " real" mountain biking any more so why ride a strongly made but heavy bike around with forks that have 100mm of travel and I would probably only use 25-50mm max.I did extensive research on bikes in the $600 to $800 price range which for me is the most I would pay bearing in mind I have a $2000 road bike in the shed that rarely gets ridden. The Roam has the same frame shape as the Giant Talon mountain bikes but just thinner tubing so the riding position is good for me.The seat is fine although new riders may find they need to get a more "plush" seat. I'm 6' with an inside leg 31", according to the Giant sizing chart I am on the border of medium / large so I opted for the medium because it felt better. The handle bars are wider than I'm used to but it's an easy job to shorten them, I will give it another month before deciding on that one. The 27 gears are awesome , the cheaper Roam 3 has 24 gears and the gap between is too much especially when going uphill .The shifting is nice and smooth.I put SPD shimano mountain bike pedals on because I like the clipped in feel. The tyres are probably the only let down really,they are Giant Crosscut 700x38mm , sort of a V tread pattern that is slowish and noisey on hard surfaces but not great in the loose. Again not an expensive upgrade as you can get Maxxis Overdrive tyres for around $30 from Velogear or Pushys. So overall it's an awesome bike that does a bit of everything well and the Shimano disc brakes are just brilliant in all conditions. I ride 12 km each way to work and have been doing 25 km leisure rides along river paths and dirt roads in the weekends and the Roam eats up the kms. Get one and get riding.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Great Hybrid city trail bike

I upgraded from another Giant hybrid cycle I had owned for 15 years to this bike. The difference in the bicycle technology is amazing in ,the last decade - lighter frames, quick change gears and handle gear changers. The disc brakes make a real difference in the stopping power, while also making it easier to remove wheels when necessary. Make sure you change to a more comfortable wider seat if you are not a fan of thin bike seats. overall a real enjoyable bike for city paths and parkland tracks.
Light, easy change gears and front lockable forks.
Need a costly collar to raise the handlebars

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