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Gift Card Planet Branded Eftpos

Gift Card Planet Branded Eftpos

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DO NOT USE Gift Card Planet their customer service is a joke, they flat out will not consider any circumstances if your gift card has expired and they will not allow you to escalate. They simply reply that their terms and conditions are explicit and rigid and to have a lovely day?? How can I have a lovely day when they have just stolen $500 from me?
I feel sorry for their agents, I wonder what their staff turnover is like surely it would not be fulfilling working for this company.

Activated my card after the three month expiry

I emailed them, explained the circumstances as to why I couldn't activate in time as well as listed what the ACCC had on their website as I wasn't sure why the activation period expired so quickly. After two days they fixed it all up and everything is well. Thank you GCP! :)


Do Not use this company, they are thieves and I am actually appalled at the customer service they belief they deliver!! False advertising on their website that it can be used anywhere visa is, completely FALSE!! Very limited in the accessibility to actually use these cards. Save your money and do not purchase these for your clients!!! Extremely frustrating!


I contacted this company about activating my card after their nonsense activation date .Twice was told card had been activated only to find that it had not.
Liars and thieves .

Unable to speak to a representative

I called on several occasions and have not received a satisfactory response regarding my balance on the card being reduced from $100 to $0. What this company fails to realise is that I am the customer, the end user of the product. I have received no customer service. I worked for the $100 and to be told by a telephone operator that it was a promotional card is unacceptable. You only engage in email correspondence and fail to offer the service your other competitors provide. When I asked to speak to someone rather than engaging in an email exchange I was told you do not offer this facility. I have received conflicting information from your representatives. I have no option but to take the matter further. This company is owned by a larger operator that is well known and service does not matter?

Never Use Giftcardplanet.com.au

Terrible company and idea. The gift card that has an activation period of just 3 months, at which point it is unusable. The is nowhere on the card!!! There site is almost always not working. "Can't see anything on the right - Click Here" Is a permanent part of their check balance page. Give cash people!

This Company is a Joke!

If you don't activate the card within the allotted time, even though it is valid for 12mths they will keep the money. I had a card gifted with $2500 dollars and was waiting to use it for something special. I missed the date to activate it by 5 days and was told bad luck. Avoid this company at all costs. No other gift card I have ever received has an activation date. This is HWY robbery. Surely there is a law against this???

Such a scam- corporations and users beware!

What a complete rort.

A gift card that has an activation period of just 3 months, at which point it is unusable. Nowhere on the card does it say that mind you. In addition, when questioned about how this fits with gift card consumer law, I was told it’s a “promotional card” and this doesn’t apply.

Save your money and go elsewhere. Coles and Myer would be my pick.

Gift card planet - Bad service

I agree with other comments. My card only worked when it felt like it. I have had no access to my account for many days, so cannot check history of purchases. I have lost approx. $700, don't know exact amount because I cannot check anything on line. I used my card on the last day and the sales I did were not honoured. Trying to get help from a human is like extracting teeth. It takes 2 days if your lucky to receive an email just saying refer to terms & conditions. I am at a loss why this company takes no responsibility when cards are faulty & there system does not provide what they promise. Would anyone else like to join me and put this forward to the media, as this is not the way a business should be operating. I will be letting the corporates I work with not to purchase these gift cards in the future.

November 6th 2018 Update: Gift card planet Battle

In regards to my first review, I persisted for weeks with emails & letters back & forth wanting an answer as to why my card was being declined when trying to use in store for purchases. (I also lodged my complaint with consumer affairs & the ACCC). I had to wait for weeks for the companies IT department to look into the issue, and I was determined to get an answer. I was not going to accept that card was expired and they could not do anything.
I am happy to report, they finally agreed the card was faulty and have given me another card to the value for most of the balance that was left on the card. ($200 less).

Gift card turns into disappointment!!

Common grievance!! if you miss the activation date the Gift card company pockets the money. No customer focus or special consideration to circumstances of the gift recipient. What is the real point of an 'activation date' if the card is valid for 1 year. Please avoid gift cards from Gift Card Planet.


Same disappointment as majority here experienced.
My company has purchased a Gift Card Planet card worth $250, and gave me.
Missed activation date, rang the company, wrote an email, was advised there was nothing they could do.

So, let me repeat.
Gift Card Planet have received $250 from my company, but they don't have the compassion and humanity to let me use a single cent in my gift card that I deserve because of missing this strict activation date.
I can understand the penalty of missing the 1-year expiry date, that's an ample warning and sufficient spending time and common practise.

But missing an activation date?????
I've never had to activate a gift card before, let alone given an expiry of 1 month of activation date!!!

So please please please guys, don't get fooled and buy anymore from Gift Card Planet.


This company are a total rip off, bottom of the barrel scumbags. Was given a $100 gift card at Xmas 2017 by my son. It was glued in a card so when I went to use it on the 20/6/18 that’s when I realised that on the back of the card had a “activation date 17/3/18” I have never been given a gift card associated with this company and having a activation date was a first. My son wasn’t told or given anything about it being activated by a certain date. I rang the number that was on the back of the card spoke to someone who told me that I had to send them a email. The email address she gave me was the wrong email after sending two emails and then ringing them again and given another email address. Finally I got the reply that I could not use this card cause it wasn’t “activated”, it’s expired! I have been to fair trade here in Townsville but being Queensland nothing can be done. So by word and mouth and social media I’m certainly letting everyone know DO NOT HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH THIS COMPANY. “GIFT CARD PLANET” Bloody disgusting, just scumbags.

New Office of Fair Trading Laws now in place

I had enormous difficulty in receiving my gift card from this company. The card was issued by Fujitsu after I bought an appliance from Harvey Norman. Gift card Planet rejected my claim 3 times on trivial grounds and then claimed that they had lost my emails. After they finally agreed to send me the gift card in 2 days I heard nothing further from them for more than 3 weeks until I complained to Fair Trading.

After nearly 6 weeks I finally received the gift card.

The Office of Fair Trading were very helpful and advised me of new legislation which should go a long way toward protecting consumers. The legislation is effective from 31 March 2018 and provides a lot of protection which should have been in place years ago. They warn that consumers should always read the Terms and Conditions and many retailers deliberately make these just a bit tricky and are aided and abetted by the gift card companies - you only have to read some of the posts here.
Interestingly a lot of the appalling behaviour reported here would be illegal under the new legislation.

Here is the link to the Fair Trading site.


The perfect gift...GIFT CARD...What a scam avoid avoid avoid

I won a gift card at work October 1 2017 for 50 $.
Tried using it 31 May 2018. It was still in the original plastic package.
There was 26 $ left on it. Yes looked like a fool arguing with the cashier.
So I learned the hard way if you don't use it within the first year they charge 3 $ per month.
So the expiry date was 02/20 ....what a joke...a scam it should be removed from any store selling any type of card that abuses and mislead people.

what a terrible greedy company

They are thieves! my mother in law passed away and in going through her things we found a gift card she purchased just before getting ill. no one knew she had it until she passed away. unfortunately was just out of expiry. I called and asked if they could issue a new card on compassionate grounds, and the answer was a flat out no! they have just stolen $100 as far as I'm concerned!

I am so disgusted that they would take advantage of this situation! a person has died and they will not budge from their position!


Tried to use $300 3 days after the expiry date but was told too bad you've forfeited the money because you didn't use it on time. Complaints, requests all fell on deaf ears. Don't use these people if you are a corporation and steer clear if you are a consumer. These people don't deserve their business model to thrive.


Lousy company with no ethics. Received my virtual visa card on the 23rd November with an expiry date of 30th November. A seven day window of opportunity since when did cash expire. Totally outrageous!!! why isn't something being done about such fraudulent behaviour.

Disgraceful, unethical appalling scam

I find it absolutely disgusting that this immoral company get away with ripping off thousands of people with an unnecessary expiry dates. What's the purpose? It's clearly cruel profiteering and it shows how immoral they are. Gift Card Planet are bottom of the barrel trash scum.

Easy and hassle free

I received my gift card in the mail yesterday afternoon, activated it immediately and used it today at several stores with no problems.... I was concerned after reading the poor reviews however my experience was great

Activation expiry date rip off

Got given several of these cards through a work promotion. They were within the use by date but I did not realise the card also had a activation date which had expired, needless to say I couldn't use the cards.
Definitely would not recommend this company to anyone.

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Definately can't use it at Bunnings....cost me $150 from my account even though I had these supposedly EFTPOS cards....junk!
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well said!!

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