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GIO Business Insurance

GIO Business Insurance

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Keep charging you despite cancelling the policy

Please be vary of GIO business insurance. Easy to take up, but hard to cancel. They keep charging me despite cancelling in Aug 2018 and get charged again in Nov 2018. Very unprofessional.

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Never seen doggy company like this before

I placed a quote for workers comp, back to a few years ago.
They send me to the bill to pay, bill period start from the second day of the quotation is submitted.
I don't want to go ahead because at the time I don't have a worker work for me.
And then they start their unstoppable harassment.
Firstly, they send my file to a government officer, they claim I am illegal because I don't buy any worker's comp insurance.
I had written a letter to government officer and explain I am just a sole trader. I don't have any workers to work with me at the moment. I had a formal reply from the government officer said I do not have to buy the insurance.
They keep asking the debt collector to chase me for money and I told them the same thing.
At the end, GIO send the case to court, and I didn't receive the notification to attend court. Court order was made without my attendance and awareness.

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They are nothing but ROBBERS! Do NOT buy insurance product from them!

I would rate them as 0 star if I could. These guys are real robbers! Do NOT ever buy insurance product from GIO!
My husband used them for business insurance several years ago and advised them NOT to renew his workers compensation insurance policy as he was a sole trader and didn't have any employee worked for him for quite a while back then. However, GIO reluctant to cancel his policy, still renewed his policy and chased him for payment by involving government people and debt collector. We had to explain to each of them to close the case.
We thought that was the end of the hassle. However, we only found out last year when we prepared to get another mortgage that GIO placed a credit default on my husband in 2015, without giving us any notification. They said we owe them $1400 for the workers compensation insurance payment!
It took us more than 6 months to get in reach with someone in charge of the case in GIO, who just told us that we had to pay $1700 to them for the default to be removed, because they provided insurance cover for 40 days before the cancellation was officially taken effect. We are current paying $2000ish a year for workers comp through another insurance company. So even if GIO covered us for 40 days due to the processing delay for cancellation, $1400 is a truly rip off (for 0 employee or 1 if it counts my husband himself) ! And they placed the incorrect default without notifying us in advance, and caused so much hassle and inconvenience to us. They have not even one word of apology, but request us to pay additional fee to get the default removed!
Honestly, the way and attitude they handle dispute and complaints are so disgusting and dishonoured. We are absolutely furious about the outcome, and will for sure seek for governmental and legal assistance to solve the matter fairly.

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Lodging a claim as an employer

Called GIO to make a workers compensation claim on behalf of an employee.
Was on hold for a while before i got through to a gentleman. I asked if i could lodge the incident through him he said he would prefer if i did it online or went through a form process (which he sent through to me). I filled out the form and emailed it two weeks ago. During this time i have made several phone calls and emails trying to gain a claim number or a case number so the employee is covered for doctor expenses and treatments. Every time i speak with GIO they inform me it is not in their system and there is a backlog. I have found this process extremely frustrating. We were previously with employees mutual and they would take 2-3 days maximum to access a claim number.
I am yet to receive any information back form this company. I would stay clear. It is not often i write a bad review but this company well and truly deserves it. Sort out your system guys!
If someone is happy to respond to this that would be great as i have made several calls and emails and am getting no where.

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Really not happy with this insurance

I have about 20 of my cousins and friends will cancel the insurance with you I've been waiting for 2 months for my claim just because I'm new to the insurance you guys took to investigation and asking me for a lot of my privacy. I will never come back to you unless this is sorted and 20 people waiting for this claim as well if it goes bad they gonna cancel.

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GIO still charging for cancelled policy and vacated premises

My company imports products from overseas and has a number of retail stores. We have used GIO Marine Insurance for over 10 years to insure goods in transit as well as GIO Business Cover to insure goods and equipment at each of our locations. Since the outset when dealing with GIO I was assured that any e-mail confirmations between me and my GIO agent, [name removed], would be treated as “confirmed in writing”. Over the years we have added various new stores, and closed others, this is the nature of our business.

Recently I noticed that we were still being charged for four locations (stores) which we vacated several months ago. I had advised the agent by e-mail of such at the time of each. We also cancelled our Marine Insurance with GIO 11 months ago as we received a cheaper quote from another insurer. This cancellation was acknowledged by the agent at the time.

Upon reviewing my bank statement I have discovered that we are still being invoiced monthly for insurance of these locations which we no longer occupy, and for the Marine Insurance which we cancelled 11 months ago.

When I e-mailed my regular GIO agent and his assistant I received an "undeliverable" error from Suncorp so contacted GIO general enquiries only to be informed that “that whole department has been laid off due to a restructure”. I explained the situation and was asked to send through e-mail evidence supporting my claims, which I did. When I followed up I was advised by GIO “Please provide further evidence as we cannot authorise to back date from a written email. You will need to provide valid proof that you have vacated those premises at the stated dates you are requesting. Eg: end of lease agreements, etc.“

So for over 10 years I have been dealing with GIO on an e-mail basis, and GIO have been quite happy to add new locations and additional cover, but now that there has been an oversight on the part of GIO suddenly e-mail proof is not sufficient. The problem I have is that most of these lease agreements would have been month-by-month so the only evidence I have of having vacated is the correspondence between me and the landlord / agent.

As of 10 September 2016 GIO has overcharged me $11 664 for cancelled policies / and cover for premises that I no longer occupy. To date they have suggested that they might be able to back-date the cancellations on the four vacated premises by three months, which will effectively credit me a mere $895, a far cry from the $11 664 that I have been over charged.

Not wanting to part with their money they have also said “The system will not allow a refund. Instead the new monthly premium will be $1125.26 for this policy”. They have provided no explanation for how they have arrived at this number, despite my several requests.

I have received no response to-date relating to the cancelled Marine Policy.

I plan to update this post as things (hopefully) progress.

18/09/2016 - I am pleased to say that GIO have now refunded me for the Marine Policy $5 301
Hopefully they will soon refund me for the remaining policies (approx $6 000)

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injured at work, Obligated to make a claim.

Physical pain from ruptured tenant requires surgery & recovery time with physiotherapy & other treatment along with checking progress for reliable feedback for the case worker to aid & support the whole process. But if the caseworker is advised the injury is the worst the surgeon ever encountered with no chance of recovery & permanently disfigured body.
The GIO set up appointments with different rehab providers who are trained to see a liability instead of a tormented man who has lost the joy at 40 & then his wife & house.

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Thank you for listening and review it back

After we gave a bad comment re our claim, they finally review and do their act right this time which we appreciated. They resend their people to review our case then they approved our claim with promptly. We were about to considered to move to different insurer. With the experience that we have got and after explaining to them that we had been insure to different insurer and never had claim before and that we didn't want this thing happened to us which make us have to close our business few days it was really inconvenience. At least they resolved out problem. Thanking you for acting promptly. Then now we can have trust in insured it with gio.

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Amazing experience with claims

I spoke with Jasmine this morning from Business Insurance Claims and can honestly say she was amazing, made me feel completely at ease after a stressful incident. She completely turned my experience around and I am really happy with the service she provided. Fast, efficient & lovely to deal with.

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