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Giorgio Armani Code Pour Femme

Giorgio Armani Code Pour Femme

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Compliments all the time

I have been wearing Armani code for several yrs ,whenever I wear it I'm always getting compliments from both men and women.This aftershave is by far the best aftershave I wear.Dont need to use to much so bottle last a while.If you like compliments then this is your secret weapon.


Beautiful scent! Have been using it for over 5yrs. Seems a little pricey but one spray is all you need so it lasts quite a while. Highly recommended. Cheapest place to buy is Chemist Warehouse when they have sales on.

Compliment magnet!

I came across this fragrance in a magazine scratch and sniff and straight away knew that I wanted it! I've been using this perfume for about 7 years now and almost every time I wear it I get compliments about how nice it smells. Very distinctive smell, I love my Armani code!
distinctive, luxury brand, always get compliments about it.
It is a little pricey - best price for it is at Chemist Warehouse though.

Lovely fragrance

I love this perfume. My boyfriend brought me this as a present and I love it. The fragrance is not too strong. I get a lot of compliments when wearing this perfume. It is a sensual perfume, i love putting it as it makes me feel great and it lasts throughout the day/night. The bottle is very nice too
Beautiful smell, not too overpowering


After years of searching for the right fragrance I was given Giorgio Armani code as a gift. And that was it. The fragrance is elegant and not overpowering. It gives the wearer a mysterious aura. One little spray and the other sex commented on the smell in a positive way. It gave me confidence and became my daily companion. The price even though it is in the higher middle range is worth every single penny. If you are searching for something special you might want to try this and see it this is also for you.
My absolute favourite fragrance.
Nothing bad to say about it.

It's a beautiful fragrance

I really love this one. I use it at least once a week and it has become one of my favorites. I can't wear fragrances that are too strong as they give me a headache, although this has just the right balance. I feel quite sexy when wearing it.
Beautiful smell


A lovely perfume for day or night, it is sexy and yes magical, it wakens all the senses and what you find is the dark mysterious woman who is wearing it. Its lustful and its beautiful, wear it knowing that the smells of this gorgeous perfume will open the senses to all the men you pass...Yow could one ever be alone with this perfume it is rare and didtinctive it is me, i love it and so will you if you try it out, go one have a magical night out where everyones senses are made to come alive and they will i promise you that muh. This has Top Priority with my perfumes, it is one i will wear when i want to be playful and that could be day or night a lovely perfume and worth the money you pay for it. One spra and they are done.
This is more like it more like me it should be named me. Its gorgeous smell wont let you down and it is unique in its own way.
Nothing at all.


Armani Code is so feminine and regal. The bottle is sleek and gorgeous, it's dark and mystical. I only need a tiny spray and I smell amazing. A little bit goes a long way with this perfume. It's the perfect perfume for a formal night out, but I probably wouldn't wear it daily, because I don't want to waste it!
The bottle is amazing. Sleek and beautiful, and I love to look at it, sitting on my dressing table! The smell is magical. It's the perfect perfume for a night out.
I probably wouldn't wear it during the day. Other than that, nothing!


I have never had a 'signature' scent. I'm getting close. Too special to wear every day - otherwise I would. It is worth every cent. I think I will keep the bottle when it runs out.
Magic. Such a lovely scent, it actually has a the ability to change your mood. Always a delight. I save it for special occasions. Makes you feel like royalty.
Absolutely nothing.


I am usually allergic to perfume however I was surprised to find that I could wear this one. It is such a soft and subtle scent. It is very feminine and makes you feel truly beautiful (if perfume can do that!). Whilst it seems a little pricey it is worth every penny as it lasts the whole day. I am often asked what perfume I am wearing and I must say I traded in my old perfume very quickly for this one. I also found that I could wear it even while I was pregnant when I found most smells too much to bear.
The scent, the bottle, everything.

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Code Pour Femme
Release dateDec 2007
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