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Gippsland Dairy Organic

Gippsland Dairy Organic

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Sugar content is ridiculous

There re 32 teaspoons of sugar in these fruit flavoured yoghurts- divide the grams by 4 and you'll get how many teaspoons of sugar is in everything. What is the point of eating yoghurt when ice cream has the same amount of sugar- the so-called probiotic benefits are cancelled out by the enormous sugar content. Take a look at any muesli as well. Shocking stuff.

what is in it

I bought the new Blackberry /Rasberry yoghurt on Friday opened it on Tuesday it exploded everywhere left it on bench went out for a couple of hours came home and it was like a volcano all over the place like froth tasted and smelt bad what is in it to make it like this wont be buying it again

Used to be the best

There is no longer,the delicious full cream unsweetened option that I used to love and would go out of my way for, now it's all low fat and sweetened. When yoghurt is sweetened it loses it's probiotic properties so why bother, may as well eat lollies no wonder we have an obesity problem, the full fat milk makes yoghurt delicious.
The new versions - nothing
/sugar, low fat, watery, does not suit my taste buds

Creamy, indulgent, low fat and delicious

I like to pick up one of their 200ml tubs as a snack after uni. Really yummy, fills you up, so creamy and thick!
organic, price is good, yummy and creamy but still low fat
syrup contains cane sugar (would prefer agave/palm sugar/low GI sugar)

Gippsland Dairy made the best natural organic yoghurt you could get - really thick and creamy and tasty. Not too sweet, not tto tart. Sadly it is a thing of the past. Since they were taken over by the American company Chobani, they have substituted a very runny, watery tasting product that bears no resemblance to the origninal. Still the same price and still in the same container, but a major disappointment to those of us who were once addicts.I was wondering what had happened! It just disappeared from our local shelves This is a serious disappointment. Thanks for the explanation. From a once addict :(


Absolutely lovely, nicest I've tasted - the sweet burst you get when scooping part of the fruit it just right. Overall, not too sweet & tastes like yogurt should - it's the real deal.
I love the creaminess, the texture, it's not too sweet - best yogurt I've had in years.
Nothing to dislike, maybe it's a bit pricey but you pay for what you get. Will look for it when it's on special but will be buying it normal price as I think I'm hooked!


I love this yogurt at is it natural and tastes good. Has a smooth, creamy texture and is a good snack or breakfast. There is also several flavours to choose from. My favourite is apple and blackcurrant but I do enjoy them all.
Great tasting organic and natural yogurt, comes in a good size for breakfast or snack but can be shared with 2 people if you like a smaller ammount.
This yogyurt can be a bit expensive but I really enjoy the taste so its worth it

Questions & Answers

these products have been delisted from coles & woolies, where can you buy them from in melbourne?
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They are no longer made. The company has moved on to making the Chobani yoghurts instead. The best alternative I have found after much searching is Jalna's low-fat Greek-style yogurt.


Release dateJul 2010
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