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Dairy Farmers Bornhoffen

Dairy Farmers Bornhoffen

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Bellingen IGA

People in the Coffs Harbour region can get their supplies of Bornhoffen Yoghurt from IGA in Bellingen. It is a lovely village to spend a morning in, so it is worth the drive just for the Bornhoffen. Why not make your fortnightly shop there and also get some fresh fish at Lindsay's Oyster Barn at Urunga on your way home? Thank you IGA Bello. Boo-sucks to Coles and Woolworths! We are in danger of being reduced to the lowest common denominator in our product choices, and the smaller stores are killed off by the big guys.

Purchased in April 2019 at IGA Bellingen.

Bornhoffen Yoghurt - great natural yoghurt

Yoghurt is great for most people and this is one of the better ones. Being a natural yoghurt means it is different to the sweet and/or fruit added yoghurts so if you like sweet than this is not for you as it is NATURAL. And natural in yoghurt means it has acid properties which some people might even describe as metalic - but that might depend on what you eat with it.
Unfortunately this excellent product has a quite varied availability - not stocked in all stores of certain major chains - but stocked in some!

Purchased in March 2019 for $7.00.

Real yoghurt

Maybe not the very tastiest yoghurt I've eaten, but it's up there, and the fat content (low) vs the calcium content (high) makes it the healthiest option in the supermarket. And I can make my own flavours by adding fruit, nuts, honey etc to suit my tastes and nutritional needs.

Taste change

I have consistently bought this yogurt for many years but the last 2 I have bought (used by date 2/10/2018) have a different taste. It is inedible for me as the taste is almost metallic. I have had to dispose of them. What a waste of $15!! What have you done Bornhoffen?

The best natural yoghurt on the market-creamy with bite!

Great product consistently tart with a creamy mouthfeel. I used to adore the apricot version but I can't find it anywhere anymore. Nobody else makes apricot yoghurt - please bring it back!!!!!

Available at

Coles Casula always has this yoghurt always in stock. I buy it for my gut. I also found it aids in losing weight

Best yoghurt

This is my absolute favorite yoghurt. But its getting so hard to find- just check the other reviews here. It used to come in a apricot flavour but no stores stock it store- please bring it back. More stores need to stock this.

Best probiotic yogurt available in Australia

Best probiotic yogurt available in Australia not cheap but nothing good is, but it's getting harder to find : (

Need to buy.

Have to have this for my gut health. Do the right thing Woolworths and get it back please. Worth every penny

My all time favourite yogurt!

Does anyone remember all the flavours this yogurt used to come in? Apricot, passionfruit, peach, strawberry, wild berry.. they were SOOOO delicious, just yogurt and real fruit, with a tiny bit of honey I think. They stopped making all the flavours a long time ago but the plain yogurt was still wonderful. Now I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know how to contact the people who make it? I'd love to contact them and encourage them to keep going! There is no other yogurt like it on the market and most of them are so packed with sugar they are inedible.


Drakes IGA at Ashmore City shopping centre on the Gold Coast still stock's this yogurt got one on monday woolies & coles still don't have it tried some of there new bands gippsland tamar valley & five am but no where near as good as this.

Genuine yoghurt: fos, sugar=custard!!

Real yoghurt is just clabbered milk, and should indeed be sour for the right gut bacteria. As soon as you add sugars or fruit juice concentrate you no longer have yoghurt, but rather, just custard - a 'pudding'!! These sugars actually feed the less desirable bacterias, ala Candida!! And people think they're being healthy eating sugared 'yoghurt'. Ha, think again!! Also, 'Greek' yoghurt has far too much fat in it, rendering it hard to digest, or if you suffer the likes of IBS!! (Nor is it sour enough to be classed a clabbered milk; not what plainsmen like the Cossacks or Genghis Khan's men could've survived on, nor considered GOOD - food!!) Shame, shame, shame on Woolworths & Coles! Suggest we will have to learn to make our own!! Google Natasha Trenev for her book on Authentic (Bulgarian) Yoghurt! (www.Natren.com). Should be an eye opener for those interested further. Works of Bernard Jensen will also prove helpful in this regard.
Good Hunting!

Available Ipswich (postcode 4305)

Definitely the best yoghurt out there. Beautiful and creamy with that wonderful tang. Great as a snack. It even satisfies my sweet cravings.
I am thrilled that Woolworths
at Booval Fair in Ipswich are again stocking Bornhoffen yoghurt.

A fantastic product

Coles and Woolies have stopped stocking this and I am heart broken! Where can we get it is the question of the hour!

Bring back the bornhoffen!!

Have loved the yoghurt for many years - healthy and delicious with a refreshing zing that you don't get these days with most yoghurts just tasting the same kind of sweet. I noticed it was not at my local woolies and was going to check out the nearest coles so am dissappointed to hear it wont be there either. I like Bornhoffen yoghurt more than I like woolies or coles and am going to spend my money accordingly.

Bring Back Bornhoffen

I buy 2 tubs every shop per week for many years. Coles firstly discontinued then bought it back for a short time. Now Woolworths do not stock it. Perhaps these stores want us to buy their own brands - which I refuse to do. I too am searching furiously and next step is to check Dairy Farmers for their stockists. & plead with IGA East Brisbane.

April 6th 2017 Update: Bornhoffen Is Back

My original Bring Back Bornhoffen product review is interesting. In Queensland ask your local IGA and they may oblige. Most Brisbane IGA have been most obliging. Agreed this is an acquired taste, less sugar, and is great 'dobbed' in curries. i consume 2 tubs per week on the advice of my surgeon following a bowel resection. I think i now have a most healthy 'gut'. Thanks IGA.

September 5th 2017 Update: 2nd UPDATE of my Bring Back Bornhoffen review dated 5 September

IGA MILTON is the place to go for Bernhoffen. Very clean shop and most helpful staff at Milton.
Thanks to IGA East Brisbane who did trial this product but did not get the sales to continue..

cant buy it

Sorry unable to give a review as this product seems to be unavailble anywhere in the mildura Vic area. I wanted to try it as it appears to have the best calcium content with tthe least additives but that is not going to happen

Bye bye Borhoffen.The best natural yoghurt now gone.

Nutritionally supreme and a kitchen all rounder we were very disappointed that we can't get Borhoffen natural yoghurt in Coolum any more. We cooked with it, substitued it for sour cream, smoothied it and just plain enjoyed it. Coles and Woolies say they can't justify it on the shelf anymore. It was a true cultured yoghurt avaiable commercially.We have stocked this product in our fridge for 20 years. Very sad to see it go. We will try to track it down on the Sunshine Coast and post any success.

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Bornhoffen Found. Just an update as promised re Borhoffen Natural Yoghurt. The IGA market stores and super stores have stocks of Bornhoffen 1kg tubs. Call any store and they are all very helpful. Enjoy.

Why can't we buy it??

So sad that Coles and Woolies no longer stock Bornhoffen yoghurt. Local Milton IGA stocks a small number so will support them. Was it a choice or did The big two make it impossible for them to supply.

I am disappointed it contains Milk Solids

I agree the taste is fantastic but I prefer yogurt with no milk solids. There is yogurt that it completely natural out there anmd also at Woolies and Coles.

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Why has Bornhoffen's Natural Yoghurt only the same Health-Star Rating of 3.5 out of 5, as Kellog's Baked Muesli Breakfast Biscuits, which per 100g, has 5x more fat and 3x more sugar? My breakfast is often 200g of Bornhoffen Yoghurt and I love it. Instead, would I eat 10 (TEN) biscuits of Kellog's with 35g of sugar? HELL, NO THANKS. Helma.
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Are there any shops in Cairns that sell Bornhoffen yoghurt?
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Is there a Bornhoffan stockists in the Tweed Heads area? Hard to find but in my opinion, it's the best if only it was available!
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