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Gippsland Dairy Yogurt Twist

Gippsland Dairy Yogurt Twist

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Gippsland Blueberry

I just loved the taste of the Blueberry Twist Yoghurt. I congratulate your company on producing a delicious and a very satisfying product. I shall definitely go back for more.

Purchased in July 2019 at Safeway Rye, Victoria.

taste good

I really enjoy the taste but the yogurt just doesn't last long enough. It gets watery after a couple of days. It doesn't keep that well


I am a great lover of yoghurt and eat it ever day however Gippsland yoghurt gives me bad reflux don't know why ??

Great taste

As the header said Great taste but alas I cannot buy or eat as it has way too much sugar for a Diabetic so have to settle for Soleil 99.9% fat free and no added sugar and I love the taste, I must have at least one 150gr tub a day sometimes two without affecting my glucose readings.
I say give it a try but I can't find it in Cole's only at woolies


Finally a yoghurt that's worthy of 5 stars and my money.
No nasty stuff, creamy, thick, real fruit and not too much sugar.

Toffee and Honeycomb Yoghurt Twist

I savored every spoonful. By far absolutely the yummiest and creamiest of any other brands that I have bought. Also love the idea of having a spoon under the lid. I never do reviews but had to do this one.

Love the taste of this yoghurt

I’m not really a great fan of yoghurt, but, I really do love this yoghurt. Watermelon and Strawberry my ultimate favourite however the big size 750g I think doesn’t seem to be in the supermarkets anymore only the small size. Why is that?

Literally best yoghurt ever!

Best yoghurt money can buy you.
It's so creamy and delicious I can't put into enough words and I used to hate yoghurt before
I highly recommend.

My favourite yoghurt!

I love yoghurt but the Gippsland brand is my favourite. All their yoghurts are just so creamy and flavourful! Of course, I would prefer that most foods had less sugar but I think this brand isn't too bad. We have Blueberry the most often but I also love Raspberry & Coconut and the two Passionfruit Twists. Looking forward to trying Lemon & Raspberry next!

Just a bit too sweet!

I would give this yoghurt a five star for everything except the sugar content. Unfortunately, I will not be able to buy again unless the sugar is reduced by at least 30%.

Best Yogurt I have ever tried

This is the creamiest, most delicious yogurt ever. A bit more pricey than other yogurts but rightfully so. I think so rate 1 star for sugar content is a bit unfair considering yogurt has always been known to contain sugar (that's why it's designed to eat in smaller portions, maybe?). And the yogurt that has less sugar doesn't taste anywhere near as good. Maybe I'm bias because I love Gippsland soooo much

Too much sugar!

The yogurt was a free sample. I was personally disappointed in the taste. I found the Yogurt far too sweet. Sickly sweet in fact. I really think it would be much nicer and far healthier if you reduced the sugar content. I would not buy it.

I really like this brand yogurt.

I was invited to collect one free tub of this yoghurt. Normally, I only consume Greek Yoghurt because of lower sugar intake and a pure taste of real yoghurt.
I was really surprised by its flavour, finesse and softness. Of course, the content of sugar is higher than normal Greek Yoghurt; however, you won't feel too sweet.
I will recommend to my friends.

Best yoghurt ever!

Received a free yoghurt at Southern Cross Station in Melbourne this morning. Mango and blood Orange Twist. Amazing taste. Will definitely be buying. Thank you


Thanks for given me the free passion fruit twist yogurt at Parramatta station Sydney.
I like it but a little bit sweet :)
If you reduce the sweet and sell 2.50 for 150g and I can get like any small shop ,I could buy for quick snack:)
Kazi wenge.
Next time if you want to test a new product like that ,I don't mind if you send to ne a free box I could eat and tell you a honest feed back:)

Love this yoghurt

I haven't been able to find the watermelon,strawberry flavour in a big tub,I usually shop at Coles but couldn't find it at Woolworths either.
Has it been discontinued?

Undoubtedly the best yoghurt on the market!

Decided to try the vanilla smooth & creamy range and haven't looked back since. From the texture to the flavour, this is without a doubt the perfect addition to a morning muesli, cake mix or simply on its own!

Gippsland Yogurt - Toffee & Honeycomb

I love this yogurt, I recently thought I would see how healthy it is, unfortunately it isn't very healthy, I will still buy it but I need to buy a different yogurt as a healthier alternative, I am so disappointed as it is so delicious!

I am thoroughly addicted to it and it is good for me YES IT IS GOOD FOR ME

I lived in the town of Sale in Gippsland when I was little. I saw this yogurt in the supermarket and thought, I loved Sale and felt a bit homesick for this place. I thought, ok I would really like to support Gippsland and its hard working farmers. From the moment I tasted it, I realised what I had been missing out on. This yogurt is so so smooth and creamy with lovely fruit pulp. so tasty. It is real yogurt not that low fat so called yogurt. After all cows don't produce low fat milk. I AM EATING A LARGE TUB OF MANGO AND PASSIONFRUIT RIGHT NOW. This has to be without a doubt the best yogurt in THE WORLD. There could not possibly be a better one. Good on you Gippsland...... I live in Sydney and I miss you so much, Sue

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Questions & Answers

Exactly where are the blueberries in the twist from? I have no desire to get hepatitis eating a supposedly Australian product.
3 answers
you would have to ask manufacturers. "Local and imported ingredients". Your guess is as good as mine. Never actually thought about it until now!!what are you talking aboutIf you buy the Smooth and Creamy ...you can add fresh blueberries to it That is what I do and it is absolutely luscious ...sometimes I add cut up strawberries as well.

Hello, I would like to know where the fruit particularly the berries in the yoghurt come from? The packaging just says local and imported. It concerns me due to the recent contamination problems ( hep a) with other berry products as well as comments on this page about the fruit part of the product being fizzy and off.
2 answers
Hi Loulou I do not know where the berries come from. I only bought it once and used about 1/4 of it. It was just so sweet I binned it. Cheers Barbara.I think any company using berries will be in damage control at the moment. One would assume that if they had used the same berries, they would be protecting their business interests by not using that product and recalling the yoghurt. I don't know where they source their berries and I haven't had fermented fruit or any other issue with my Gippsland yoghurt since I started eating it 18 months ago. If you have concerns in that regard, I suggest you eat their organic vanilla yoghurt (very nice also) until this issue is sorted out. I'm sorry my reply doesn't answer your question, but hope it's of more help than the previous respondent's.

I'm concerned at the number of people who reckon their yoghurt is off well before the use by date. Have you taken it up with your supermarkets? It sounds like the dairy handling may need a review. My local supermarket used to have complaints about milk. They checked and reviewed their delivery schedules at the dairy was being delivered at 4am and not being brought inside until around 8am. Bad news in Queensland summer!! I'd be finding out your local supplier's handling of dairy products.
3 answers
Hi Carrol, Thanks for your response. I believe this is up to the manufacturer not the consumer. After weeks of not buying the yoghurt i decided to give it another go. 3 successful purchases until a purchase from Coles Broadway Sydney i had the same issue. This is Yoghurt in the premium end of the Market, for the price you pay i expect more responsibility on the behalf of the manufacturer and supermarket to ensure a quality product. Unfortunately this will be last time i buy the product.I agree, it is not the yoghurt thats the problem. Its the handling of the product when it gets to the retailer. when I returned my yoghurt containers to the supermarket most of them still full, they said they would take more care in future as something may have occurred in their handling of the product.I fell in love with the Gippsland Blood Orange & Mango flavoured yoghurt (except it is too sweet & some batches tasted sickly of pure cream rather than the bitter yoghurt taste we buy yoghurt for) but when Coles & Woolies upped their price to $7/720gm tub started looking at alternatives. Waaaay too expensive! Was delighted to find exactly the same product from Gippsland in exactly same container but being marketed by Aldi as "Fruit Swirls". That's when my problems started...this morning's Fruit Swirls had a ballooned foil due secondary fruit fermentation & tastes weirdly fermented (bad) despite it being only 2 days home & kept in chiller bag & refrigerated. This is the 4th time I have had to return this product. Given 3 of the times the problem is with Aldi sourced product line suggests the problem lies in Aldi's distribution & sales storage...


Yogurt Twist
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