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Gippsland Dairy Yogurt Twist

Latest review: I tried mango and passionfruit and it is delicious. I wanted to have more. Just love the taste. I got one for a friend too as she loved

Dairy Farmers Bornhoffen

Latest review: People in the Coffs Harbour region can get their supplies of Bornhoffen Yoghurt from IGA in Bellingen. It is a lovely village to spend a morning in, so it is worth the drive just for the Bornhoffen.

Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy

Latest review: Love the caramelised fig yoghurt, absolutely delicious. Great Aussie product. Much better than chobani or other main brands available on the market. Buy

Jalna Greek Style Natural

Latest review: Why is yoghurt incorrectly spelt on the container if it so Australian? I would have thought an Australian product would have known how to spell yoghurt. On the container it is spelt

Five:am Yoghurt

Latest review: The organic no added sugar yoghurt has 4 ingredients, has great consistency, and would definitely buy again! I eat it with granola and it goes

Chobani Greek

Latest review: This is my review for the authentic strained 0.5% fat Greek yoghurt by Chobani. In my opinion when it comes to yoghurt, the more sour, the better. I've had Greek yoghurt before that was still too

Vaalia Low Fat Yoghurts

Latest review: I used to love Vaalia and bought it all the time, it is now horrible. It is awful, quiet awful. I can't eat it, I buy it occasionally to see if the taste has gone back to the old version which was

Tamar Valley Dairy Greek Style

Latest review: purchased 2 mango ones.the yellow whatever was in it was devoid of mango taste. 170g has 13.3g sugar!!! real mango would have given it taste without sugar.i guess last time i bought this

Jalna Premium Creamy Yoghourt

Latest review: This is best vanilla yoghurt I’ve tasted. It is very thick can look lumpy as you break it up( it’s set in the pot) but the texture in your mouth is smooth, creamy and super yummy! You don’t need as

Ski D'lite

Latest review: Ski yoghurt 6 pack or 12 pack on longer at Woolworths or Coles in Brisbane and only 1 litre in Iga where's it gone shops don't know why just don't have it. 1 litre only lasts a couple of days goes

Yoplait formé

Latest review: I'm allowed 900 calories a day on my live saving diet and yoplait zero is great in every aspect. Low fat and Low calories but still very tasty. AND IT'S GOOD FOR ME. Thank you

Tamar Valley Dairy Tasmanian Creamy Yoghurt

Latest review: I really enjoyed this and all the other no added sugar Tamar Valley yoghurts. I have read a number of whinging reviews below and have to say yes there is aspartame in the yoghurt but where did you

Yoplait Smackers

Latest review: These are great. I usually freeze these and give them to my kids as a treat as they last longer and are more of a treat than giving them a simple yoghurt. My kids love them and always ask for

Connoisseur Premium Yoghurt

Latest review: this is a fabulous yogurt with great flavours and has a handy resealable tub for keeping it fresh. Its great on muesli and also on fruit salads. Its very creamy, thick and fruity however be wary its

Ski Smooth

Latest review: I love this yoghurt! For years I have stuck to the low fat yoghurts that responsible adults should eat. Since having my daughter my eyes have been opened to the world of Full Fat Yoghurts! The taste

Jalna Natural

Latest review: our family loves jalna yogurt, it seems to be quite low in sugar content, its great for us as we are on a low sugar diet, we love the taste its unlike any other very natural and just a little bit

Jalna BioDynamic Organic

Latest review: Delicious! Also has all the benefits of being biodynamic and being whole milk. My babies love it with all their food. Not too expensive

Dairy Farmers Greek Style

Latest review: This yoghurt is the best, creamy a bit sour the best but cant fine in shops great with rice &

Yoplait Creamy Lite

Latest review: This is a lovely yoghurt to buy. It is creamy and has loads of flavour. It is smooth and the texture and consistency is lovely. I always buy this for myself and my family because its just lovely. I

Yoplait Go-Gurt

Latest review: Both my boys (4&6) love Go-Gurt, they love the flavors and the taste of the yoghurt, they love the characters on the packaging, I love that the yoghurt isn't thin like some other brands.There

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